Horse Tack Review

Farnam Offers Rewards to Winterize Your Leather
2006-12-29 Farnam
Horse owners who have put their leather tack away for the winter without taking the time to properly clean and condition it know what a mess they can face in the spring when they pull out their tack to ride. Farnam’s Leather New®, a trusted name in l (Click Headline For More!)

The Right Touch
2006-12-27 Horse Tack - Western Saddles
Weaver Leather's Deluxe Synthetic Saddles are crafted from low maintenance black synthetic material and accented with either pink or turquoise ostrich print leather for a fashionable flair. Suede-like seat provides extra grip and rubber padding under (Click Headline For More!)

Training Mythunderstandings: Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming
2006-12-27 Ron Meredith
A lot of amateur trainers MythUnderstand what the training process is all about. They think that training involves dominating a horse, showing him who's boss. They approach training as though it were a battle in which one party wins and the other los (Click Headline For More!)

2006-12-26 Press Release
Nine cases of Equine Herpes Virus – type 1 (EHV-1) have been confirmed with laboratory testing from horses, seven in the Wellington area, one in Ocala, Florida and one in Indiantown, Florida. The Ocala horse shipped from south Florida and had a direc (Click Headline For More!) Selected as Top 50 Retail Web Site for 2007
2006-12-25 Press Release
Dover Saddlery Inc. announced today that its Web site has been named as one of the Top 50 Retail Web Sites by Internet Retailer Magazine. "What the Top 50 Retail Web Sites have in common is a willingness to innovate and set the standards for what the (Click Headline For More!)

GPA Helmets Purchased in Europe May Not Meet Required USEF Safety Standards
A number of exhibitors using the GPA brand of helmets while competing in USEF licensed events may be unaware that they are not wearing an ASTM/SEI certified model as required by USEF rules. Helmets purchased in Europe, from online stores in Europe, (Click Headline For More!)

2006-12-23 Press Release
Eight cases of Equine Herpes Virus – type 1 (EHV-1) have been confirmed with laboratory testing from horses, seven in the Wellington area and one in Ocala, Florida. The Ocala horse shipped from south Florida and had a direct link to one of the horses (Click Headline For More!)

Snak-a-Ball Horse Treat Toy
2006-12-21 Horse Tack - Horse Treats
Make feeding time fun and get your horse to work for its food. Ideal for the horse that eats its pellets too quickly. The Snak-a-Ball stimulates a natural grazing behaviour which is beneficial to your horses digestion. The Snak-a-Ball is made from he (Click Headline For More!)

Your Equine Business and Taxes
2006-12-20 Tom Straka
You have a horse business, a stable most likely, and hopefully an eventual profit to show for your effort. What happens next? Uncle Sam wants his cut! Actually, even if you have been operating at a loss (not unusual in a start-up operation), taxes ha (Click Headline For More!)

Revised Edition of Understanding Equine Medications Now Available
2006-12-18 Horse Books
Medicating horses is a hot topic, especially in sport horse and racing circles. Controversy surrounds such issues as proper dosage and threshold levels and how far in advance of competition medication can be given. For horse owners the issue of medic (Click Headline For More!)

Julie Goodnight Announces Clinics for 2007
2006-12-18 Horse Clinics
Internationally known horse and horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight travels from California to Massachusetts during her 2007 teaching tour and horse expo season. Whether riding or auditing a multi-discipline clinic or attending Goodnight’s lectures (Click Headline For More!)

2006-12-16 Horse Clippers
Andis Company’s new Blade Care Plus™ is the only clipper maintenance product you’ll need to keep your clipper cool, clean, lubricated, deodorized, decontaminated and protected from rust. Active ingredients are 2%–– twice as much as other brands. A (Click Headline For More!)

Fun In The Saddle Wind Pro Winter Breeches
2006-12-15 Horse Tack Review Staff
“Fun” In the Saddle - that is something we all experience… at least, most of the time. Of course there are times were we have felt frustrated, discouraged, even confused. We may have given up a time, or two, or three. But no matter what, that feeling (Click Headline For More!)

The Healthy Hoof
horse! A horse, My kingdom for a horse! But please...“no hoof, no horse.” In the healthy hoof, the angle of the hoof-wall at the front and the angle of the pastern should agree. Ideally, in the front-foot, the toe-tip to coronary band angle should r (Click Headline For More!)

SilverClene 24 Disinfectant Spray Samples Available at Press Conference on Equine Herpes Virus
2006-12-15 Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
On Saturday, December 16, at 10 a.m., USDA Government Veterinarian, Dr. Julie Gauthier, will meet with Wellington equestrians, community members, and members of the media to discuss the Equine Rhinopneumonitis Virus. The disease, also known as Equine (Click Headline For More!)

Breyer Donating Portion of Barbaro Figure Proceeds to New Bolton Fund
When 2006 Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro began his recovery after his career-ending injury in the 2006 Preakness Stakes, the nation began a vigil unlike that held for any athlete, much less a four-legged one. And although his race for survival is no (Click Headline For More!)

Vitamin E and Selenium Why is it important?
2006-12-13 Prime Performance Horse Nutrition
Important Antioxidants…. Both vitamin E and selenium are considered antioxidants and play key roles within horses’ diets. The antioxidants neutralize free radicals in an attempt to prevent damage to body tissues. Free radicals are electrically charge (Click Headline For More!)

Limited Edition Road to the Horse Fan Bandanas Announce your support of Anderson, Westfall or Cox and Benefit Tennessee Youth
2006-12-11 Road to the Horse
Show your support of your favorite Road to the Horse competitor (Clinton Anderson, of Belle Center, Ohio, Stacy Westfall, of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, or Chris Cox, of Mineral Wells, Texas) with your official Fan Bandana. Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Too (Click Headline For More!)

HEART Equine Ambulance Plans Hoedown for February 9, 2007
2006-12-11 Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
The Humane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport (HEART) Equine Ambulance is a very personal cause for many of the top equestrians. There will be a fun packed, heel-stomping hoedown held at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in the Special Events Pavilion to r (Click Headline For More!)

FDA Warning on Fumonisins in Horse Feed
2006-12-09 Horse Health News
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine has issued a warning to horse owners about a toxin called fumonisin that can be found in corn or corn byproducts. A number of horses die each year from eating products that contai (Click Headline For More!)

Horseware Ireland Introduces Fly Sheet Infused with Insect Repellent
2006-12-08 Horseware Ireland
Horseware Ireland introduces the latest innovation--The Amigo Bug Buster. It's infused with insect repellent proven effective in human clothing against mosquitoes and ticks. Repellent-infused BUZZ BLOCKER™ Insect Shield Insect Repellent Gear products (Click Headline For More!)

American Quarter Horse Special Featured on NBC Sports
2006-12-08 American Quarter Horse Association
American Quarter Horses take center stage Sunday, January 7 on NBC Sports Television at 1:30 p.m. Eastern/10:30 a.m. Pacific for the America’s Horse Championships presented by Ford Trucks. The one-hour special is based at a portion of the FedEx Open (Click Headline For More!)

New Mini First Aid Kits Available for Horse Owners
2006-12-07 Horse Tack - First Aid Kits
A series of comprehensive and disposable wound care treatment kits is the latest addition to EquiMedic USA's line up of complete equine emergency first aid kits. Four new Mini Wound Care Kits expands the unique and varied inventory of EquiMedic's fir (Click Headline For More!)

2007 Sidelines Equestrian Triathlon Passionate About Equestrian Aid Foundation
2006-12-07 Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
The Equestrian Aid Foundation, formerly known as the Equestrian AIDS Foundation, was created to anonymously embrace and assist those afflicted with HIV/AIDS in our equestrian community. The Board of Directors decided to expand the bylaws to include h (Click Headline For More!)

2006-12-06 Horse Books
Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Photographing and “Videoing” Horses Explained—Digital and Film by Charles Mann. From your daughter’s first lead-line class to your wife or husband’s bid for the division championship, f (Click Headline For More!)

Prime Performance Nutrition, NASC Approved Member, Announces New Products
2006-12-06 Horse Health Products
Prime Performance Nutrition—a NASC approved supplement company—announces new products in their extensive product line.

Re-Charge™ is “a power packed combination” of key amino acids, vitamins and Glucosamines that are readily available for
(Click Headline For More!)

Merial Adds Recombitek Equine Influenza Virus Vaccine to its Line
2006-12-05 Horse Vaccines
On Saturday, Dec. 2, Merial announced the addition of Recombitek Equine Influenza Virus vaccine to its recombinant vaccine line--the first and only equine influenza vaccine in the United States that uses canarypox-vectored technology. Recombitek Equi (Click Headline For More!)

SmartPak and Life Data Labs Partner to make Farrier's Formula Available in SmartPaks
2006-12-05 Horse Supplements
Life Data Labs and SmartPak Equine announced today that they have entered into a partnership to make Farrier's Formula available in SmartPaks. Farrier's Formula is the original hoof supplement, and has been shown effective in university studies as we (Click Headline For More!)

Selecting the Dressage Horse
2006-12-04 Horse Books
Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Selecting the Dressage Horse by Dirk Willem Rosie. Regardless of the level at which a dressage rider competes, at some point in his or her career, most find themselves in search of a ho (Click Headline For More!)

Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving
2006-12-04 American Horse Council
This year, give your favorite horse owner the gift of a stress-free tax season with the American Horse Council’s 2006 Tax Handbook. This 1000-page guide for horse owners and breeders explains the Internal Revenue Code as it pertains to the U.S. horse (Click Headline For More!)

Daily+ Deworming Program Offers Effective Parasite Protection
2006-12-01 Pfizer Animal Health
Pfizer Animal Health recently introduced its Daily+ Deworming program to help owners make critical decisions about creating an appropriate rotational deworming program for their horses. Incorporating daily use of Strongid® C or C 2X™ and twice-yearly (Click Headline For More!)

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