Horse Tack Review

2012-06-11 English Tack
Riders, and their horses, come in all shapes and sizes. Pessoa realizes this, and they are proud to introduce the new A/O AMS Ė a saddle for every body, and every horse. Made of the finest grained English leather, the saddles feature the Xchange Adju (Click Headline For More!)

Go the Distance in Kerrits' Slender Rider Padded Capri
2012-06-04 English Riding Apparel
Maybe itís your first ride of the season. Maybe itís a longer distance than youíve ever ridden before. Whatever the circumstances, Kerritsí Slender Rider Padded Capri ensures you return to the barn in the same shape as when you left. Thatís because t (Click Headline For More!)

Selleria Equipe extends its line of stirrups with the innovative FLOATER, equipped
2012-06-03 English Tack
Selleria Equipe introduces a new generation of stirrups and launches FLOATER, designed to limit impact stress in any equestrian discipline. Made in square section aluminium and equipped with a steel spring double shock-absorbing system, the innovati (Click Headline For More!)

Piaffe Revolution Boot from Veredus
2012-06-01 English Tack
Veredus of Italy has established themselves as the standard for horse boots. The boots are made out of the newest in technical materials, but they remain simple in design. Although known mostly for their show jumping boots, Veredus has designed the b (Click Headline For More!)

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