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2005-04-29 Press Release
VitaPowerUSA now offers its world-renowned products to horse owners throughout the United States. Available from veterinarians, select tack shops and now online, VitaPower’s scientifically formulated palaMOUNTAINS™ Equine and palaMOUNTAINS™ Equine Pl (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-29 US Equestrian Federation
Lexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation is pleased to bring the trusted name of Farnam and its new line of Platform™ horse feeds and supplements on board in an exclusive four-year partnership that will propel the ever-popular Horse of (Click Headline For More!)

DreamWorks to Release Comeback Racehorse Story This Fall
2005-04-28 Press Release
Press Link of America, headed by President Diana De Rosa, has just been hired by DreamWorks to handle the equine PR for DREAMER INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, October 21. Kurt Russell (“Miracle”), Dakota Fanni (Click Headline For More!)

English Riding Supply Celebrates 11th Year as USEF Sponsor
2005-04-28 US Equestrian Federation
Lexington, KY – For decades, the company now known as English Riding Supply has been in step with the United States Equestrian Federation’s mission to develop the world’s talented young equestrians. The exclusive distributor of Pessoa Saddles in the (Click Headline For More!)

Hot Hats, Cool Colors Top Off Western Fashion Looks
2005-04-27 Outback Trading Company
Outback Trading Company prides itself on keeping abreast of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Nowhere is their insight more evident than in their best-selling new hat style, the Cockatoo. Available in the hottest colors this season with a va (Click Headline For More!)

An Angle on Hooves
2005-04-26 Stephen E. O'Grady, DVM
Hoof angles have always been considered an integral part of hoof balance. The angle of the hoof is formed at the junction of the hoof wall and the ground surface of the foot. A device called a hoof gauge is used to determine this measurement.
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AQHF Announces the Flashy Zipper Equine Research Challenge
2005-04-26 American Quarter Horse Foundation
The American Quarter Horse Foundation announces its newest equine research challenge dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses: The Flashy Zipper Challenge. The Challenge, created in honor of the late 1982 sorrel western pleasure sta (Click Headline For More!)

Vitamin A and Horses
2005-04-25 Dr. Frederick Harper, Extension Horse Specialist, Animal Science Department, University of Tennessee
Many individuals take a multiple vitamin daily. Some people even take individual vitamins such as vitamin A. So, vitamin A should be well-known by most horse owners. Do you know that your horse may need a source of vitamin A now?

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2005-04-25 US Equestrian Federation
Las Vegas, Nevada – There were many times during the 2005 FEI World Cup Finals when one had to take a reality check and pinch themselves just to be certain they weren’t at the NBA play-offs instead of an equestrian event. Anyone who loves sport, whe (Click Headline For More!)

EZ-Travel Supplements
2005-04-24 Horse Health Product Spotlight
If you're a weekend rider, your horse might not be ready for a trail ride when you are. Give him EZ-Travel 20 minutes before your ride. Your equine partner will be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed but relaxed and so will you. EZ-Travel is great for trailer (Click Headline For More!)

Platinum Performance Offers New Platinum Bar EQ
2005-04-22 Press Release
Platinum Performance Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of a new product, the Platinum Bar EQ. Each new Platinum Bar EQ will provide horses with all of the benefits found in the company’s foundation product, Platinum Performance Equine Wellne (Click Headline For More!)

Spring has officially arrived! New Spring Products now on Horseware Website
2005-04-21 Horseware Ireland
Horseware is pleased to announce that their new Spring/Summer Range is now featuring on with the theme ‘Coordinate You and Your Horse’. The new products for Spring and Summer are based around 3 distinct colour palettes of Powder Blu (Click Headline For More!)

USEF Competition License Procedure Update and FAQ's
2005-04-21 US Equestrian Federation
Through the week of May 1, 2005 the USEF will be sending weekly e-mails to competition management contacts containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and updates regarding the new competition licensing procedure. The information contained in these (Click Headline For More!)

FEI General Assembly: Task Force on Anti Doping and Medication Policy
2005-04-21 International Equestrian Federation (FEI)
The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Task Force on Anti Doping and Medication Policy was established in November 2004 and was asked to look into the existent FEI system of medication control, which, while robust, required changes to better r (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-20 United States Dressage Federation
The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce a new educational opportunity, made possible with funding support from The Dressage Foundation. ‘The Continuing Education Program for Judges and USDF ‘L’ Graduates,’ developed by the (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Nouvelle Stretch Hunt Coat
2005-04-19 Horse Tack - English Show Apparel
The classically tailored english show hunt coat has been improved with Lycra stretch. Wool, polyester and Lycra with a full stretch lining provides maximum stretch for easier movement in the saddle. Additional features include a notched lapel, double (Click Headline For More!)

Get Ready for Saddle Up Sunday
2005-04-19 American Quarter Horse Association
Beginning Sunday, May 8 at 10 a.m. Eastern/7 a.m. Pacific, “America’s Horse,” AQHA’s award-winning weekly television series joins the TVG Network as the anchor show for TVG’s expanded equine lifestyle programming. “America’s Horse” is featured in a t (Click Headline For More!)

Applied Heeding: Basic Trailer Training
2005-04-19 Ron Meredith
Trailer loading is not a BIG deal. It is just heeding. When you step forward, the horse steps forward. When you stop, the horse stops. Your horse stays by your side always and that includes walking next to you into a trailer.

The thing you
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New Diamond Rodeo Collection from Weaver Leather
2005-04-18 Horse Tack - Western Show Tack
Glittering…Dazzling…Showstopping…the New Diamond Rodeo Collection from Weaver Features Genuine Austrian Crystals!

The new Diamond Rodeo Collection from Weaver Leather features genuine Austrian crystals that make a statement both in and out
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Chew on this - The difference between a bad habit and a behavioral disorder
2005-04-17 Ken Marcella, D.V.M.
When you're nervous or anxious, do you exhibit behavior rarely apparent at other times? Do you, perhaps, chew on a pen cap, play with keys in your pocket or twirl a few strands of hair?

Most of us do. And many horses also exhibit anxious t
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Hobby Horse Leather Chaps with Personal Magic Sizing
2005-04-15 Horse Tack - Western Chaps
Celebrate PMS...that's Personal Magic Sizing! Hobby Horse has taken their best-selling split leather fringed chaps and added an almost-invisible strip of sturdy elastic down the inside of the leg. Whether you've gained a few pounds since the last sho (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-15 US Equestrian Federation
Lexington, KY – A sure sign of the rising popularity of equestrian sport across the nation, NBC Sports will air its first ever double-header for eventing and show jumping on May 8, showcasing two of the United States’ most prestigious events in 2005. (Click Headline For More!)

Good as New - Study up and save with a used horse trailer
2005-04-14 Becky Mills, The Mane Points
Take inventory of your needs and be willing to invest time in place of dollars, and you can find a safe, affordable used trailer.

Pick a trailer to fit the horse. Obviously, the requirements are going to be different for a Shetland pony th
(Click Headline For More!)

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Calling All Equestrians
2005-04-14 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
Every month, the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) receives requests for information about how to preserve land for horses, maintain access to land for equestrian activities, and what can be done to promote these activities. The answers to (Click Headline For More!)

Triad Specialty Products Licenses Feed-Through Fly Control Product to Pfizer
2005-04-13 Horse Tack - Fly Control
Piedmont Pharmaceuticals' wholly owned company Triad Specialty Products announced on April 7 that it has licensed its new equine feed-through fly control product to Pfizer Animal Health. Triad developed the product and received regulatory clearance t (Click Headline For More!)

Educational Event to be Held During Rolex
2005-04-13 Press Release
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital and the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation will host an educational seminar at the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) in Lexington on April 28 during the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. The seminar is scheduled to commence following (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-12 American Farrier's Association
There are nearly 7-million horses in the United States, according to the American Horse Council. Each one of these horses is literally one hoof away from success or failure, contentment or pain, life or death, and farriers are positioned to determine (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-12 Horse Tack - Stable Supplies
"Stop 'Em Before They Start." Quickly kills mosquito and black fly larvae without endangering livestock. Produced from a naturally occurring strain of Bacillus thuringensis subspecies israelensis (BTI) bacteria, product produces a protein toxin (crys (Click Headline For More!)

USEF and AQHA to Promote Collegiate Competition with Introduction of Varsity Equestrian Website
2005-04-12 US Equestrian Federation
Lexington, KY – Universities and colleges that compete in Division I and Division II NCAA equestrian sports throughout the United States now have the added resources of a newly launched website. The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the (Click Headline For More!)

Chiropractic Care For Your Horse
2005-04-11 Madalyn Ward, DVM
If your horse is not working up to his potential, is stiff or reluctant to move forward you might want to consider a chiropractic work-up. Back pain, poor performance or bad attitude could be related to a chiropractic subluxation. The term "subluxati (Click Headline For More!)

Speed Feed Professinal Cordless Trimmer Kit
2005-04-10 Horse Tack - Grooming Products
This easy to handle trimmer is only 7" long to get to the the tight spaces. Four comb sizes give you the styling variety you demand and 12 blade sizes gives you versatility. Features a direct drive rotary motor and no-memory batteries. Includes speed (Click Headline For More!)

Types of worms - The usual suspects
2005-04-10 The Mane Points
Theories and rumors abound about deworming, covering anything from worms developing resistance to newer dewormers to the old-timer's belief that chewing tobacco kills worms. (It doesn't.) Rotational deworming seems to be the latest concept causing ow (Click Headline For More!)

Leather Goods of Spain Launches New Line to Benefit Breast Cancer Initiatives
2005-04-09 Equine Resources International
Leather Goods of Spain launched their newest lines for spring 2005 at a special President’s Weekend Trunk Show, held at Beyond the Barn, a shop in Wellington, Florida. The show featured the latest from Leather Goods of Spain’s signature lines, LILO E (Click Headline For More!)

QuikClenz One Step Clean & Sheen
2005-04-09 Horse Tack - Grooming Products
QuikClenz One Step Clean & Sheen is The Healthy pH, Foam-On, Rinse-Off Wash! Neutral pH QuikClenz rinses easily, returns the skin pH to a healthy level and leaves only mild conditioning and brightening agents.

- Neutral pH
- Tear-Fr
(Click Headline For More!)

Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions
2005-04-09 Ron Meredith
One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make in their relationships with horses is failing to pay complete attention to the horse they are handling. That's why heeding is the best program I know of for working with a stallion.

(Click Headline For More!)

Merial Launches New Web Site for Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine
2005-04-08 Equine West Nile Information
Merial announces the launch of, an interactive web site that offers comprehensive information about Recombitek Equine West Nile Virus vaccine. Aimed at horse owners and veterinarians, this site offers vaccination information, scientific (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-08 Raven Publishing
Raven Publishing announces author and independent book publisher Janet Muirhead Hill named as first runner up for this year’s Writer’s Notes Magazine Award for the sixth and final book in her Starlight Series, entitled “Starlight Comes Home.” The rev (Click Headline For More!)

New Centaur Saddle Pads
2005-04-07 English Riding Supply
English Riding Supply is bringing color to the US World of Riding! Bright colors and pastels are really hot in Europe and English Riding Supply is one of the first to bring this fashion event to tack shops nationwide. Check out these cool colors from (Click Headline For More!)

Feeding Your Horse for Life, now available from Half Halt Press
2005-04-07 Horse Books
It’s true—your horse is what he eats. Nutrition can make the difference between a good horse and a great one, between a stressed out, skinny or fat animal, and a sleek, finely tuned partner for fun and adventure. And it’s in your hands what that will (Click Headline For More!)

What Are the Best Kentucky Derbies of All Time?
2005-04-06 Eclipse Press
What makes a Kentucky Derby among the best of all time? Secretariat's record-setting effort? Regret's achievement as the first filly to win the vaunted classic? Legendary jockey Bill Shoemaker's misjudgment of the finish line that cost his horse the (Click Headline For More!)

USDF Announces All-Breeds Award Rule Change
2005-04-06 United States Dressage Federation
The USDF All-Breeds Award Program, one of USDF’s most popular award programs, which recognizes the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage, announces changes to its program rules. The All-Breeds Award program now requires owners to declare for (Click Headline For More!)

Masta Fly Mesh Sheet with Flexi-Neck
2005-04-05 Horse Tack - Fly Sheets
Made in a softer, pliable nylon mesh that's ideal for keeping horses clean and protecting them from insects. The uniquely designed fixed, integral neck has a Lycra® stretch panel to ensure a secure fit that keeps bugs out but still is flexible enough (Click Headline For More!)

One Good Navigator Finds the Road to the Top
2005-04-05 Diana De Rosa & Nancy Degutis
When Melissa Cohn, owner and founder of The Manhattan Mortgage Company, went out in search of a horse for her oldest of two daughters, Sarah Alvarez, she knew what she was looking for. She wanted a horse that could “teach Sarah the ropes,” explained (Click Headline For More!)

The Popular Trail 16 Saddle from Weaver Leather is Now Available in a Pony Size
2005-04-04 Weaver Leather
Comfort, durability, great price — these are just a few of the reasons the Trail 16 Synthetic Saddle from Weaver Leather has become a customer favorite! Now available in a pony size, the Trail 16 Saddle is crafted from a low maintenance synthetic mat (Click Headline For More!)

2005-04-03 Equine Resources International, LLC
Famed Thoroughbred race trainer Nick Zito has never publicly endorsed a product before. Now, however, the 32-year veteran has put his name and reputation behind SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ from Freedom Health, LLC.

"I don't us
(Click Headline For More!)

A Horse, Of Course
2005-04-03 Don Blazer
I’m a very efficient guy, so I think I’ll enrage three groups of horse lovers at one time. First, we are still allowing politicians and veterinarians kill hearty, useful horses that react positive to the Coggins test. Politicians haven’t got a clue w (Click Headline For More!)

Andis Endurance Line Includes Cattle & Horse Clipper
2005-04-02 Andis Clippers
Andis has developed a clipper for clipping and fitting cattle and horses that is precision engineered for durable, cool and comfortable use. The clipper is so quiet that it doesn’t disturb even the most sensitive animals. It delivers quick cuts, with (Click Headline For More!)

The One and Only Barn Stretch Poster
2005-04-01 Cathy Ruprecht
Riders, Riding Instructors, Tack Shop Owners, Riding Schools! A great new way to enhance the riding experience is now available! Pre-ride stretching has now been made easy with the Barn Stretch Poster. We know that stretching the horse has benefit ye (Click Headline For More!)

EQUUS Magazine Winner, March 2005
2005-04-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
Horse Tack Review congratulates Felicia of Oneonta, New York, the winner of our EQUUS Magazine Subscription Giveaway! (Click Headline For More!)

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