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2006-06-30 Horse Tack - Horse Treats
Following the spirit of the Wheaties® package which recognizes outstanding athletic achievements and personal championships, Farnam salutes Brentina, the inaugural Farnam®/Platform™ • USEF Horse of the Year, and her rider Debbie McDonald, with their (Click Headline For More!)

EquiFit, Inc. Sponsored Riders Have Successful Start for 2006
2006-06-30 Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
EquiFit, Inc. is dedicated to helping riders improve and become more competitive. To accomplish this, EquiFit Inc. offers an extensive range of products including: the revolutionary T-Boot Series™ horse boots, T-Sport Wraps™, T-Form saddle pads, and (Click Headline For More!)

U.S. Reining Team First Team to Wear New Ariat Uniforms Designed for 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games
2006-06-30 United States Equestrian Federation
Ariat International, the leading equestrian footwear and apparel manufacturer, has created a collection of high-performance athletic gear for our nation’s top equestrian athletes that debuted last weekend at the 2006 Adequan®/USEF Open Reining Champi (Click Headline For More!)

A Good Start Avoids Bit Evasions
2006-06-29 Ron Meredith
When a horse learns to evade the bit by going above it or behind it, that bad habit can be hard to correct and almost impossible to completely eradicate. A good trainer can reschool a horse so that it goes comfortably in the bit again but as soon as (Click Headline For More!)

Stirrups Clothing Company Launches The Trail of Painted Ponies Clothing
2006-06-28 Gifts for Horse Lovers or Riding Apparel!
Stirrups Clothing Company (, a wholesale equestrian clothing manufacturer and business apparel group, has recently become the exclusive licensed clothing manufacturer for The Trail Of Painted Ponies. Stirrups Clothing has cre (Click Headline For More!)

Water Needs for the Exercising Horse
2006-06-26 David W. Freeman, OSU Extension Equine Specialist
Dehydration causes decreases in performance and if more serious, health problems that lead to shock and death. Minimal daily needs for water have been estimated at 5 to 8 gallons for a mature idle stock horse; however, many factors increase this need (Click Headline For More!)

Double Ear Headstall by Tex Tan
2006-06-25 Western Show Tack
This elegant show headstall from Tex Tan is made using doubled and stitched 5/8" wide Hermann Oak leather with hand hand rubbed edges. The ear pieces are engraved silver tubing and beautifully engraved silver buckles. This headstall is a lovely match (Click Headline For More!)

EasyCare Announces Availability of New Comfort Pads
2006-06-23 Hoof Pads
Comfort Pads were designed after much collaboration between EasyCare, Inc. and Pete Ramey in the quest to find the perfect product to help horses suffering from severe hoof problems. After many attempts finally the perfect material was found. The new (Click Headline For More!)

Andis Introduces First Lighted Clipper For Horses
2006-06-22 Andis Company
Andis has introduced the first lighted clipper for horses, the AGCL LightSpeed™. The new clipper is equipped with four LEDs, positioned to light the entire clipper blade eighteen times brighter, assuring safer, more precise clipping even in dark, (Click Headline For More!)

Arthritis Treatment Options - Choose the right help for your horse
2006-06-21 Tom Lenz, D.V.M.
Several treatments are available if your horse has arthritis. (See Spring 1997 issue). What you do depends on the stage and severity of the damage. There are treatments aimed at relieving soft tissue inflammation and pain, restoring normal joint flui (Click Headline For More!)

The Early Warning System - A Step Towards Insuring Horse Trailer Safety
2006-06-20 Neva Kittrell Scheve, EquiSpirit
As a horse owner, you want and deserve safe equipment for carrying your horse(s) from one place to another. In 2002, the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the Early Warning Reporting (EWR) regul (Click Headline For More!)

NRBC Expands Show Schedule for 2007
2006-06-20 National Reining Breeders Classic
Not only will the 2007 National Reining Breeders Classic mark the Tenth Anniversary Show, it will also be the first year for the show to expand to seven days. The 2007 show is slated for April 16-22 at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, T (Click Headline For More!)

U.S. Patent Office grants Union Hill a patent for "Flip Pad" Saddle Pad
2006-06-19 English Saddle Pads
The U.S. Patent Office has granted Union Hill a patent for their "Flip Pad" which is sold under the Lettia Collection brand name. Following the success of the patented Moisture Wicking Pad, the Flip Pad proves to be a unique product which will give (Click Headline For More!)

2006-06-19 Horse Trainers
Well respected clinician and horse trainer Julie Goodnight announces the launch of her syndicated column, “Communicating Clearly with Julie Goodnight.” Goodnight will offer monthly installments of print-ready horse behavior stories organized in a que (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Ups the Ante at Texas High School Finals Rodeo
2006-06-19 Ariat
Ariat International, the company that created performance riding boots, is raising its profile another step at this year’s Texas High School Finals Rodeo. In addition to being the Official Boot and Belt of the THSRA, Ariat will present the popular 2n (Click Headline For More!)

Breyer Creates a Portrait Model of Barbaro to Benefit New Bolton Center
2006-06-17 Breyer Model Horses
His racing career is over, but for Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby champion, the real race has just begun. He won’t be going it alone, however, judging from the outpouring of support from around the world since his recovery began at The University o (Click Headline For More!)

Legendary Horse Trainer Jack Van Berg Offers Tips for Good Horse Nutrition
2006-06-16 Horse Nutrition
Ask Jack Van Berg, one of the most successful horse trainers in racing history, the secrets to his success and he will tell you they include patience, tenacity and the ability to spot a winner. But, Van Berg says, the number one reason why his horses (Click Headline For More!)

Horse Shave Horse Razor
2006-06-15 Horse Tack - Grooming Tools
This little gadget is amazing and it really works! If you get wriggly noses when trying to trim whiskers, then despair no more - ditch the scissors/clippers and use the Horse Shave Razor! The Horse Shave is a very quick and easy way to remove all tho (Click Headline For More!)

2006-06-14 Horse Shampoo
Throw away the buckets and toss out the sponges with the new White ‘N Brite Body Wash from Farnam Companies, Inc. The easy-to-use spray applicator fits on the end of your hose to spray a rich, luxurious lather all over your horse that easily removes (Click Headline For More!)

Wrangler Introduces the Texas Signature Jean from the George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection
2006-06-13 Western Riding Apparel
Get carried away with the new Texas Signature jean from the George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection™ by Wrangler®. Honoring the Lone Star State – and home of Strait himself – this limited edition jean features, for the first time ever, the iconic brown (Click Headline For More!)

The New Basic Training of the Young Horse, New from Trafalgar Square Publishing
2006-06-12 Horse Training Book
Finally, a revitalized version of the well-known classic by one of the world’s most successful riders! This new edition of the highly regarded international bestseller illustrates the correct way to establish a sound, versatile training foundation in (Click Headline For More!)

Save your Horse from Summer Skin Irritations
With the summer season comes longer days, warmer weather and—unfortunately—a host of insects that wreak havoc on our horses. Not only do insects torment our horses, they also spread disease and parasites, cause skin irritations and infect wounds. < (Click Headline For More!)

The Cure For Your Show Ring Jitters
2006-06-11 Teresa Hughes, Positively Riding
Sharon Shinwell, equestrian and hypnotherapist, has just released “Showing With Confidence”, the latest in the Confident Rider Series of confidence building rider self-hypnosis audio CD’s. Whether you’re new to competing in the show ring or have rec (Click Headline For More!)

Riding the Better Side of Bucking
2006-06-09 Ron Meredith, President, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre
Bucking is a mythunderstood horse activity. Most people look at bucking as an ornery habit, something the horse does when he's trying to get out of work. Or when he just doesn't feel like cooperating at that moment for some reason or another. However (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Takes The Next Step with Handbag Launch
2006-06-08 Ariat
Capitalizing on the international success of their performance equestrian footwear, apparel and recently release belt line, Ariat is taking the next logical (and fasionable) step to extend its brand: launching a signature line of handbags. The Ariat (Click Headline For More!)

Take the Hoof Rite Challenge!
2006-06-07 Hoof Rite
HOOF RITE has gone to the next level. The upgrade includes raising the BIOTIN to 20 mg per day. The second improvement is that HOOF RITE is now crumbled for enhanced palatability. The third piece of good news is the introduction of a very cost eff (Click Headline For More!)

Merial Announces Drive Home The Gold Promotion - Largest Giveaway in ZIMECTERIN GOLD History
2006-06-07 Merial
One lucky horse owner using ZIMECTERIN® GOLD (ivermectin/praziquantel) to drive out tapeworms may soon be driving home a 2007 Ford® F-250 truck, the grand prize for the Drive Home the Gold promotion. Hundreds of other prizes, including iPod® Shuffle™ (Click Headline For More!)

HorseTV Named the Official American Channel of the FEI World Equestrian Games 2006
2006-06-06 Press Release
The HorseTV Channel has announced its broadcast plans for the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) World Equestrian Games 2006 in Aachen, Germany. The HorseTV Channel's presentation promises to provide unparalleled coverage of the ultimate equest (Click Headline For More!)

Espree Announces Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray
2006-06-06 Horse Tack - Grooming Products
Espree Animal Products has introduced a Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray. An effective natural solution for common skin problems such as fungus, rain rot, sweet itch, girth itch, bug bites and dry skin. Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray provid (Click Headline For More!)

Peaceful Mane Pulling
2006-06-05 Ruthann Smith, Lucky Braids
No matter what your riding discipline, everyone knows a horse that hates to have his mane pulled. Yet, this need not be the case. Professional braiders only have trouble with about 3% of the horses, mostly for the horses having had bad experiences (Click Headline For More!)

2006-06-02 Equestrian Sports Promotions
For more than 15 years, Equilite Inc.’s award winning Sore No More™ has helped horses and their people. In celebration, Equilite Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Sore No More Shampoo™. Incorporating the benefits of Sore No More™ liniment in (Click Headline For More!)

2006-06-02 National Cutting Horse Association
Cutting horse enthusiasts from across the nation are looking forward to one of the industry’s biggest events as Lucchese/NCHA Weekend is planned for June 2-4 at 25 different locations across the United States and Canada. This special weekend of cutt (Click Headline For More!)

Are Horse Treats Beneficial?
2006-06-01 Ginger A. Rich, Ph.D.
Horse cookies are often shunned as gimmicks by professional trainers. I used to feel the same way, until I thought about the logic. Other animal trainers, whether they are working with seals or elephants, almost always use treats as enticement. Mayb (Click Headline For More!)

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