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2008-01-31 Western Trail Saddles
Gaited horses have their own unique saddle fitting requirements and Circle Y Saddles introduces its new Trail Gaiter™ saddles just for your gaited horse. Designed specifically for the gaited trail horse, and rider, Trail Gaiter™ saddles are America's (Click Headline For More!)

Missy Wryn's ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle is Now Available
2008-01-30 Horse Tack
No need to change out the halter after warming up, just snap on your reins and go..... Missy's ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle gets you on the trail quicker and safer. With no sliding straps to pinch or out-of-balance reins - You and your h (Click Headline For More!)

AAEP Releases Updated Equine Vaccination Guidelines
2008-01-28 Horse Care
The Infectious Disease Committee of the American Association of Equine Practitioners has issued revised guidelines for the administration of vaccinations to horses. The Committee, chaired by Mary Scollay, DVM, has made recommendations for the use of (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-26 Grooming Supplies
For years, horse owners have praised the popular line of COWBOY MAGIC® quality grooming products and the original product, COWBOY MAGIC® DETANGLER™ & SHINE. The Anaheim, California-based company has gained a devoted following of loyal customers who s (Click Headline For More!)

Charmayne James Signature Series Bits from Professional's Choice are a Big Hit!
2008-01-24 Western Horse Tack
Professional’s Choice and 11 time World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James team up to produce twelve new bits for Charmayne’s Signature Series. Dealers and merchants at the WESA show in Denver, Colorado this past weekend were impressed with the ne (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-23 Horse Tack
The Lickity Bits™ Bit Wrap is a real apple treat which wraps around a horse's bit, melts in the mouth, and teaches horses to enjoy taking the bit. For young and old horses alike, taking a bit can now be a rewarding experience instead of the dreaded c (Click Headline For More!)

Latigo Rides Into The Equestrian Apparel Market Announcing Innovative New Technologies, Fashion and Comfort
2008-01-22 English Riding Apparel
Latigo, a premier line of English equestrian apparel that provides unprecedented technology using Leather with LYCRA®, genuine leather combined with LYCRA fiber, today announced it will launch its new product line at the AETA Orlando Expo, IEBA Richm (Click Headline For More!)

Horse Spa Products Introduces Tail Buckets
2008-01-18 Horse Grooming
Horse Spa Products is proud to introduce Tail Buckets. This revolutionary tail washing system will allow the user to deep clean, condition and/or color enhance their horse's tail anywhere, anytime without any mess. This patent-pending design utilizes (Click Headline For More!)

EasyCare, Inc. Announces New Improved Easyboot Gaiter
2008-01-17 Horse Tack
EasyCare, Inc. (, the leading manufacturer of equine hoof boots, has announced the production of a new improved Easyboot Gaiter. After several months of R&D and many miles of testing, the new improved Easyboot Gaiter will be ship (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-15 Horse Dewormer Products
Equine tapeworms are a serious health threat for horses across the country. Fortunately, Pfizer Animal Health’s Equimax™ (ivermectin 1.87%/praziquantel 14.03%) dewormer provides protection against all major equine parasites, including tapeworms. Equi (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-14 Equestrian News
Amid the grandeur of the United States Equestrian Federation’s (USEF) annual meeting and black tie gala, Eventing Champion Theodore O’Connor was named the 2007 Farnam® / Platform® • USEF Horse of the Year. Theodore O’Connor was selected from among al (Click Headline For More!)

Introducing Himalayan Horse
2008-01-13 Horse Products
Himalayan Horse is a range of herbal products from JPC for your horse's well being. The carefully selected and tested products in our ever evolving range are made from pure and natural herbs and minerals found in the forests of the Himalayan mountain (Click Headline For More!)

Devon-Aire Announces New Cambridge Reinforced Zip Back Field Boot
2008-01-10 English Riding Apparel
Devon-Aire is pleased to announce the addition of the Cambridge Field boot to its line of quality footwear. The Cambridge follows in the steps of the very successful Hampton and L'Cord line of field and dress boots. The Cambridge is crafted with high (Click Headline For More!)

American Quarter Horse Association Reaches 5 Million Milestone
2008-01-09 Equestrian News
The American Quarter Horse Association, the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization, has reached the 5 millionth registration milestone. Registration number 5,000,000 is being held for Shelly Nielsen of Alberta, Canada, who (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-09 Equestrian News
United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and Breyer Animal Creations®, Pequannock, NJ have agreed to create authentically-scaled horse blankets with the official USDF logo. "We're pleased to have worked with Breyer on these realistic play products fo (Click Headline For More!)

2008-01-08 Barn and Stable Products
New Stall Safe® brand disinfectant and sanitizer is EPA approved as an effective way to kill and prevent the spread of contagious viruses and bacteria. Horse owners can now help prevent disease outbreaks by regularly disinfecting and sanitizing barn (Click Headline For More!)

Haltering and Tying Horses
2008-01-07 Wayne Loch, University of Missouri Department of Animal Sciences
Halters are designed to help catch, hold, lead and tie horses and ponies. They are nothing else. Every horse should have its own halter correctly sized and adjusted to fit. Halters come in many styles and in many materials of varying quality. Every p (Click Headline For More!)

Use the "Scrub" to Stop the "Rub"
2008-01-05 Horse Grooming Products
Use the "Scrub" to stop the "Rub" for a fuller mane and tail with Big & Sexy Tail Scrub by Aloe Advantage. This highly exfoliating and moisturizing sea salt "scrub" with essential oils gently lifts dry and dead skin cells from the crest of the horse' (Click Headline For More!)

Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead Every Time!
2008-01-03 Jane Savoie
I know I told you I was going to do a 4 part series on Benign Antagonism. But last month I asked readers to send me their training questions. I was deluged with questions about people who have trouble picking up one of their canter leads. So, that's (Click Headline For More!)

Show Jumping Trials for 2008 Olympics to be Held During the CN Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL
2008-01-03 Equestrian News
The USEF has announced the location and dates for the USEF Show Jumping Trials for the 2008 Olympics. The trials will be held during the Zada Enterprises, LLC CSI***- W (February 27-March 2) and the CN Open CSIO***** (March 5-March 9) at the Palm Bea (Click Headline For More!)

Limited Edition Purple Funky Fork
2008-01-02 Horse Tack - Stable Equipment
The Special Limited Edition Purple Funky Fork can make mucking stalls a bit funkier while saving a few bucks on costly shavings. The Funky Forks' hardened spring steel tines are flexible yet allow shavings to fall through the tines while leaving the (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Cameo Half Chaps
2008-01-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
Are you the type of rider who just does not want to be seen in the same thing twice? We’re obviously kidding here. With the price of riding apparel and horse tack, that is simply not an option. Or is it? Is it possible to change your chaps to your mo (Click Headline For More!)

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