Horse Tack Review

Pessoa Legacy Bridle
2008-12-15 Engligh Tack - Bridles
This handsome USET and Grand Prix veteran wears the new Legacy Padded Jumper bridle with pride! Carlos Boy takes time from his busy day to model the Legacy Padded Jumper bridle from Pessoa. The bridle is made of the finest Sedgewick leather that oils (Click Headline For More!)

Supple Your Horse's Poll
2008-12-08 Jane Savoie
Your horse should be able to flex laterally at his poll to the left and right. If you're not sure if he's locked at the poll, ask yourself some questions:

Will he easily flex to the left or right with one quick turn of your wrist or does h
(Click Headline For More!)

Aloe Vera, the Miracle Plant
2008-12-02 Horse Care
Aloe Vera, often called the Miracle Plant, the Natural Healer, the Burn Plant, goes by many names which have survived over 4000 years during which this incredible medicinal has benefited both mankind and the animal kingdom. The Aloe family of plants (Click Headline For More!)

Sonoma Suede High Profile Bareback Pad
2008-12-01 Horse Tack Review Staff
A bareback pad is often the choice of riders who are looking for more grip and weight distribution versus simply riding bareback. Though you may lose some support or stability, a rider will gain additional contact for communication of cues and signal (Click Headline For More!)

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