Horse Tack Review

Andis Announces Packaging Changes To Benefit Environment
2008-05-30 Andis Clippers
Andis has thrown its hat into the green ring with gusto. The company now permits only recyclable packaging for its hair styling equipment and has introduced a powder coating finish for a selection of clippers that eliminates hazardous waste as a b (Click Headline For More!)

Beyond the Track - Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse
2008-05-29 Horse Books
Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Beyond the Track by Anna Morgan Ford with Amber Heintzberger. Renowned for their amazing athleticism and unparalleled work ethic, and famed for their “great heart” and willingness to go (Click Headline For More!)

Got stuff? Stash it in Kerrits Cargo Tight
2008-05-27 English Riding Apparel - Breeches
Finally…a tight with pockets that don’t interfere with performance! Fashioned with flat side pockets, Kerrits Cargo Tight has a discreet place for your stuff that’s easily accessible while you’re riding. Constructed in a lightweight microfiber that o (Click Headline For More!)

2008-05-26 Fly Control
During a recent survey, horse owners across the country reported that monthly costs for all of their fly season fly control efforts were topping about $16 - $24 for each horse in their care1. By contrast, Solitude IGR™ offers a scientifically advance (Click Headline For More!)

The Right Fit
2008-05-19 Julie Goodnight
Is your horse's halter too snug or too loose? Does it hang down around his nose or squeeze his face, rubbing the hair away? Do you fit a rope halter the same as a webbed halter? How do you know if you horse's halter fits or what size halter he should (Click Headline For More!)

2008-05-17 Horse Fly Control
Fresh as the dawn comes a new flysheet from EOUS, the sensibly priced line of fabulously stylish clothing for horse and human. Named Action, this new flysheet earns its moniker by being softly flexible, yet ultra-tailored in all the right places to a (Click Headline For More!)

Ariat Introduces Expanded Children's Offerings for Fall 2008
2008-05-14 Ariat Boots and Aparel
Ariat International, Inc., announced today the launch of Boys’ Apparel and Children’s Belts for the Fall 2008 season, signaling the most comprehensive collection to date for the innovation leader in performance equestrian footwear, apparel and access (Click Headline For More!)

Pyranha Releases New All Natural Insect Repellent - Zero-Bite
2008-05-12 Horse Fly Control
Pyranha—the most trusted name in topical horse care—announces the release of its most innovative insect repellent to date, all-natural Zero-Bite. Zero-Bite contains zero chemical pesticides. Zero! Its bug-fighting power comes from Geraniol, an oil de (Click Headline For More!)

2008-05-11 Equestrian News
Absorbine is offering you a chance to "Giddy Up and Get Down" at the 2008 Country Music Association Awards. Visit participating retailers from July 1 through August 31, 2008 to obtain an official entry form for this exciting sweepstakes. The prize pa (Click Headline For More!)

Absorbine SuperShield Red Fly Repellent & Insecticide Tops the List for Water Resistant Protection
2008-05-08 Horse Fly Control
Absorbine SuperShield Red is a hard-working fly product for your hard-working horses. Whether you are riding in hot weather for business or pleasure, you want to keep your partner comfortable and free from biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats under t (Click Headline For More!)

2008-05-05 English Riding Apparel
Arista’s new summer line of fashionable equestrian apparel is in stores throughout North America. This features many exciting limited editions as well as favorites in new colors. In addition to the popular women’s vests, show shirts and breeches, Ari (Click Headline For More!)

EZ ON Bucket Tops
2008-05-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
“There has got to be a better way to do this” - If you read the About Us section of Horse Spa Product’s website, you will see this as their motto. Their innovative approach to making products to lessen the burdens for equestrians is seen as you perus (Click Headline For More!)

Are You Ready to Take the Leather CPR Challenge?
2008-05-01 Horse Tack
Try Leather CPR® Cleaner & Conditioner in the new single-use packet and compare the results to the leather products you are currently using. The new 1.5-ounce packet contains plenty of Leather CPR® to clean an entire saddle or a pair of boots. Just (Click Headline For More!)

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