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2005-08-31 Horse Tack Review Staff
Paddock boots aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of horse tack, however if you have a pair of paddock boots that are uncomfortable or the soles are wearing through, they can quickly ruin any ride. These often overlooked pieces o (Click Headline For More!)

Power through Winter with Kerrits Powerstretch Breech
2005-08-31 Kerrits Equestrian Apparel
This classic breech defies cold weather with its soft, brushed fleece inner layer and smooth durable outer layer. The Powerstretch fabric stretches and moves with you for excellent freedom of movement in the saddle. It’s breathable, moisture wicking (Click Headline For More!)

Help Spread the Word: Hundreds Offering Disaster Relief for Equine Victims of Hurricane Katrina; Details on
2005-08-31 United States Equestrian Federation
Hundreds of people in the southern states are opening their barns, their hearts, and in many cases their homes, to assist horses and their owners affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. To date, the response has been overwhelming, with more (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-30 Press Release
Merial, a world-leading animal health company, announces its largest giveaway ever for ZIMECTERIN® GOLD (ivermectin/praziquantel), the company's broad-spectrum equine dewormer. Thousands of horse owners will win prizes -including one lucky winner who (Click Headline For More!)

Importance of Ulcer Research Discussed at Veterinary Colic Symposium
2005-08-30 Equine Resources International, LLC
During his presentation at the 2005 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Practice Management Seminar: Focus on Equine Colic, internationally recognized veterinarian Frank Andrews, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM, discussed the importance of r (Click Headline For More!)

Bates Momentum
2005-08-29 Horse Tack - Eventing Saddles
Bates Momentum is the result of sheer focus, and the conviction to create a saddle designed for pure performance. From the moment you sit in the saddle the power of innovation is evident.

Incorporating the latest saddle technology, this h
(Click Headline For More!)

Schmersal and McQuay to Represent United States in 2005 FEI World Reining Masters Series Final in Manerbio, Italy
2005-08-29 United States Equestrian Federation
Craig Schmersal of Menifee, California, and Tim McQuay of Tioga, Texas will represent the United States in the 2005 FEI World Reining Masters Series Final in Manerbio, Italy, September 24. Each, a master, in his own right, Schmersal was a member of t (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Expands Hampton Line
2005-08-28 Devon-Aire
Hard on the heels of the Hampton hunt coat’s first-year success, Devon-Aire today unveiled the new fabrics and associated shirt line to be showcased at this week’s Stanley Market.

“The equestrian consumer wants the best quality at the best
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Buying a Horse
2005-08-28 Wayne Loch, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri
Buying a horse should be well planned and carefully thought out. Don't settle for less than you expect or more than you can handle. There are always other horses and other days.

The safest way to buy a horse is to locate an honest seller a
(Click Headline For More!)

Purina Mills to Sponsor Horse Health Care Events in Local Markets Across America
2005-08-27 Purina Mills
Officials for Purina Mills Horse Business Group, the world leader in equine nutrition, announced plans today to host a series of events in local markets across America, that will help horse owners better understand the nutritional and veterinary need (Click Headline For More!)

Arista Equestrian Releases Limited Editions for Fall
2005-08-27 Press Release
Arista Equestrian, the leader in fashionable equestrian apparel, has released their fall line, including a series of limited edition vests and jackets. These new products feature the details that have made Arista Equestrian one of the most popular l (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Unveils Hot New Cool Cotton
2005-08-26 Devon-Aire
When you have the best-selling stretch cotton breech for twenty years, how do you top that? You take it where it’s never been before… down low.

“With our new Hipster CC, we’ve taken our hugely popular Cool Cotton™ breech and reinterpreted
(Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Introduces New Buks Boot Line
2005-08-26 Devon-Aire
“Our customers keep a close eye on the bottom line, and we do as well,” says Darin deAlvarez, vice president at Devon-Aire, “But we also want our products to look as great as they function, which is why we’re so happy with the new Buks™ line of boots (Click Headline For More!)

Complete Your Barn with a New Addition - A Mule!
2005-08-26 Jenny Ross - Phelps Media Group (PMG)
On October 28, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. the Washington International Horse Show is offering the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to win a Mule! Not just any Mule, this one can cover any terrain at an impressive speed, as well as carry hundreds of poun (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Introduces Bold New Breech
2005-08-25 Devon-Aire
“Sometimes boredom can be a good thing,” points out Andres Lendoiro, vice president at Devon-Aire, “it drives you to make new breakthroughs out of sheer restlessness. We were so tired of the industry producing the same old colors and patterns for bre (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-24 Devon-Aire
The wait is finally over for riders wanting the comfort of the Aegis™ Easy-Fit Dial™ system in a show helmet. Debuting at this week’s KOP are three new show options, all featuring not just the Easy-Fit Dial, but also the lightweight and low-profile S (Click Headline For More!)

Bowed Tendons - Why tendons are tough to repair
2005-08-23 Ken Marcella, D.V.M.
The classic bowed tendon is easy to recognize. The entire cannon bone area, when viewed from the side, resembles an archer's bow rather than the straight structure it resembled before the injury.

The animal is in pain, with one leg holding
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Advanced Heeding - Teaching Your Horse to Stand
2005-08-23 Ron Meredith
Getting a horse to stand still is all about getting its attention. Heeding teaches you to keep your attention on the horse so that the horse will keep his attention on you. Once you have the horse's attention, you use your body position to create pre (Click Headline For More!)

Davis Bell Boots Now in Pastels!
2005-08-22 Horse Tack - Bell Boots
Davis Manufacturing Inc. has expanded its line of American-made bell boots, splint boots and no-turn bell boots. The boots now come in the latest pastel colors to complement saddle pads, blankets or halters.

Davis' Bell Boots are designed
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New EquiSpirit SafeLoad 3 Horse Trailer
2005-08-21 EquiSpirit Horse Trailers
When a horse owner moves from a two-horse trailer to a three-horse trailer, he/she has made a significant change. Pulling a three-horse trailer not only requires a longer, heavier trailer, but requires a heavier duty tow vehicle as well. The other pr (Click Headline For More!)

U.S. Team Announced for Eighth and Final Leg of 2005 Samsung Super League, CSIO Barcelona, September 15-18
2005-08-21 US Equestrian Federation
Lexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation has announced the team for the eighth and final leg of the 2005 Samsung Super League, CSIO Barcelona, Spain, September 15-18.

The team members are listed below in alphabetical order:
(Click Headline For More!)

Aids Versus Cues
2005-08-20 Ron Meredith
There's a lot of talk about aids and cues in the horse world and a lot of it just confuses people. One trainer talks about using your legs as aids and another one tells you to cue your horse with your leg. Neither one probably knows what he's talking (Click Headline For More!)

Contour Swayback Tacky Too Saddle Pad
2005-08-20 Horse Tack - Western Saddle Pads
New and now available from Reinsman, the Contour Swayback Tacky Too saddle pad is designed to assist in fitting a saddle to a horse who experiences “bridging” across their back. The gap between the horses back and the saddle is filled in with this pa (Click Headline For More!)

Don't Let Horse Play Throw You
2005-08-19 Orthopaedic Surgeons Provide Tips to Prevent Horseback Riding Injuries
Horseback riding is a great way to exercise the entire body. Interaction between horse and rider offers documented therapeutic benefits -- both mentally and physically -- to the rider. However, if appropriate measures are not taken, this sport c (Click Headline For More!)

State Requirements for Vesicular Stomatitis
2005-08-19 American Horse Council
Please find the most current state requirements regarding moving horses and Versicular Stomatitis. If you have any questions please contact the American Horse Council at 202-296-4031.


Requires a statement on healt
(Click Headline For More!)

Troxel Introduces The First Traditional, Derby-Styled Protective Helmet
2005-08-18 Horse Tack - Riding Helmets
When Jeanne Morrison, a competitive Tennessee Walker equestrian and nursing professor suffered a serious head injury while riding in 1999, she vowed to make the sport she's passionate about safer. Determined to create a protective helmet in the style (Click Headline For More!)

Earlier this month, AQHA Professional Horseman Lynn Palm’s Palm Partnership Training unveiled a new line of English saddles designed for stock horse breeds like the American Quarter Horse.

AQHA Professional Horseman Lynn Palm and her hus
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In a mere three months since the launch of its exclusive SmartPink™ product line to benefit breast cancer research, SmartPak Equine has donated over $10,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The NBCF works to increase breast cancer survival r (Click Headline For More!)

Become Perfect Partners - How to Be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose for Himself
2005-08-16 Press Release - Horse Books
Trafalgar Square Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Become Perfect Partners, a delightful new book by Kelly Marks, author of the best-selling Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners. Many horse people spend months, even years, looking for (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-15 Horse Tack - Grooming Products
COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler and Shine will neutralize static hair electricity instantly. Knots and dreadlocks fall out tangle free right away, no matter how difficult. The silk protein in COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler and Shine results in a high shine afte (Click Headline For More!)

Te Washington International Horse Show Introduces the Starlight-Starbright Pony Pavilion in Honor of the Starlight-Starbright Children's Foundation
2005-08-15 Press Release
The Washington International Horse Show proudly hosts the Starlight-Starbright Children’s Foundation as this year’s principal charity for the 2005 fall event. During the week of October 25th through the 30th, as top equestrian competitors and their (Click Headline For More!)

An Equine First Aid Kit for the Trailer
2005-08-13 Press Release
Don’t leave the barn with out it ! Many horse owners intend to take their equine first aid kits or supplies from home with them when they travel, but rarely remember to do so. Traveling down the roads today with horses without adequate equine first a (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Unveils New Releases at KOP
2005-08-13 Horse Tack - Riding Apparel
Today Devon-Aire unveiled the new products they’ll be writing orders for this weekend at Stanley KOP. Journalists are invited to stop by the booth to see and touch all the new fabrics and styles.

Beige Boredom leads to Bold Pinstripes
(Click Headline For More!)

Equilite Essences
2005-08-12 Horse Tack - Horse Essences
Flower Essences are the way to deal with the emotional and behavioral aspects of all living beings, including horses. Equilite, Inc. has a diverse range of Equi and Pet Essences that are issue specific, NOT animal specific. You will find that there (Click Headline For More!)

The Highly Anticipated New Book from Monty Roberts
2005-08-11 Horse Books - Press Release
The highly anticipated new book from Monty Roberts, author of the international bestseller The Man Who Listens to Horses, on sale September 1, 2005! Trafalgar Square Publishing is very pleased to announce The Horses in My Life, the eagerly awaited ne (Click Headline For More!)

Overcoming Riding Fears
2005-08-11 Faith Meredith, Director, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre
Anyone who has ridden for any length of time would be dishonest if they told you they have never felt fear. If you have any common sense at all, you should have a certain level of “healthy fear” whenever you get on a new horse. Call it “respect” if y (Click Headline For More!)

Paddock Likit
2005-08-10 Horse Tack - Horse Treats
Likit Products are proud to introduce the new Paddock Likit, a top quality, high specification mineral lick with Garlic, Yeast and Omega 3 Oils. Incorporating our new 'Happy Hooves Formula', the new Paddock Likit will not only assist in the delivery (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-10 Horse Tack - Horse Blankets
Introducing Pessoa by English Riding Supply. The name Pessoa conveys the highest standard in craftsmanship, quality, performance, and style. Our blanket collection is no exception. It brings with it enormous style and functionality. Pessoa contin (Click Headline For More!)

Keep Old Horses Fit with Special Feed
2005-08-09 Dr. Martin Adams
With advances in nutrition and preventive health care, today's horses can expect to have longer and more productive lives than ever before. Many horses are living well into their late 20s and 30s, with a good quality of life. Special feeds have been (Click Headline For More!)

New Tropical Rider Breeches Offer Comfort, Function
2005-08-08 Horse Tack - Riding Apparel
Tropical Rider, a company long known for providing top quality, high-tech breeches, has announced several new additions to its extensive line of performance riding wear. Available to riders and trainers throughout the country beginning this fall, (Click Headline For More!)

The Most Trusted Dewormer Just Got Easier
2005-08-08 Horse Wormer - Farnam
Since 1984 Farnam has delivered over 80 million doses of ivermectin paste to U.S. horse owners. Since that time syringe application has been the only way to administer this popular dewormer. Now Farnam changes that by introducing IverEase™ the first (Click Headline For More!)

The Thin Horse
2005-08-07 Madalyn Ward, DVM
Getting a thin horse to gain weight can be a real challenge. A horse in optimum condition should have a thin layer of fat over the ribs and have plenty of energy. Before we look at feeding thin horses, let's look at other causes of weight loss.
(Click Headline For More!)

The Western Performance Horse: How to Select the Right One for the Job
2005-08-04 Jerry B. Black, DVM, AAEP Member
Today’s western performance horse is an exceptional athlete. Whether your passion is cutting or reining, team roping or steer wrestling, barrel racing or western pleasure, there’s an American Quarter Horse out there that can do the job for you. How (Click Headline For More!)

Equine Equity Act Introduced in Congress
2005-08-03 American Horse Council
The American Horse Council reports that the Equine Equity Act has been introduced by Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Jim Bunning (R-KY) and Blanche Lincoln (D-AR). “My legislation will remove the unfair tax burden on horses that discourage investme (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-02 Horse Tack - Riding Apparel
Get out and ride in Kerrits new Windsport Collection. Made from plush, full-motion stretch fabric combined with a durable matte outer shell, these pieces are wind and water-resistant.

The Windsport Jacket has a contoured feminine fit with
(Click Headline For More!)

Amazing Graze Winner, July 2005
2005-08-02 Horse Tack Review Staff
Horse Tack Review congratulates Michelle from Morrisonville, New York! The winner of our July contest, an Amazing Graze! This is what Michelle had to say when she learned that she'd won...

Wow, that's great...never expected to win anythin
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Hunt Fronts
2005-08-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
How many times have you been at a show – in full attire, 90 degree weather and the judge has not made the call for jackets optional?!? What are they thinking? I guess because at times the judge may be in an air conditioned booth or under a tent out o (Click Headline For More!)

Kapri Blouse LTD, New from Hobby Horse
2005-08-01 Westen Show Apparel
Think bold, and think stylish! New pink/black or sky/black geometric print show blouse has stretchy but firm fabric and faux suede rock star collar and French cuffs. New wired collar style and large cuffs are the height of elegance — and both are edg (Click Headline For More!)

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