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2008-10-31 Horse Tack Review
We are all feeling the pinch of the struggling economy. The worry of hay prices, vet bills and other necessary expenses are beginning to take over where thoughts of show expenses used to be. There is no one feeling the pinches more than horse rescue (Click Headline For More!)

Stay warm this winter with FITS Wind Pro Full Seat Breeches!
2008-10-30 English Riding Apparel - Breeches
Fun In The Saddle, Inc. (FITS) makers of the most technical and innovative riding breech on the market today, is ready to keep you cozy and warm in the saddle this winter with their Wind Pro™ version of their revolutionary FITS PerforMAX™ full seat b (Click Headline For More!)

Mental Recovery From a Riding Accident
2008-10-29 Teresa Hughes
You may have begun to think of your riding career as “before” and “after”. Before the accident, you were so confident and relaxed about riding. You were eager to go to the barn each day to tack up and see what new goals you and your horse might r (Click Headline For More!)

Kerrits Outerwear Gives Multi-Season Protection from Mother Nature
2008-10-27 English Riding Apparel
When Mother Nature opens up the sky, be prepared in Kerrits Coach’s Coat or Equishell Jacket. These outerwear pieces get two thumbs up for comfort and protection from the weather, whether you’re in the saddle, working around the barn or teaching. Win (Click Headline For More!)

Corticosteroid Therapy Offers Relief for Equine Joint Inflammation
2008-10-21 Horse Health
With the work and stress put on the legs of every equine athlete, across disciplines, it’s no surprise that joint inflammation is a common problem among working horses. Fortunately, intra-articular corticosteroids provide veterinarians with a long-pr (Click Headline For More!)

Set Up For Success
2008-10-20 Julie Goodnight
Set up cones to help you plan transitions There's an old saying in horsemanship: "All of training occurs in transitions." A transition occurs any time you ask your horse to speed up or slow down-it is in the asking and your horse's compliance that th (Click Headline For More!)

Andis Introduces The Groom Clipper For Horse And Cattle
2008-10-16 Horse Clippers
The new Andis Groom Clipper is durable, cool, quiet and ideal for horse and cattle show groomers. So quiet that it doesn’t disturb even the most sensitive animals, the Groom Clipper delivers quick cuts, with a blade speed of 14,400 strokes per min (Click Headline For More!)

One Shot Waterless Shampoo
2008-10-14 Horse Grooming
Best Shot Equine adds One Shot Waterless Shampoo to their line of all natural coat care products. This new product is perfect for last minute show touch ups, winter bathing, & riders on the go! It’s never too cold to wash with One Shot! Simply spray (Click Headline For More!)

Andis DVD Features Clipping Techniques BY Dana Boyd-Miller
2008-10-12 Horse Clippers
Dana Boyd-Miller demonstrates clipping techniques, divulges grooming tips and shows how to keep your clippers and blades in top condition with simple maintenance routines in Andis’ new DVD, “Clipping Your Horse”. Boyd- Miller has been a profession (Click Headline For More!)

Simple Grooming Advice to Help Horse Owners Combat Winter Grime
2008-10-09 Horse Grooming
Nearly every horse owner can imagine that moment of despair when they bring their horse in from the pasture - he's got mud caked from head-to-hoof, his tail is a knotted, wet mess and it's far too chilly for a bath. Keeping horses' coats clean in the (Click Headline For More!)

Sensation Water Repellent Breech from Devon-Aire
2008-10-05 English Riding Apparel
Devon-Aire is pleased to introduce the NEW Sensation Water repellent breech. The Sensation riding breech is the latest addition to Devon-Aire’s successful line of Sensation water repellent tights. Consumer request’s for a riding breech made of this i (Click Headline For More!)

Finally! Affordable Safety For The Western Stirrup
2008-10-01 Teresa Hughes
In the event of a mishap, we all want to be able to ride with the peace of mind that we will be able to easily free our feet from the stirrups. We know that getting our boot caught in the stirrup can result in dragging and serious injury. Latest stat (Click Headline For More!)

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