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Magic Moments
Win or lose, showing is about creating memories. Every young boy or girl to step into the show ring has experienced that one special moment. It might have been their first show, or their first win, or perhaps it was the day they finally perfected the (Click Headline For More!)

Supplements: The Four Horsemen of Health
2006-08-30 Eric Haydt
The amount and complexity of supplements on the market today can be completely confusing. Still, customer surveys indicate that as many as 75 percent of horse owners supplement their horses’ diets with something. In order to make the fog a little les (Click Headline For More!)

Smartpak Store to Host "Get Smart" Series on Equine Health
2006-08-30 SmartPak
SmartPak will be offering monthly in-depth discussions on a range of equine health topics at their new store in Natick, Mass. Starting on September 13th, SmartPak’s medical director, Lydia Gray, DVM, will offer the latest research and lead discussion (Click Headline For More!)

2006-08-30 Virginia Equine Extravaganza
The Virginia Equine Extravaganza returns to Richmond’s Raceway Complex for the third annual equine symposium October 27-29, 2006. The 2006 expo features more than 200 trade show exhibitors, more than 55 visiting world-class clinicians and presenters, (Click Headline For More!)

Barbaro Injury Highlights Need for Laminitis Research Funding
2006-08-28 American Association of Equine Practitioners
Ten million dollars in equine research funding is needed to unlock the mysteries of the devastating equine disease known as laminitis, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation, Inc., said today. The life-threatening injury (Click Headline For More!)

Giraffes Having A Ball With New Equine Toys
2006-08-28 Horse Tack - Horse Toys
A Scottish company is helping to entertain the giraffes at an American zoo this year – by sending them horse toys to play with. Likit Products, a Scotland company, has developed a special range of innovative toys for horses to help combat stress, rel (Click Headline For More!)

2007 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest
2006-08-28 EasyCare
EasyCare, Inc. will award $10,000 to the riders who complete the most American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) or Australian Endurance Rider Association (AERA) miles during the 2007 AERC ride season (Dec. 1-Nov.30) using two or four EasyCare hoof bo (Click Headline For More!)

2006 Devon-Aire Fall Fleece Line for Riders
2006-08-25 Horse Tack - English Riding Apparel
Devon-Aire is proud to introduce its fall 2006 fleece line. Made with high performance fleece fabrics that boast water repellent and wind resistant properties, the line consists of jackets, vests, anoraks and tights for women and children. Functional (Click Headline For More!)

Wellington Professional Helmet from Charles Owen
2006-08-24 Horse Tack - Riding Helmets
The Wellington Professional from Charles Owen is the latest helmet in their extensive range. A range which continually evolves to provide riders with an ever increasing choice of headgear. The low profile GR8 style silhouette is covered with a microf (Click Headline For More!)

2006-08-23 Riding Apparel
Arista’s new Fall 2006 line of fashionable equestrian apparel is in stores now. The fall line features many exciting limited editions as well as favorites in new colors. In addition to the popular vests, show shirts and breeches, Arista offers Yoga P (Click Headline For More!)

Nutrena®, the industry leader in advanced equine nutrition, is introducing new LiteBalance™ feed for overweight horses, “easy keepers” and horses on all-forage diets. The LiteBalance™ formula features high nutrient density and a controlled-calorie de (Click Headline For More!)

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 Becomes Official Name
2006-08-21 International Equestrian Federation
In an effort to adapt to the reality of the modern sporting scene, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) had taken the decision to change the name of the FEI World Equestrian Games to FEI Games™ in view of the event’s next edition in 2010. Th (Click Headline For More!)

How to save your hide - Horse Tack lasts longer when it's clean
2006-08-20 Rebecca Colnar
There is near-universal agreement: Horse tack must be cleaned -- ideally after every ride. Not many people do it, but everyone agrees they should. When and if you're going to do it, do it right. Good old basic saddle soap is the first step in having (Click Headline For More!)

2006-08-19 Prime Performance Nutrition
Two-time Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo Champion and 2006 Dodge National Circuit Finals Champion Barrel Racer Lisa Novak (of Laona, Wisconsin) announces her endorsement of Prime Performance Nutrition products— the equine supplements guaranteed for (Click Headline For More!)

FREE Ballistic Overreach Boots from Professional's Choice!
2006-08-18 Professional's Choice
From August 15th through December 31st, 2006 you will receive a FREE pair of Ballistic Overreach Boots with the purchase of any pair of SMB Elites™ or SMB II®’s. A $27.95 value, the double-tough Ballistic Overreach Boots are made with an UltraShock™ (Click Headline For More!)

Dover Saddlery Announces Grand Opening in the Hunt Valley, Maryland
2006-08-17 Dover Saddlery
Dover Saddlery Retail, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dover Saddlery (NASDAQ: DOVR) (“Dover Saddlery”), announced today that the Grand Opening of its new store in the Hunt Valley will take place September 29-October 1. Equestrians are invited to (Click Headline For More!)

2006-08-16 Equestrian Sports Promotions
With a little creativity and the consent of your fun-loving horse or pony, you could win $1,000 at the seventh annual Halloween with Horses costume contest at the Colorado Horse Park on October 21. Riders and horses of all ages are welcome for this f (Click Headline For More!)

The Manhattan Mortgage Company Sponsors Opening Day at the Hampton Classic
2006-08-15 Diana De Rosa
The Manhattan Mortgage Company is celebrating eleven years as the sponsor of Opening Day at the Hampton Classic Horse Show, on August 27th in Bridgehampton, NY. As the kick-off to this weeklong event, Opening Day features the perfect recipe, blendin (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Introduces Performance Apparel With Insect Repellent Technology
2006-08-14 Riding Apparel
Your barn is a target location for attacks from annoying and dangerous flying pests. Ariat International, Inc., the leading manufacturer of equestrian riding boots and apparel, has conquered this problem by partnering with BUZZ OFF Insect Shield, LLC (Click Headline For More!)

Show Circuit Salutes Legendary Equestrian Michael Matz
2006-08-12 Phelps Media Group, Inc.
Monarch International’s Show Circuit magazine, the nation’s premier lifestyle magazine for equestrian culture, is pleased to showcase the achievements of renowned horseman Michael Matz. Show Circuit’s Summer issue features an article on Matz that rec (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Announces Fall Color Palettes for Men and Women's Apparel
2006-08-11 Riding Apparel
Ariat International, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of English and Western riding boots and apparel, has launched it’s color palettes for men and women’s Fall apparel, setting the trends for the equestrian industry. Color palettes include: th (Click Headline For More!)

Why do we feed Psyllium Pellets?
2006-08-10 Prime Performance Nutrition
Once the horse has chewed food, it passes down the esophagus into the stomach. After a period of digestion in the stomach, food passes into the small intestine. At the junction of the small and large intestines is the caecum. Food passes from the sma (Click Headline For More!)

Tropical Rider Offers a Fresh Look with New Navy Paisley TR Freestyle Breeches
2006-08-08 Riding Apparel
Tropical Rider, a company known for providing innovative breeches in performance fabrics, introduces the popular TR Freestyle low-rise breech in an eye-catching, muted navy paisley fabric. Already in high demand by some of the country’s largest re (Click Headline For More!)

2006-08-07 Farnam
A recent survey¹ found that 33 percent of horse owners used a natural fly spray in the past year. This is a significant increase over previous surveys, as more people seek effective, environmentally friendly insecticides.

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