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Most Comprehensive Horse Study Ever Reveals a Nearly $40 Billion Impact on the U.S. Economy
2005-06-30 American Horse Council
The horse industry in the United States contributes $39 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy and supports 1.4 million jobs on a full-time basis, according to a new study released today by the American Horse Council (AHC). When indire (Click Headline For More!)

Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle
2005-06-29 Horse Tack - Dressage Saddles
The Bates name is synonymous with quality and beauty. Over the years, Bates Saddlery has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of saddles in the world. The Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle is a classically designed dressage saddle o (Click Headline For More!)

Don't Go On the Road Without It! Horse Trailer Emergency List
2005-06-28 Neva Kittrell Scheve, EquiSpirit Horse Trailers
Store these items in the trailer so you always have them on board!

• Equine First aid kit with splint - Know how to use the items in the kit and do not use tranquilizers or other drugs unless you have been instructed by a veterinarian whe
(Click Headline For More!)

Olympic Gold Medalist and Therapeutic Youth Rider to Take Part in Ceremony Marking Release of U.S. Horse Industry Study
2005-06-28 American Horse Council
Washington DC - Olympic Gold Medalist David O’Connor, and 11-year-old Ben Gibbs, a member of the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, will join Jay Hickey, president of the American Horse Council, and Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA), a horse owner (Click Headline For More!)

Platinum Performance Releases Second In Series of Educational CD-ROMs
2005-06-27 Press Release
Platinum Performance, Inc. has completed production of its second educational CD-ROM called “The Role of Anti-Oxidants and Free Radicals in Equine Health.” Created in conjunction with the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and in pa (Click Headline For More!)

United States Dressage Federation Celebrates Groundbreaking
2005-06-27 United States Dressage Federation
The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) held the official groundbreaking ceremony for the USDF National Education Center on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at the Kentucky Horse Park. The organization's President, Dr. Samuel Barish stated, "I believe (Click Headline For More!)

Equitest Software 21st Century Dressage.
2005-06-26 English Riding Supply
The Equitest interactive dressage CD has been developed with the help and advice from the USDF, top riders and judges to allow riders of all levels to improve their marks by learning the test in a virtual environment. The rider has the options, with (Click Headline For More!)

Beat the Heat... Common sense helps beat the summertime blues
2005-06-24 Rebecca Colnar
It's 98 degrees in the shade on an August afternoon, and you need to tackle the cross-country phase of your event. Will that be too hard on your horse?

It all depends, according to Dr. Christian Rammerstorfer, on the physical fitness of th
(Click Headline For More!)

Farnam Fly Products Become "Official" with USEF
2005-06-23 Farmnam - Horse Fly Control Products
Anyone who knows horses knows fly control is no laughing matter. From stable flies and blow flies to mosquitoes that can carry West Nile virus or Eastern equine encephalitis , these merciless two-winged insects are a well-established nuisance in ever (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Launches New Accessories Line
2005-06-22 Ariat
Capitalizing on the international success of its English and Western riding boots and apparel, Ariat is taking the next logical (and fashionable) step to extend its brand: launching a signature line of accessories. The Ariat Belt line, to be unvei (Click Headline For More!)

Strangles: What to Know
2005-06-22 Corinne Sweeney, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM
The first reported case of strangles in a horse was in the year 1251, and it has continued to worry horse owners since that time. Your veterinarian has a wealth of knowledge about strangles infections in horses. This article will expose you to the ba (Click Headline For More!)

Equicare Debuts the Next Generation of Feed-Thru Fly Control
2005-06-21 Horse Tack - Fly Control
When fly season swarms in, it bites into horse owners' precious time. Typically, horse owners across the country are forced to spend countless hours battling these irritating pests. However, recent scientific advances in fly control have revolutioniz (Click Headline For More!)

Likit Toys and Treats - the U.K.'s Answer to Equine Entertainment now distributed by Toklat
2005-06-20 Horse Treats - Press Release
Known in Europe for providing entertainment, reducing stress and alleviating boredom in stabled horses, Great Britain’s Likit Treats and Toys are now distributed in the United States by Toklat Originals, Inc. Pleased to add Likit to its line, Toklat (Click Headline For More!)

Enter to Win the "Day with Al Dunning" Sweepstakes
2005-06-20 Press Release
With just a click of the mouse, horse owners can enter to win a day with World Champion Reining, Cutting and Working Cow Horse trainer, Al Dunning. The "Day with Al Dunning" sweepstakes, sponsored by ULCERGARD™ from Merial, invites horse owners to lo (Click Headline For More!)

The Blocker Tie Ring is the Safer Way to Tie Your Horse
2005-06-19 Horse Tack - Press Release
Throughout his career, longtime horseman and natural horsemanship trainer, Ted Blocker heard countless stories of horses panicking, pulling back and getting hurt when they were tied solid. He saw the need for improvement in tying a horse and felt tha (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-18 Horse Tack - Press Release
Well-known in Europe for innovative and high-quality equine leg protection, Great Britain’s Woof Wear is now exclusively distributed in the United States by Toklat Originals, Inc. Pleased to add Woof Wear to its line, Toklat Originals, Inc. proudly m (Click Headline For More!)

USDF Announces Record Prize Money And New Award for the 2005 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships
2005-06-18 United States Dressage Federation
USDF is pleased to announce that the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championship program has reached a new record for the amount of prize money available for 2005. This year's prize money fund totals over $116,000. This fund, which is (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-17 Horse Tack Press Release - Horse Bits
“It definitely looks different,” says National Reining Horse Association All-Time Leading Rider, Tim McQuay, when asked about the new Whisper Bit. He adds, “But it works!”

The revolutionary design of the Whisper Bit features a
(Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-16 National Reining Horse Association
“Platinum Performance is proud to be the Official Equine Oral Joint Supplement of the NRHA,” said Gretchen Lund, Platinum Performance equine partnerships director. “Platinum Performance benefits every horse at the cellular level and addresses the hor (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-16 Horse Fly Control
Country Vet® Dispenser Kit is a plastic, wall-mount dispenser that works automatically to create an invisible barrier killing and repelling flying insects 24 hours a day. The dispenser automatically activates a metered valve every 15 minutes. The gen (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-15 US Equestrian Federation
One of the nation’s leaders in the fight against degenerative joint disease in equines, the veterinarian-trusted name of Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) has joined the United States Equestrian Federation family in a multi-faceted sponsorshi (Click Headline For More!)

2004 Olympic Show Jumping Medals Redistributed: Pessoa of Brazil Gets Gold, U.S. Rider Kappler Awarded Silver
2005-06-15 US Equestrian Federation
Rodrigo Pessoa of Brazil and Chris Kappler of the United States moved up to Gold and Silver Medals respectively when the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale), the international governing body for equestrian sport, officially disqualified Individu (Click Headline For More!)

AQHA Partners in Great Outdoors Month
2005-06-15 American Quarter Horse Association
The American Quarter Horse Association is helping to promote a healthier lifestyle across the United States through Great Outdoors Month. President Bush issued an official proclamation designating the month of June as Great Outdoors Month. Great Out (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Announces "What's Under Your Skin?" Contest Winner
2005-06-14 Ariat Boots
When Ariat announced its “What’s Under Your Skin?” contest to find out what Texas cowboys were made of, they actually found out what a Houston cowgirl was made of: bravery and determination. In conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, (Click Headline For More!)

Lexol Quick Wipes Clean Up Again
2005-06-13 Press Release
Lexol leather care products continue to win industry awards for quality and value. Lexol recently introduced Quick Wipes -- Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in convenient 25-count towellette canisters. Lexol Quick Wipes were recognized as the be (Click Headline For More!)

Free Rugged Lark Pin with Donation to America's Horse Cares
2005-06-13 American Quarter Horse Foundation
The American Quarter Horse Foundation presents an exciting offer that commemorates the late, great Rugged Lark while supporting a great new program. The Foundation is offering a free limited-edition Rugged Lark pin with your online donation of $10 or (Click Headline For More!)

New, Innovative products in 2005 Dover Saddlery Catalog
2005-06-12 Dover Saddlery
The 2005 annual Dover Saddlery catalog is the source for a new look from head to toe for horse and rider - 260 pages of equestrian merchandize for the hunter/jumper, dressage rider or eventer. Dover Saddlery buyers visit all the major trade fairs in (Click Headline For More!)

Western Show Tack - Saddle Blankets
2005-06-12 Suzanne Drnec, Hobby Horse Clothing Company
Saddle blankets are an important part of your western show wardrobe, because they’re the visual element that ties you and your horse together and makes you look like a team. A gorgeous horse, beautifully groomed and clad in the latest tack, and a rid (Click Headline For More!)

The Fourth Annual Equine Industry Vision Award Honors John Ryan Gaines
2005-06-11 Equine Resources International, LLC
Pfizer Animal Health and American Horse Publications (AHP), paid tribute to John Ryan Gaines; honoring him as this year’s Equine Industry Vision Award recipient at a ceremonial breakfast held during the AHP Horse By Northwest Seminar in Seattle, W (Click Headline For More!)

Hodges Badge Company now offers an exclusive line of Equestrian Trophies
2005-06-10 Horse Tack - Horse Show Supplies
Hodges Badge Company, Inc. listens to their customers and because so many of you asked, we now offer a line of equestrian trophies! These trophies have marble-toned bases and come with your choice of equestrian figures. They appeal to a variety of bu (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-09 Equine Resources International, LLC
Solitude IGR™, the newest introduction from Pfizer Animal Health, will provide horse owners with a safe, simple and effective way to reduce fly populations beginning this season. Solitude IGR is a scientifically advanced feed-through fly preventive (Click Headline For More!)

RHSF Rookie Day Acquires Presenting Sponsorship From Classic Equine
2005-06-09 National Reining Horse Association
Longtime NRHA Corporate Partner Classic Equine has taken their NRHA corporate partnership to the next level by committing support to the RHSF Rookie Day program. Classic Equine is synonymous with quality equine sports products, and rightfully so. Rec (Click Headline For More!)

Top Riders Ranked in 2005 ParaEquestrian Advanced Rider List
2005-06-09 United States Equestrian Federation
The USEF ParaEquestrian High Performance Committee has named the 2005 ParaEquestrian Advanced Rider List based on scores that the riders submitted to fulfill the published criteria. Those riders, in ranked order, are:

Robin Brueckmann of S
(Click Headline For More!)

Plumas County Reports Horse with West Nile Virus
2005-06-08 Kate Campbell, Assistant Editor, California Farm Bureau Federation
A Plumas County horse has tested positive for West Nile virus, the first equine case in California this year and the first equine case ever reported in Plumas County. Officials said the appearance of the virus in this rural county, which is in the no (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-07 Horse Tack - English Riding Apparel
European fashion flair now available with a double face! This double face fabric, with a special weave, is part of the latest European fashion trends. Cotton on the inside provides superior comfort while the nylon on outside face offers durability, U (Click Headline For More!)

Using Natural Supplements for Your Performance Horse
2005-06-07 Madalyn Ward, DVM
Last month I took my 4 year old mule, Jake, to a training clinic. When we joined the other 13 riders in the ring the first morning, Jake was a bit overwhelmed. He was pretty wound up with all the activity and just a step away from an out-of-mule-body (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Revolutionizes Children's Footwear
2005-06-06 Ariat Boots
As every parent knows, children’s growth spurts are both miraculous and expensive, especially when it comes to footwear. With the everincreasing price of prestige athletic shoes, not to mention the need for at least one pair of dress shoes, parents e (Click Headline For More!)

EquiSkinz Sheets and Hoods from Weaver Offer Optimum Fit
2005-06-03 Weaver Leather Horse Tack
Made from moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Lycra®, EquiSkinz Sheets and Hoods fit like a glove! EquiSkinz feature large eye openings, fleece lining at nose and front zipper for easy on and off. Available in small, medium or large sizes in black, re (Click Headline For More!)

Tapeworms and Bloodworms in Horses
2005-06-03 Mane Points
Parasite control in horses has become simpler and more convenient in recent years. No longer is it necessary to subject your horses to passing a naso-gastric tube to administer various anthelmintics (dewormers). Oral paste anthelmintics administered (Click Headline For More!)

2005-06-02 Horse Tack - New Products Release
Ribbon-Ups are designed with sticky foam tape to hold show ribbons. Photos can be tucked inside the plastic strip for easy viewing. Strips won’t damage sealed walls or woodwork. Ribbon-Ups are a new, unique way of displaying both your ribbons and ph (Click Headline For More!)

Applied Heeding: Loading the Disobedient Horse
2005-06-02 Ron Meredith
Loading a horse into a trailer is not a separate skill that horses and their handlers need to learn. Loading is simply a response to the step cue you've taught your horse through heeding. The horse that has learned to stay at your shoulder, trust you (Click Headline For More!)

Jeffers Equine Shopping Spree Winner, May 2005
2005-06-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
Horse Tack Review congratulates Kristen and her horse Kahlua from New Jersey! The winner of our May Contest of a $200.00 Shopping Spree to Jeffers Equine! This is what Kristen had to say when she learned that she'd won...

WOW! What perfec
(Click Headline For More!)

VIP Equine Grooming Products
2005-06-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
VIP Equine products are formulated to promote healthy skin and coat, using only natural ingredients. Aromatically scented, these botanically based products are safe alternatives for lasting health of pet and owner. VIP has provided Horse Tack Review (Click Headline For More!)

Professional's Choice SMX Air Ride Saddle Pad
2005-06-01 Horse Tack - Western Saddle PAds
The SMX® Air-Ride™ OrthoSport® from Professional's Choice provides the essential fit that both aged and more prominent withered horses need to achieve an optimum level of comfort. In addition to the many benefits that the patented SMX® Air-Ride™ pad (Click Headline For More!)

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