Horse Tack Review

Professional’s Choice continues to reinforce its reputation as the leader in equine leg care with a new line of protective boots sized especially for larger sport horses. Professional's choice invented the very concept of equine leg care and their sp (Click Headline For More!)

Andis' New 4 X 4 Blade Drive Increases Clipper Blade Torque
2007-06-29 Andis Horse Clippers
Andis has enhanced the blade drive in its rotary motor clippers with a new 4 x 4 drive for its grooming clippers. The result? Blade torque increases 25% and glides easily through thicker hair. All of the Andis detachable blade grooming clippers no (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-27 James Warson, MD, with Ami Hendrickson
Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of The Rider’s Pain-Free Back by Dr. James Warson. Over 90 percent of the US population seeks help for back pain at one point or another during the course of their life. If you’re a horsep (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-25 English Riding Supply
Microweave DX™ breeches are the most innovative new breeches in years! The DRI-LEX® inner skin ELIMINATES sweaty bottoms in our full seats. It keeps you comfortable from the inside out. DRI-LEX® is a miracle fabric. It is a two layer fabric with mois (Click Headline For More!)

E-Z ON Bucket Tops
2007-06-24 Designed by Horse Spa Products
These clever covers have a patent-pending design which allows free and easy movement of the bucket handles, while securely covering and protecting the contents inside. They are great for protecting uncovered feed or water from hazardous flies and p (Click Headline For More!)

NSAID Options: New Pain Reliever for Horses Launched
2007-06-24 Press Release
Equioxx (firocoxib), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for use in horses, is now available from Merial. Equioxx is delivered as a paste (similar to paste dewormer) and is FDA-approved for treating joint pain in horses. Equioxx was approv (Click Headline For More!)

Horses Make A Difference -- Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals Support Therapeutic Riding
2007-06-23 Farnam
For more than 20 years, horse owners have trusted Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals for dependable deworming products for their horses. Now the name you know and trust is making a difference for children and adults with special needs by supporting a the (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-22 United States Equestrian Federation
When it comes to promoting innovation and showing vision in the equestrian world, there are few people who are as adept at it as the United States Equestrian Federation’s own president, David O’Connor. And for his years of excellence as an equestria (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-20 Equine Resources International, LLC
The results of a recent study indicate that feeding SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® prior to and following weaning can have statistically significant effects on weight gain—which is critical in order to achieve optimum growth rates. This res (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat International, Inc., the world’s leading equestrian boot and apparel manufacturer, announced today that four new athletes will join its already strong English Performance Team. The new riders are Jennifer Bauersachs, a hunter-jumper from French (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-19 Prime Performance Nutrition
Origin - Devils Claw, or Harpagophytum procumbent, is a plant which grows in the South and South-East of Africa. Much like carrots, water is stored in the tuber section of the plant during the rainy season. It is in this tuber region that we find the (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-18 Dr. David Marlin*
Until recently Flair Strips have perhaps been viewed by many riders as only being something that a top level competitor would need. This is not true. When Flair Strips were first introduced, the racing industry immediately saw the benefit of this new (Click Headline For More!)

Keeping a Horse's Attention
2007-06-17 Ron Meredith
There are probably as many jokes about getting a mule's attention with a two-by-four as there are pickup trucks in Texas. When you are teaching your horse to heed, you must keep bringing its attention back to you. But you don't want to use a two-by-f (Click Headline For More!)

Genuine, positive, talented and determined -- the 2007 Miss Rodeo America, Ashley Andrews, has it all. W.F. Young, Inc., a family operated company with a 115-year history and creators of the trusted Absorbine® brand of products, is proud to support t (Click Headline For More!)

Equestrians Can Be Stranded Due to New Vehicle Key Technology
2007-06-15 USRider
With advancing technology, life continues to become a bit easier. For example, we no longer have to walk across the room to change channels on the television. We can cook a meal in a matter of seconds with the microwave. We stay in touch with our fri (Click Headline For More!)

Researchers Coming Together This Summer for Lameness Research Meeting and Panel
2007-06-14 American Association of Equine Practitioners
The American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation (AAEP Foundation) will be hosting a Lameness Research Meeting and Panel on August 1, 2007 at the Fort Collins Marriott in Fort Collins, Colo. This special research meeting is being supporte (Click Headline For More!)

Second-hand saddles: As good as new? Maybe . . .
2007-06-12 Rebecca Colnar
As a teen, I bought my first saddle used. It was a well-made German jumping saddle for which I paid $150. More than 25 years later, I am still using it. It's not always possible to swing the kind of money for that new jumping saddle you covet from a (Click Headline For More!)

EasyCare Hoof Boot Upgrade Program Expanded
2007-06-11 EasyCare
For a limited time, EasyCare is going to be expanding their Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program to include EasyCare brand horse hoof boots. This program is being expanded so that EasyCare can donate the hoof boots returned through the exchange prog (Click Headline For More!)

Disjointed Riders
2007-06-08 Julie Goodnight Tip of the Month
Do you suffer from leg, knee and ankle pain or numbness while riding? As you ride, your legs are spread in an unnatural position, causing pressure on your ankle, knee and hip joints. If you’re experiencing pain, it’s probably because you have uneven (Click Headline For More!)

Oster's PowerMax Sets New Standard in Power, Performance
2007-06-07 Horse Clippers
Oster Professional Products introduces new PowerMax, the most powerful two-speed clipper ever produced by the industry-leading manufacturer of equine clippers and grooming products. With a rotary motor that operates at more than 4,100 strokes per min (Click Headline For More!)

FITS Technical Equestrian Apparel Introduces New Products for Winter Weather Riding
2007-06-05 Fun In The Saddle
FITS / Fun In The Saddle, Inc., Oregon's newest and most innovative equestrian apparel company tackles winter's roughest weather with its new Wind Protm jacket and riding breech. Superbly designed with the equestrian in mind, FITS uses a Malden Mills (Click Headline For More!)

The Scoop on Joint Supplements for Horses
2007-06-04 Dr. Martin Adams, Equine Nutritionist for Southern States
There is a bewildering array of oral joint supplements available for horses. "How does this stuff work?', "Which ones work the best?" and "Are they safe for my horse?" are questions you may have asked yourself when reading about these products. Whi (Click Headline For More!)

Track Horse Health Care Needs with Pfizer Animal Health
2007-06-03 Horse Health
Throughout the year, horses require routine health care, such as deworming, vaccinations and other veterinary services, farrier appointments and dental exams. Some horses may even receive chiropractic care or other therapies for injury or general wel (Click Headline For More!)

2007-06-02 Horse Clippers
Andis Company’s newest grooming tool will tempt you to drop your other favorites after you spend a few minutes with Ruby™. She’s bright red and petite, weighing in at only 6 oz. And she’s versatile, delivering a powerful performance as a clipper, (Click Headline For More!)

2007 World's Greatest Horseman Bob Avila Endorses Farnam Horse Products
2007-06-02 Farnam
Farnam Companies, Inc. is excited to announce the endorsement of its horse products by Bob Avila, the 2007 National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) World’s Greatest Horseman. Avila won the title this year while riding Light N Fine, nicknamed “Po (Click Headline For More!)

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