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2013-01-08 Most Comfy Show Shirt Headed for Stores
2013-01-08 Pessoa Heritage Enhances Pro Series
2013-01-08 A New Spin on Paddock Boots! The Mountain Horse Carbon Boa!
2012-06-04 Go the Distance in Kerrits' Slender Rider Padded Capri
2012-06-03 Selleria Equipe extends its line of stirrups with the innovative FLOATER, equipped
2012-06-01 Piaffe Revolution Boot from Veredus
2012-05-23 Riders4Helmets Announces International Helmet Awareness Day 2012
2011-05-28 Troxel Releases Top 10 Helmet Safety Facts & Myths for Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day 2011
2011-05-25 Unique Living Quarters in Featherlite Trailer Optimizes Living Space and Makes Entertaining at Shows a Breeze
2011-05-24 Tekna Introduces Front and Rear Dressage Boots
2011-05-24 FITS Adds Three Colors to Most Popular Breech
2011-05-24 Forshner's Hoof Packing is an Official Product of the American Farrier's Association
2011-05-17 Pony XP Offers Affordable Fly Control for Cost Conscience Horse Owners
2011-05-11 The Oilskin Packable Poncho from Outback Trading Company is a Must Have for Anyone That Enjoys Riding in Mother Nature
2011-05-10 2011 Bridle Trends in the Hunter Ring
2011-04-16 Kerrits Announces Versatile Breathe Tight II
2011-04-14 Summer Leg Protection
2011-04-01 eZall Green Bathing Kit
2011-03-16 Andis Introduces Excel 5-Speed With T-84 Blade For Horses
2011-03-15 ScratchnAll Offers Relief for Horses with Sensitive Skin
2011-03-01 Spursuader Spurs - Kinder, but Effective too? Yes!
2011-02-21 eZall Introduces NEW! Total Body Wash Green Super Concentrate 5-Pack
2011-02-15 Kerrits Announces Release of Denim Performance Tights
2011-02-10 Ariat Debuts New Quincy Collection for Fall 2011
2011-02-01 Pessoa Saddles Expand the A/O Line
2011-01-29 Olympian Lisa Wilcox and New Partner Pikko del Cerro HU Gain Their First Win
2011-01-17 New Limited Edition Wicked Rider Collection for 2011
2011-01-08 Take Your Ride Outside in Stride - Kerrits Releases New Protective Breeches
2011-01-06 A Solution to Sore Knees
2010-12-11 Koper Equine Easy On Rein Stops
2010-12-09 USRider Offers Cell Phone Safety Tip
2010-12-01 TechNiche International Active Warming Products
2010-11-01 Pessoa Now Offers Re-Flockable Panels in Select Models
2010-10-29 Mountain Horse Introduces the Victoria Dressage Boot
2010-08-17 Mountain Horse Introduces the Cozy Rider
2010-07-01 Discovery Trekking Outfitters Wicking Towel
2010-07-01 TechNiche International Cooling Products Will Keep You Cool and Comfortable!
2010-05-05 Technologically Advanced, Sensibly Priced Wide Track Composite Stirrups
2010-05-05 Equi-Spot Spot-On Fly Control for Horses -- New Look - New Packaging - New Applicator
2010-05-04 TLC Equine Products Offers 100% Natural Herbal Hoof Oil
2010-03-03 Centerline - Fresh new jewelry for the dressage rider!
2010-02-10 Mountain Horse Introduces Two New Tall Boots for 2010
2010-02-09 Farnam Brings A Fashion Flair to All the Horses In Your Care
2010-02-02 Hey Riders? Want a better GRIP? RiderGrips Version 3 are Now Available!
2010-02-01 FITS Breeches with ThinLine Seat Shims
2010-02-01 FITS Silk Touch Show Shirt
2010-01-31 Andis Introduces the Power De-Shedder for Horses
2010-01-27 Kerrits Introduces The Breathe Tight II Channel Rib
2010-01-06 Rookie Reiner - Rookie Reiner
2010-01-01 Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves
2009-12-17 Stand Taller and Be Cooler with ShouldersBack Lite by EquiFit
2009-11-15 Ariat Expands Climate Control Collection for Fall 2009
2009-11-09 Lessons Well Learned - Why My Method Works for Any Horse
2009-11-02 Kelly Kaminski to Write Column for Horseback Magazine
2009-10-21 The Art of Layering Part 1: When it comes to keeping warm, there is more to the story than just bulk...
2009-10-16 How to Tie a Basic Rope Horse Training Halter - Book Review
2009-10-10 Horse Tack Review Blanket Drive!
2009-10-07 Affirmed's Daughter Saved from Slaughter
2009-09-22 What is Trail Corral?
2009-09-15 Jumpline Designs Introduces The "Pole" Collection Enamel Jewelry for the Sophisticated Equestrian
2009-09-13 Fall Fashion is a Cinch with Ariat Belts
2009-09-03 Horse Tack Review is on Facebook!
2009-09-01 Performance Animal Nutrition Performance Focus Equine
2009-08-03 Horses Helping Horses Beach Ride to
2009-08-01 Kerrits Breathe Tight
2009-07-09 USRider Encourages Use of Pre-Trip Checklist
2009-06-19 Happy Mouth Bits make Hunter Trainers Happier!
2009-06-16 So Many Great Kerrits Bootcuts: Which one is right for you?
2009-06-14 Horse Training In-Hand - A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground
2009-05-29 Beat the Heat with Summer Coolers from Kerrits
2009-05-05 White 'N Brite Shampoo and Body Wash Added to the Vetrolin Family
2009-04-29 Kids Go Crazy for Kerrits in a Coordinated Look
2009-04-19 Get the Kerrits Look with their new Gallop On Tee and Tight for under $100 MSRP
2009-04-17 Farnam Dewormers Help You Keep Track of the Important Details in the Life of Your Horse
2009-04-16 FITS Patent Approved for Segmented Full Seat Breech Design!
2009-04-03 Be dynamic in your ride with Kerrits new Biodynamic garments
2009-03-27 eZall Introduces New Green Product Formula and Packaging
2009-03-24 Beat the heat in comfort with Kerrits trio of Fabrisuede products
2009-03-23 Real cargo-style breeches? Saddle pads shaped like flowers and sea shells?
2009-03-23 Troxel Celebrates 111 Years of Commitment to Safety
2009-03-13 Trafalgar Square Releases First-Ever Guide to Eco-Friendly Horse Care
2009-03-10 Andis Introduces The Power De-Shedder
2009-03-02 The Distraction Aid
2009-03-01 FITS Announces Winner of USDF Convention Drawing
2009-03-01 Best Shot Pet Horse Grooming Supplies
2009-02-16 Learn How to Tie Your Own Rope Halters!
2009-02-05 AEGIS Helmets Announce New Release for Spring 2009
2009-01-29 Introducing INTENSE EQ Mane & Tail
2009-01-14 Ride Horses with Awareness and Feel
2009-01-13 The Complete Guide to Hunter Seat Training, Showing, & Judging
2009-01-07 New! Extended Knee Patch Breech from FITS for Spring 2009!
2009-01-06 Chris Cox D-Ring Snaffle Features Unique Design
2009-01-01 Barnstable Riding Chaps
2008-12-15 Pessoa Legacy Bridle
2008-12-08 Supple Your Horse's Poll
2008-12-02 Aloe Vera, the Miracle Plant
2008-12-01 Sonoma Suede High Profile Bareback Pad
2008-11-19 New children's book from Eclipse Press. Just in time for the holidays!
2008-11-02 3 Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Horse is Crossing His Legs Enough in Leg Yields
2008-10-31 Please Help!
2008-10-30 Stay warm this winter with FITS Wind Pro Full Seat Breeches!
2008-10-29 Mental Recovery From a Riding Accident
2008-10-27 Kerrits Outerwear Gives Multi-Season Protection from Mother Nature
2008-10-21 Corticosteroid Therapy Offers Relief for Equine Joint Inflammation
2008-10-20 Set Up For Success
2008-10-16 Andis Introduces The Groom Clipper For Horse And Cattle
2008-10-14 One Shot Waterless Shampoo
2008-10-12 Andis DVD Features Clipping Techniques BY Dana Boyd-Miller
2008-10-09 Simple Grooming Advice to Help Horse Owners Combat Winter Grime
2008-10-05 Sensation Water Repellent Breech from Devon-Aire
2008-10-01 Finally! Affordable Safety For The Western Stirrup
2008-09-26 Second Life - ReRun offers happy retirement for racehorses
2008-09-25 A Bit of Comfort
2008-09-21 No matter the weather, Kerrits Sit Tight N Warm lives up to its name
2008-09-18 What are the Aids to Train My Dressage Horse to Leg Yield?
2008-09-17 Pony Club: Affordable Fashion and a Free Hat
2008-09-10 Trafalgar Square Books Releases Human to Horseman by Rick Lamb
2008-09-02 Veredus adds Pro Jump Hind Ankle Boots to its Internationally Acclaimed Line
2008-09-01 No Flies on Me!
2008-08-28 Stop Horses from Stomping
2008-08-26 FITS Introduces New Overbreech and Jacket for Fall 2008
2008-08-25 The Economics of Grooming
2008-08-24 Kerrits Outerwear Gives Multi-Season Protection from Mother Nature
2008-08-20 Stand Out from the Crowd with Arista's Fall Line
2008-08-17 Best Shot Pet Products introduces Equine Ultra Vitalizing Mist and Detangler
2008-08-12 Devon-Aire Introduces Its New Line of Riding Boots
2008-08-11 Argyle Isn't Just For Socks Anymore
2008-08-04 Ground Training is the Key to Reading the Horse and Overcoming Fears
2008-08-01 Collegiate Adjustable Girth
2008-07-28 FITS Introduces Navy: "The New Black" for Fall 2008
2008-07-27 Kiss Flies Good Bye . . . Naturally with Equisectt Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies, Dogs and Cats
2008-07-23 The new color of Purple Rain in the Pessoa blanket line will make your horse truly look like a Prince! (or Princess)
2008-07-20 Farnam Introduces Two New SuperMasks for Miniature Horses
2008-07-15 Vita Flex Nutrition Introduces Muscle Fortifier
2008-07-15 Horse Tack Review Visits Bright Futures Farm
2008-07-14 The Rodrigo Pony Legacy XL
2008-07-08 Vita Flex Nutrition Pioneers a Totally New Way to Manage Equine Inflammation
2008-07-05 Farnam Introduces Thrush-XXT Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol
2008-06-30 Farnam Wants to Help Keep You Fly Free This Year
2008-06-30 Grooming Tip for Achieving the Premium Show Coat
2008-06-22 Team eZall Goes Pink in Support of Breast Cancer
2008-06-18 Get a Piece of Horse Rescue Action - Be a Part of Miracle Save
2008-06-15 English Riding Supply is proud to announce: F.E.I . Approval of KY Rotary Bits in Dressage Competition
2008-06-14 Endurance Riders Find Breech that FITS!
2008-06-10 Horse Tack Review Partners with Koda's Kookies
2008-06-06 Troxel Adds Fun & Fashionable Camouflage to Line
2008-05-30 Andis Announces Packaging Changes To Benefit Environment
2008-05-29 Beyond the Track - Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse
2008-05-27 Got stuff? Stash it in Kerrits Cargo Tight
2008-05-19 The Right Fit
2008-05-14 Ariat Introduces Expanded Children's Offerings for Fall 2008
2008-05-12 Pyranha Releases New All Natural Insect Repellent - Zero-Bite
2008-05-08 Absorbine SuperShield Red Fly Repellent & Insecticide Tops the List for Water Resistant Protection
2008-05-01 EZ ON Bucket Tops
2008-05-01 Are You Ready to Take the Leather CPR Challenge?
2008-04-30 New Quick Release Stirrup Iron from English Riding Supply
2008-04-28 Going "GREEN" Is What Natures Balance Care Has Been Providing for 16 Years
2008-04-24 Kentucky Horse Park to Launch New 5-Month Equine Education Course
2008-04-21 Ready, Set, Show - in Kerrits Ventilator Jersey & Stock Tie
2008-04-16 Evolve Introduces Equicart, a Ground-Breaking Bone and Joint supplement
2008-04-08 Devon-Aire Introduces the All Pro Boot Cut Breech
2008-04-08 Every Horse Needs an Annual Dental Exam, Says the AAEP
2008-04-07 Minding Manners at Feed Time
2008-04-03 New Weapon in the Fight Against Flies - The Wrangler Heavy-Duty Fly Sheet from Professional's Choice
2008-04-02 Benign Antagonism - Strengthen Your Horse's Weaker Hind Leg
2008-04-01 Quick Fix Hoof Wraps
2008-04-01 Be Sun-Savvy in Kerrits New Sun-Sational Apparel for Spring
2008-04-01 KIEFFER proudly announces sponsorship deal with Steffen Peters and Shannon Peters
2008-03-31 Mane Pulling
2008-03-26 Julie Goodnight Tip of the Month - Disengagement
2008-03-24 Troxel Unveils Revolutionary New Western Hat Helmet
2008-03-20 Andis Introduces New Clippers With Anti-Slip Housing
2008-03-18 To the barn and beyond: FITS Waffle Mesh Show & Tech Shirt
2008-03-17 4 Tips to Improve Leg Yields
2008-03-13 New Technology: Anti-Microbial Headbands
2008-03-11 Ariat Takes Popular Fatbaby Style A Step Further
2008-03-07 Parelli Natural Horsemanship USA Tour will be at the Eastern States Exposition
2008-03-03 A Solution for the Nappy Horse
2008-03-01 Justin Boot Gypsy Roper
2008-02-29 HOOFix Hoof Sealer & Polish
2008-02-27 Ariat Unveils Eco-Friendly Apparel Garments for Fall 2008
2008-02-25 Wipe Insects Away, the Natural Way
2008-02-20 Kerrits Ultimate Multi-Tasker Bootcut Tights for Spring '08
2008-02-19 Check Your Bit Fit
2008-02-18 FITS Unveils Entire New Collection for Spring/Summer 2008 Online Now!
2008-02-13 Blanketing Your Horse
2008-02-12 The Homes for Horses Coalition Launches Resource-Rich Website
2008-02-11 USRider Offers Trailer Preparation Tips for Travel Season
2008-02-09 Fort Dodge Animal Health and AAEP Launch Educational Web Site
2008-02-06 Horseware Introduces Waterproof Flysheet Liner
2008-02-05 A Fusion of Technologies - The SMB-3 from Professional's Choice
2008-02-05 Benign Antagonism Part 3 - Getting Your Horse to Bend
2008-02-04 High Horse Saddles - Brand New for 2008
2008-02-01 Impact-Gel Western Contour Saddle Pad
2008-01-30 Missy Wryn's ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle is Now Available
2008-01-28 AAEP Releases Updated Equine Vaccination Guidelines
2008-01-24 Charmayne James Signature Series Bits from Professional's Choice are a Big Hit!
2008-01-22 Latigo Rides Into The Equestrian Apparel Market Announcing Innovative New Technologies, Fashion and Comfort
2008-01-18 Horse Spa Products Introduces Tail Buckets
2008-01-17 EasyCare, Inc. Announces New Improved Easyboot Gaiter
2008-01-13 Introducing Himalayan Horse
2008-01-10 Devon-Aire Announces New Cambridge Reinforced Zip Back Field Boot
2008-01-09 American Quarter Horse Association Reaches 5 Million Milestone
2008-01-07 Haltering and Tying Horses
2008-01-05 Use the "Scrub" to Stop the "Rub"
2008-01-03 Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead Every Time!
2008-01-03 Show Jumping Trials for 2008 Olympics to be Held During the CN Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL
2008-01-02 Limited Edition Purple Funky Fork
2008-01-01 Ariat Cameo Half Chaps
2007-12-31 Horse Quencher Now Available in Convenience Packs
2007-12-24 Body Clipping Your Horse
2007-12-21 Chic Low Profile Silhouettes Complement Ariat Fall 2008 Casual Footwear Assortment
2007-12-12 Ariat Launches Men's Performance Casuals
2007-12-11 New Book "Horse Harmony: Understanding Horse Types & Temperaments" Helps Riders Find Perfect Horse Partners
2007-12-10 Winterize Your Horse's Feeding
2007-12-10 Kent Farrington and Up Chiqui Win Rolex/USEF National Show Jumping Championships Presented by Equine Motorcoach; Ward Wins $100,000 FEI World Cup Qualifier
2007-12-07 AQHA Approaches 5 Million: Count Down to Milestone Begins
2007-12-06 Hoofprints Proclaim Your Love of Horses with Kerrits New Sweater
2007-12-04 New Formula 707 Equine Pastes Are Convenient Way to Give Just the Right Dose At Just the Right Time
2007-12-01 Horse Tack Review Holiday Gift Guide
2007-11-30 Customize Your Horse's Training - Part 2
2007-11-29 AIRshod Inc. Supports the Horse Industry
2007-11-28 Good Hoof Care is Good Economy
2007-11-27 Arista Reveals Sophisticated Contemporary Looks for Winter
2007-11-27 Five Fundamentals That Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride
2007-11-26 Kerrits New Precip and Quilted K Jackets Give Multi-Season Protection from the Elements
2007-11-25 Horse Gifts
2007-11-25 Gifts for Horse Lovers
2007-11-24 New Arena Jacket from Mountain Horse
2007-11-19 Alamo Saddlery Unveils New Elite Line
2007-11-13 USRIDER Teams with EKU to Offer Animal Rescue Training
2007-11-12 Kerrits New Coach's Coat is a Timeless Staple for Every Equestrian Wardrobe
2007-11-09 Riding Logic - Transform Riding Skills into Art on Horseback with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping
2007-11-08 Good Grooming Practices for Winter
2007-11-07 The Best Kept Secret: Kerrits New Tattoo LJs
2007-11-05 New Web Site Focuses on Diagnostic Aid for Equine Digestive Health
2007-11-04 Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers
2007-11-03 USRider Urges Horse Owners to Invest in GPS Unit for Traveling
2007-11-02 Horse Tales for the Soul, Volumes 6 & 7 Are Available in Time for the Holidays
2007-11-01 Shine Sprays for Horses - Part II
2007-10-31 Customize Your Horse's Training - Part 1
2007-10-30 USRider Cautions Horse Owners about Catalytic Converter Thefts
2007-10-30 SIX Elite Trailers to be Given Away at the Same Time
2007-10-29 Keep Your Horse Happy with Proper Saddle Fit
2007-10-27 Learn to Ride with Soft Hands
2007-10-26 EasyCare Announces Availability of Dome Comfort Pads
2007-10-24 Longeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat
2007-10-24 A Call to Action: Southern California Wild Fires - Donate Now to the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund
2007-10-23 Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? 101 of the most perplexing questions answered about equine enigmas, medical mysteries, and befuddling behaviors
2007-10-21 Announces New PowerPoint Lecture on CD - "Soil Minerals: The Basis of Nutrition"
2007-10-19 Peter Pletcher Amazes Again in WCHR Pro Finals for the Monarch International Title
2007-10-19 Less Than 24 Hours to the Premiere of The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star: Dressage
2007-10-18 Cinch Checks
2007-10-12 Wanted -- EasyCare Hoof Boot Users for Team Easyboot
2007-10-11 Professional's Choice Releases Norfields Magnetic Therapy Products!
2007-10-11 Experts Meet to Tackle Equine Lameness Research
2007-10-10 Choosing a Horse Trailer From the Horse's Point of View
2007-10-09 THE GREAT JOHN HENRY IS GONE - One of Thoroughbred Racing's Greatest Stars Will be Sorely Missed
2007-10-04 From the Horse's Mouth
2007-10-03 The Purchase Exam - Recommended Before Buying Any Horse
2007-10-02 7 Tips To Relax at Competitions
2007-10-01 Mountain Horse Sport Zip Paddock Boots
2007-10-01 Devon-Aire goes Performance with Fall Fleece 2007
2007-09-28 The New Rambo Luggage Range from Horseware Ireland
2007-09-27 Build Complete Confidence with Horses by Kelly Marks
2007-09-25 Grand Meadows Introduces Mega Grand Flex
2007-09-24 New Ariat Climate Control Outerwear for Women
2007-09-20 New Nuzzle Pony Bag
2007-09-19 Formula 4 Feet
2007-09-19 Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind
2007-09-17 Professional's Choice Launches 2007 Go Ballistic Promotion!
2007-09-17 FINISH LINE says "FURA-FREE Wound Care is Cancer-Free!"
2007-09-13 Mountain Horse Fusion Winter High Rider Boots
2007-09-12 Colic: Updates and Prevention
2007-09-11 The Magician Curry Wash
2007-09-10 Stinky Feet... the dangers of thrush
2007-09-08 Remember Horses During National Preparedness Month
2007-09-06 Get the Muck Out with SuperLite
2007-09-04 A Totally New Way to Manage Inflammation from Vita Flex
2007-09-01 Shine Sprays for Horses - Part I
2007-09-01 Training Tips For The Spooky Horse
2007-08-31 Aegis Introduces New Aspen Helmet
2007-08-22 12 Essential Things You Must Know to Put Your Horse On the Bit
2007-08-21 "Understanding Laminitis" Webinar Now Available on
2007-08-20 Two Weeks Left to Enter the EasyCare Summer 2007 Hoof Boot Video Contest
2007-08-18 USRider Offers Tips for Trailer Storage Preparation
2007-08-14 Kentucky Horse Park Foundation Opens The Farmhouse to Essential Horse Park Donors
2007-08-13 Coordinated Grooming
2007-08-08 USRider Urges Drivers to Use Extra Caution on Limited-Access Roads
2007-08-07 The Scoop on Joint Supplements
2007-08-05 Ariat Introduces Premium Western Performance Boots with Butyl Leather Outsoles
2007-08-03 Prime Performance Nutrition Announces New Joint-Care Supplements
2007-08-02 EasyCare, Inc. Seeking Name for New Hoof Boot Design
2007-07-31 Outback Trading Company Re-Creates Arcadia Oilskin Collection with Inspired Designs
2007-07-30 Equinimity Introduces The Ultimate Hoofpick
2007-07-27 Barrel Racers Rave about Professional's Choice Hot New Two-Tone SMB Elite Boots
2007-07-25 FITS Breeches Featured on HorseGirlTV
2007-07-21 Mountain Horse Keeps Staff of 2007 All American Quarter Horse Congress Covered!
2007-07-20 Saddle Up for 'My Horse and Me!'
2007-07-19 Fear Not
2007-07-18 Draper Brings "Smart" Fabric to Equine Market
2007-07-17 AQHA and Team on Exclusive Certified Pedigree Program
2007-07-16 Hobby Horse Releases Mirage Show Tank Top
2007-07-14 Going in Circles to Change Direction
2007-07-11 Daily Muscle Therapy Promotes Optimal Performance in Sport Horses
2007-07-09 Mountain Horse Sporty Half Chap
2007-07-08 Colic - What it Means to You and Your Horse
2007-07-01 Just Chaps
2007-07-01 Arista Offers Tips for How to Stay Cool During the Summer
2007-06-29 Andis' New 4 X 4 Blade Drive Increases Clipper Blade Torque
2007-06-24 E-Z ON Bucket Tops
2007-06-24 NSAID Options: New Pain Reliever for Horses Launched
2007-06-23 Horses Make A Difference -- Farnam Equine Pharmaceuticals Support Therapeutic Riding
2007-06-17 Keeping a Horse's Attention
2007-06-15 Equestrians Can Be Stranded Due to New Vehicle Key Technology
2007-06-14 Researchers Coming Together This Summer for Lameness Research Meeting and Panel
2007-06-12 Second-hand saddles: As good as new? Maybe . . .
2007-06-11 EasyCare Hoof Boot Upgrade Program Expanded
2007-06-08 Disjointed Riders
2007-06-07 Oster's PowerMax Sets New Standard in Power, Performance
2007-06-05 FITS Technical Equestrian Apparel Introduces New Products for Winter Weather Riding
2007-06-04 The Scoop on Joint Supplements for Horses
2007-06-03 Track Horse Health Care Needs with Pfizer Animal Health
2007-06-02 2007 World's Greatest Horseman Bob Avila Endorses Farnam Horse Products
2007-05-25 Kerrits Goes "Kountry" with the New Rodeo Shirt
2007-05-24 Farnam is Proud to Present The Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event for Third Consecutive Year
2007-05-23 EasyCare 2007 Hoof Boot Video Contest
2007-05-22 Sheridan Creek Tack Brings Immunall Herbal Products to American Equine Industry
2007-05-18 Prime Performance Nutrition Announces New Joint-Care Supplements
2007-05-17 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest Update
2007-05-16 Kansas State University Study puts Professional's Choice SMx Air Ride Pads on Top
2007-05-13 The Legacy Cup is On
2007-05-13 Katie Dinan Believes in Keep Dreamin for a Victory in the Pony Hunter Finals at the Legacy Cup
2007-05-09 Back to Work - How to Rehabilitate or Recondition Your Horse
2007-05-08 Devon-Aire Introduces Fashionable Muck Boots
2007-05-03 Innovation Leader Introduces Collection of Premium Western Boots With Leather Outsoles
2007-05-02 Outback Trading Company Puts Flair into Barn Wear
2007-04-29 Forget The Cold And Wet With Ariat Bromont English Riding Boots
2007-04-28 Rotation Makes for More Effective Deworming
2007-04-27 Farnam Introduces MaxFlex XR -- Specially Formulated to Provide 24-Hour Joint Care
2007-04-26 Mountain Horse Fusion Winter High Rider & Zip Paddock
2007-04-25 Troxel Introduces Stylish New Helmet Tote
2007-04-23 Got Stuff? Get Kerrits Cargo Tight
2007-04-20 Repel-X Brand Fly Control Celebrates 50th Anniversary
2007-04-17 Great Grooming Tips - Make your horse look like a million-dollar show horse, even if he's not, with these great grooming tips.
2007-04-16 New Thorowgood T6 6-Way Stirrup Irons
2007-04-14 New Book Laminitis and Founder: Prevention and Treatment Offers Experts' Advice and New Research
2007-04-13 Smith Brothers Announces New 2007 Show Apparel
2007-04-13 Kentucky Horse Park Issues New Health and Equipment Guidelines for Exhibitors
2007-04-12 Ariat Introduces Rodeo Inspired Belts
2007-04-07 Ariat Applies Technology To Men's Western Style Shirts
2007-04-07 EasyCare Announces New EasySoaker and Comfort Pad Promotion
2007-04-05 New Breeches Bring Riding Pants into the 21st Century; Featured Rider at Rolex KY 3 Day Event Picks FITS
2007-04-04 Congratulations Katie and EV Tanner! Winner of Horse Tack Review's February Contest
2007-04-03 Ariat Launches Innovative Motorcycle Boot Line
2007-04-02 Vermont Soap Launches Organic Horse Shampoo
2007-03-30 EasyCare Announces New Build Your Own Custom Hoofboot System
2007-03-28 Courbette Vision Soft Seat Close-Contact Saddle
2007-03-28 New AAEP Web Site Delivers More Equine-Health Resources for Veterinarians and Horse Owners
2007-03-23 Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots Still Making Headlines
2007-03-22 New Complete Equine First Aid Kit
2007-03-20 HIPPA Legislation for Recreational Riders Introduced in Congress
2007-03-19 Ariat Partners With Riders For Stroke Awareness
2007-03-18 Trafalgar Square Books releases completely revised "Horse Schools"Trafalgar Square Books releases completely revised "Horse Schools"
2007-03-15 Outback Trading Company Looks Bright for Spring with New Collection
2007-03-14 USRider Offers Fuel Economy Tips
2007-03-13 AMIGO BUG BUSTER - A revolutionary advancement in fly sheet technology!
2007-03-12 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, Presented By Farnam, To Be Broadcast On NBC Television For Fourth Year
2007-03-10 Bzzzoff Fly Veils Now Available Internationally
2007-03-08 The Ultimate Hoofpick "The Jackhammer"
2007-03-05 Western Show Apparel Fashion Forecast for 2007: Shape, Shade, and Shine
2007-03-03 AAEP and U.S. Dressage Federation to Promote Horse Health as Alliance Partners
2007-03-03 It's Time to Get a Grip!
2007-03-02 Devon-Aire Expands "Sensation" Line of Water Repellent Tights
2007-02-28 Reduce Soreness and Discomfort for Horses through Proper Muscle Care
2007-02-28 Goguen and Safari Were Hot in the 2007 AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular
2007-02-27 EasyCare Announces Availability of 2007 Products
2007-02-26 New Print Tech Riding Shirts from Fun In The Saddle
2007-02-24 Troxel Unveils New Modern English Show Helmet
2007-02-24 Saving Face: Dive into your grooming regiment face first!
2007-02-23 CALLING ALL JUNIOR YOUNG RIDERS . . DOES YOUR HORSE HAVE A HEAD-TURNING SHINE? Let the World See Your Horse Shine and Win a Laser Sheen Red Carpet Trophy
2007-02-22 The AHJF's Emergency Relief Fund Strikes a Victory with it's Bowling for Equestrians
2007-02-21 Cycloidal Vibration Massage Offers Benefits for Equine Athletes
2007-02-21 Absorbine Bug Block Easy Swipe
2007-02-16 Wahl Chromado Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Horse Clippers
2007-02-16 Sodium Hyaluronate Provides Protection for Equine Joints
2007-02-14 USRider Offers Seasonal Tips for Trailer Preparation
2007-02-13 Colic Prevention Tips
2007-02-11 "Tack Talk" DVD Hits Shelves
2007-02-11 New Orleans Police Department Mounted Patrol Receives Donation of New Saddles and Tack from AAEP Foundation, Other Donors
2007-02-10 Second Annual Vita Flex Scholarship to be Awarded
2007-02-06 Bitten Bit Warmer
2007-02-05 UltraShield EX From Absorbine - Sweat Resistant Formula With 17-Day Protection
2007-01-30 Introducing Equi-Spirit Horse Ball, Toys and Tools Let Your Horse Play---The Natural Way
2007-01-30 Derby Winner Barbaro Euthanized
2007-01-29 Towing Your Horse Trailer Safely to Your Destination
2007-01-27 Outback Trading Company Introduces New Denim Jackets and Vests
2007-01-25 Welcome Books Announces The Big Book of Horses
2007-01-22 Goode Rider Introduces New Riding Apparel for Spring
2007-01-18 Donne & Cavalli Introduces Three New Products for 2007
2007-01-16 EquiFit, Inc. Announces Launch of New Silver-Based Products for Equines
2007-01-16 New from Mountain Horse, The Young Rider Collection
2007-01-13 Andis Introduces Handy Blade Carrying Case
2007-01-12 Why protected Trace Minerals?
2007-01-09 SmartPak Selects Equine Advisory Council
2007-01-07 Palm Beach Dressage Derby Offers Autograph Signing
2007-01-05 Take the Zap out of Winter Static Electricity
2007-01-04 Wind Rider by Susan Williams Now Available from Laura Geringer Books
2007-01-03 Having Trouble Keeping Track of Equine Events Nationwide?
2007-01-03 Richardson: Barbaro's Laminitic Hoof Still a Formidable Challenge
2007-01-02 When Should I Call the Vet?
2006-12-29 Farnam Offers Rewards to Winterize Your Leather
2006-12-27 The Right Touch
2006-12-27 Training Mythunderstandings: Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming
2006-12-25 Selected as Top 50 Retail Web Site for 2007
2006-12-23 GPA Helmets Purchased in Europe May Not Meet Required USEF Safety Standards
2006-12-21 Snak-a-Ball Horse Treat Toy
2006-12-20 Your Equine Business and Taxes
2006-12-18 Revised Edition of Understanding Equine Medications Now Available
2006-12-18 Julie Goodnight Announces Clinics for 2007
2006-12-15 Fun In The Saddle Wind Pro Winter Breeches
2006-12-15 The Healthy Hoof
2006-12-15 SilverClene 24 Disinfectant Spray Samples Available at Press Conference on Equine Herpes Virus
2006-12-14 Breyer Donating Portion of Barbaro Figure Proceeds to New Bolton Fund
2006-12-13 Vitamin E and Selenium Why is it important?
2006-12-11 Limited Edition Road to the Horse Fan Bandanas Announce your support of Anderson, Westfall or Cox and Benefit Tennessee Youth
2006-12-11 HEART Equine Ambulance Plans Hoedown for February 9, 2007
2006-12-09 FDA Warning on Fumonisins in Horse Feed
2006-12-08 Horseware Ireland Introduces Fly Sheet Infused with Insect Repellent
2006-12-08 American Quarter Horse Special Featured on NBC Sports
2006-12-07 New Mini First Aid Kits Available for Horse Owners
2006-12-07 2007 Sidelines Equestrian Triathlon Passionate About Equestrian Aid Foundation
2006-12-06 Prime Performance Nutrition, NASC Approved Member, Announces New Products
2006-12-05 Merial Adds Recombitek Equine Influenza Virus Vaccine to its Line
2006-12-05 SmartPak and Life Data Labs Partner to make Farrier's Formula Available in SmartPaks
2006-12-04 Selecting the Dressage Horse
2006-12-04 Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving
2006-12-01 Daily+ Deworming Program Offers Effective Parasite Protection
2006-11-29 123rd National Horse Show and Family Festival Offers Equestrian Experiences Outside of Competition
2006-11-28 Ariat Helps Put The "Stick" In Your Saddle
2006-11-28 Equine Research Coordination Group Sets Goals for Progress
2006-11-26 WeatherBeeta TAKA Medium Weight Turnout Blanket
2006-11-24 Winter Weather Means Extra Attention for Horses
2006-11-22 Feeding Beet Pulp to Horses
2006-11-21 A little Off the Top -- Horse Clipping
2006-11-20 Farnam's Sweepstakes Drawing Awards Four Diamond Horseshoe Necklaces
2006-11-18 The 18th Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium Returns January 25-28, 2007
2006-11-18 Horse Owners Urged to Implement Best Management Practices to Prevent Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)
2006-11-17 American Humane is About Keeping Movie Horses Safe
2006-11-16 100% Rubber Boots from Devon-Aire
2006-11-15 Bayer Animal Health Launches New Web Site
2006-11-14 Giddyup-Gourmet Horse Cookies
2006-11-13 Rick Lamb Interviews 2007 Road to the Horse Competitors on The Horse Show
2006-11-10 AmeriStall Horse Barns Offers Quality, Stylish, Affordable Steel-frame Horse Barn Kits Available For Delivery Throughout The U.S.
2006-11-09 Professional's Choice announces the 2006 Dealer of the Year: Jeffers Equine
2006-11-07 John Lyons Teams Up With Equestrian Services, LLC to Introduce Signature Branded Equestrian Facilities
2006-11-06 Keep Pace on the Trail or in the Arena with Kerrits New Free Rider Jacket
2006-11-03 Industry First: Justin Boots Partners with AQHA to Create Unprecedented Collection
2006-11-02 Circle Y Saddles
2006-10-31 Cold Comfort
2006-10-30 SmartPink Program receives $5,000 Donation for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness
2006-10-29 Riding Gloves For Hope
2006-10-27 EasyCare, Inc. is telling customers to Get a Grip!
2006-10-27 Revered Thoroughbred Pedigree Book Now Available
2006-10-25 Julie Goodnight Releases Three New DVDs in Principles of Riding Series
2006-10-25 Thousands Brave Weather for a Fantastic Halloween with Horses
2006-10-24 Andis Company Introduces New Lola Trimmer
2006-10-24 Manufacturer of Cosequin Equine, the Leading Joint Health Product for Horses, Introduces Cosequin Optimized Formulas
2006-10-23 Kerrits New Wintershow Jacket: Soft Shell Technology in the Saddle
2006-10-20 New autumn colours from ESKADRON
2006-10-19 The HorseTV Channel Debuts New Series in November
2006-10-19 Who Will Be the First Equestrian Idol?
2006-10-17 Early Lessons for the Green Horse
2006-10-14 The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book
2006-10-14 Ariat Recognized By Design of the Times Award Competition
2006-10-13 Dana Boyd-Miller To Be Featured On TV
2006-10-11 Farnam Presents the Horse Show with Rick Lamb on RFD-TV Beginning in October 2006
2006-10-09 Boot Barn Receives Ariat World Champion Retailer Award
2006-10-08 Sit Tight All Winter Long with Kerrits New Sit Tight N Warm
2006-10-07 Ariat Recognized As Vendor of the Year by TSC
2006-10-05 Fun In The Saddle Introduces New Winter Breech!
2006-10-05 Revised HORSE BARNS BIG & SMALL Released by Breakthrough Publications
2006-10-04 Searching for the perfect gift for a Horse Lover? Personalize a Knit Photo Blanket!
2006-10-04 Troxel Derby Wearers Win World Championships at TWHNC
2006-10-03 Join Professional's Choice and It's Dealers in the Western Industry's Fight Against Breast Cancer During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
2006-10-02 Amazingly Cute Pony Blankets!
2006-10-02 Virginia Equine Extravaganza: A Must-Do Family Outing
2006-09-30 Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation, new from Trafalgar Square Books
2006-09-29 New Research Demonstrates Improved Mare Colostrum Quality Through Targeted Nutrition
2006-09-28 Interactive Freestyle Riding to Music
2006-09-27 Ariat Launches Signature Handbag Line at Ohio Quarter Horse Congress
2006-09-26 Equilite Inc. Launches New Ambassador Program
2006-09-26 Barrel Racing Whiz Kids Mesa and Shiloh Leavitt Join Circle Y Speed Team
2006-09-26 Rusty Henderson Sets the Horse Stage for "Flicka"
2006-09-25 What is Your Horse Wearing this Winter?
2006-09-24 Help Raise Money for Blood Cancer Research
2006-09-23 Ariat International to Support Emergency Relief Fund at Capitol Challenge Horse Show
2006-09-21 Alison Lohman and Katy Learn About Life and Riding in "Flicka"
2006-09-21 Freedom Health, LLC Congratulates World Equestrian Games Competitors
2006-09-20 The HorseTV Channel Introduces Three New Series
2006-09-20 AAEP Annual Convention to Offer Quality Education for Veterinarians and Horse Owners
2006-09-19 Helmet Wearing Sisters on Amazing Winning Streak
2006-09-14 Advantages of Bumper Pull Horse Trailers
2006-09-14 Westfall wins Tulsa Reining Classic Without Saddle or Bridle
2006-09-13 AQHA Releases New "Your Horse's Health" DVD Collection
2006-09-12 Team-Ropers: A New Tool That Can Save Your Butt (or at least a thumb or two)!
2006-09-12 "Flicka" A Horse Movie that's Worth the Watch
2006-09-11 Kerrits Stylish Jumper Sweater Sets a Trend in Equestrian Fashion
2006-09-09 Professional Pet and Equine Skin & Coat Treatment Products Receives Trademark
2006-09-08 EasyCare, Inc. to Host Hoof Care Clinic
2006-09-08 Pellet Supplements-Is it Important?
2006-09-07 USDF Now Taking Orders for Training DVD Featuring New Tests
2006-09-06 Riders Find Kerrits Genuine Leather Full Seat Breech Best Value at Under $130
2006-09-05 Intervet Introduces PreveNile WNV Vaccine
2006-09-04 Controlling Feed Costs
2006-09-01 Economical Fly Sprays
2006-08-31 Magic Moments
2006-08-30 Supplements: The Four Horsemen of Health
2006-08-30 Smartpak Store to Host "Get Smart" Series on Equine Health
2006-08-28 Barbaro Injury Highlights Need for Laminitis Research Funding
2006-08-28 Giraffes Having A Ball With New Equine Toys
2006-08-28 2007 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest
2006-08-25 2006 Devon-Aire Fall Fleece Line for Riders
2006-08-24 Wellington Professional Helmet from Charles Owen
2006-08-21 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 Becomes Official Name
2006-08-20 How to save your hide - Horse Tack lasts longer when it's clean
2006-08-18 FREE Ballistic Overreach Boots from Professional's Choice!
2006-08-17 Dover Saddlery Announces Grand Opening in the Hunt Valley, Maryland
2006-08-15 The Manhattan Mortgage Company Sponsors Opening Day at the Hampton Classic
2006-08-14 Ariat Introduces Performance Apparel With Insect Repellent Technology
2006-08-12 Show Circuit Salutes Legendary Equestrian Michael Matz
2006-08-11 Ariat Announces Fall Color Palettes for Men and Women's Apparel
2006-08-10 Why do we feed Psyllium Pellets?
2006-08-08 Tropical Rider Offers a Fresh Look with New Navy Paisley TR Freestyle Breeches
2006-07-31 New Fall Outerwear Shows Both English and Western Influences
2006-07-28 JPC launches ANNIE AIR-CONDITIONED JODHPURS, a winning design from its Young Rider Design-a-Breech Competition
2006-07-27 Pfizer Animal Health Offers Complete Rotational Deworming Program
2006-07-26 The Clip - A New and Innovative Piece of Horse Tack for tying your Horse!
2006-07-26 The Lyons Press Announces New Summer Titles
2006-07-25 EasyCare, Inc. Announces Availability of New Improved Easyboot Gaiter
2006-07-23 Ramble On...
2006-07-20 Managing Horses in Hot Weather
2006-07-19 20 Tips for Tails
2006-07-19 2006 Washington International Horse Show Offers Variety of Fun Events for the Entire Equestrian
2006-07-17 2006 Washington International Horse Show Presents the $15,000 AHJF Nations Cup Hunter Challenge
2006-07-13 When would the best time be to give electrolytes and should you give them while riding?
2006-07-12 Stop Biting, Disease-Carrying Stable Flies in their Tracks
2006-07-12 Degenerative Ligament Disease Reaches Beyond the Limbs
2006-07-10 Gaits from God - Discover the Secrets to Owning and Riding Gaited Horses in 3 DVDs
2006-07-07 Jackson Hole Family Vacation Sweepstakes - Farnam Dewormers Say Thanks Two Ways
2006-07-07 Across Disciplines, Top Equine Professionals Recognize the Importance of Digestive Health
2006-07-06 Mane 'n Tail Spray-Away
2006-07-04 Comfort Pads Available in Two Thicknesses
2006-07-03 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Resources Available on AAEP Web Site
2006-07-01 United States Reining Team Announced for 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany
2006-06-30 EquiFit, Inc. Sponsored Riders Have Successful Start for 2006
2006-06-30 U.S. Reining Team First Team to Wear New Ariat Uniforms Designed for 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games
2006-06-29 A Good Start Avoids Bit Evasions
2006-06-28 Stirrups Clothing Company Launches The Trail of Painted Ponies Clothing
2006-06-26 Water Needs for the Exercising Horse
2006-06-25 Double Ear Headstall by Tex Tan
2006-06-23 EasyCare Announces Availability of New Comfort Pads
2006-06-22 Andis Introduces First Lighted Clipper For Horses
2006-06-21 Arthritis Treatment Options - Choose the right help for your horse
2006-06-20 The Early Warning System - A Step Towards Insuring Horse Trailer Safety
2006-06-20 NRBC Expands Show Schedule for 2007
2006-06-19 U.S. Patent Office grants Union Hill a patent for "Flip Pad" Saddle Pad
2006-06-19 Ariat Ups the Ante at Texas High School Finals Rodeo
2006-06-17 Breyer Creates a Portrait Model of Barbaro to Benefit New Bolton Center
2006-06-16 Legendary Horse Trainer Jack Van Berg Offers Tips for Good Horse Nutrition
2006-06-15 Horse Shave Horse Razor
2006-06-13 Wrangler Introduces the Texas Signature Jean from the George Strait Cowboy Cut Collection
2006-06-12 The New Basic Training of the Young Horse, New from Trafalgar Square Publishing
2006-06-12 Save your Horse from Summer Skin Irritations
2006-06-11 The Cure For Your Show Ring Jitters
2006-06-09 Riding the Better Side of Bucking
2006-06-08 Ariat Takes The Next Step with Handbag Launch
2006-06-07 Take the Hoof Rite Challenge!
2006-06-07 Merial Announces Drive Home The Gold Promotion - Largest Giveaway in ZIMECTERIN GOLD History
2006-06-06 HorseTV Named the Official American Channel of the FEI World Equestrian Games 2006
2006-06-06 Espree Announces Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray
2006-06-05 Peaceful Mane Pulling
2006-06-01 Are Horse Treats Beneficial?
2006-05-30 The Bates Innova will Raise your Expectations of a Dressage Saddle Forever!
2006-05-25 Horse Owners Stay Organized with New Equine Record Keeping Software
2006-05-24 Western Woolette Jacket and Vest Combine Traditional Look with Modern Silhouette
2006-05-23 Hobby Horse's Best Selling Show Pants Now Available in Low Rise!
2006-05-23 Mastering "Natural" Horsemanship
2006-05-22 Hopes and Prayers
2006-05-20 From Barn to Town in Style! Kerrits Introduces F-Low Rise Boot Cut Tight
2006-05-16 Riding Your Horse Safely
2006-05-15 New TR Fusion Offers the Best of Two Worlds in a Performance Breech
2006-05-15 Free Admission to Clinton Anderson Tour and EZ-All Discounts When You Purchase Road to the Horse Tickets
2006-05-14 Elite Rider by Goode Rider
2006-05-13 USEF Announces New Five-Day Format for 2006 USEF Pony Finals
2006-05-12 Foaming Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap
2006-05-11 Revolutionary New Tight from Devon-Aire
2006-05-10 101 Dressage Tips by Barbara Burn
2006-05-08 Discover How to Put the Pieces Together for That Perfect, Polished Round! Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation
2006-05-08 Veteran Olympic Silver-Medalist Michael Matz Wins Kentucky Derby on His First Visit to the Run for the Roses
2006-05-07 Now available on DVD! Training the Modern Jumper by Elmar Pollman-Schweckhorst
2006-05-06 Kerrits Meshy Polo: A New Way to Cool
2006-05-04 Farnam Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Sponsorship of Special Horse Publication
2006-05-02 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Equestrian Collections
2006-04-30 NutraCea Expands Usage of Stabilized Rice Bran With Purina Mills, LLC
2006-04-30 Pyranha Announces New Water Based Fly Spray Formula and Pyrethrin Shampoo
2006-04-28 Dressage Finds New Home at Kentucky Horse Park
2006-04-28 USRider Urges Drivers of Horse Trailers to Use Caution at Railroad Crossings
2006-04-27 Farnam Promotion Benefits U.S. Team at World Equestrian Games Promotion Helps U.S. Team and Rewards a Trip to Aachen, Germany
2006-04-24 The Importance of Directing Every Stride
2006-04-22 FLICKA
2006-04-19 Outback Trading Company Offers More with Tassy Crusher Hats
2006-04-17 Western Show Tack - All That Glitters
2006-04-16 Devon-Aire Nouvelle Zip-Back Gusset Boot
2006-04-15 Understanding Your Horse Insurance Responsibilities
2006-04-13 How to Feed and Care for Mares and Foals
2006-04-07 Flies: What's bugging your horse?
2006-04-06 ShouldersBack from EquiFit, Inc. Makes a Big Splash Across the Pond
2006-04-05 Ariat Helps Customers Step Into Character With Distressed Finishes For Fall
2006-04-04 Iron Spring Farm Releases DVD to Help Simplify the Breeding Process
2006-04-03 Get a Grip with Kerrits Sit Tight
2006-04-02 SMx Air Ride Saddle Pads: Kohana Pattern & SMx H.D. (Heavy-Duty) Air Ride Saddle Pads: Shilloh Pattern Introduced by Professional's Choice
2006-04-01 High-Tech Jackets and Chic Vests Ideal for Fall Fashion
2006-04-01 Fleece Dress Sheet Winner
2006-03-31 Put an End to Lower Back and Knee Pain While Riding!
2006-03-30 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Next Day Jumps
2006-03-28 Hot topic, hot solution - Curb Bits
2006-03-27 AQHA Announces 2007 Hall of Fame Inductees
2006-03-26 Engle Hits a Double, Placing First and Second on Her Two Horses Overall after Trial #4 and Trial #5 of the World Equestrian Games Selection Trials in Wellington, FL
2006-03-24 Joint Health for Young Horses
2006-03-24 Engle and Hough Still Neck-in-Neck after Trial #3 at the World Equestrian Games Selection Trials in Wellington, FL
2006-03-23 Abscess Distress
2006-03-23 Partners with USEF MemberPerks Program and Offers Exclusive Discounts to USEF Members
2006-03-23 Engle and Hough Still On Top after Trial #2 at the World Equestrian Games Selection Trials in Wellington, FL
2006-03-22 DuraGuard - new from Absorbine
2006-03-21 Hough, Engle and Garson Top Leaderboard after Trial #1 at the World Equestrian Games Selection Trials in Wellington, FL
2006-03-17 USEF Offers Horse Enthusiasts a New Way to Support Equestrian Teams with a Credit Card from U.S. Bank
2006-03-16 The USDF Guide to Dressage Book Release Announced
2006-03-15 Advice to Horseowners, Farriers and Vets
2006-03-14 Equine Health to be Featured at Equine Affaire Ohio
2006-03-12 Ariat Introduces Weather-Inspired Products To Maximize Comfort and Style In Any Kind of Weather
2006-03-08 Diamond Anniversary Creates Sweepstakes Excitement at Farnam
2006-03-07 The Mailer Bridging Rein
2006-03-06 Kerrits Releases Revolutionary New Show Coat
2006-03-05 Troxel Introduces World's First Helmet Designed Exclusively For Western Riders
2006-03-03 Kerrits F-LOW Rise: Unbridled Performance and Style
2006-03-01 Hoof Stix Hoof Dressing
2006-03-01 Ariat Sage Boots Winner
2006-02-28 The 2006 Fashion Forecast for Western Show Apparel
2006-02-24 Ferrell Negotiates Late Entry Victory at 2006 AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular for 10th Anniversary Celebration
2006-02-23 EquiFit, Inc. Brings Products to Europe at BETA International Trade Fair
2006-02-22 Riders Can Now Say "Comfortable and Full Seat" in the Same Breath
2006-02-22 USET Foundation Names Beezie Madden as 2006 Whitney Stone Cup Winner
2006-02-21 Arista Announces Agreement with Titano for European Distribution
2006-02-21 Bestselling Videos Now Available on DVD
2006-02-20 Master Horseman Jack Brainard Explains How Horses are Treated and Judged at Road to the Horse
2006-02-18 Does Your Saddle Fit?
2006-02-15 Julie Goodnight Announces Colorado Appearances for 2006
2006-02-13 Arista Redefines Equestrian Apparel with Spring Line
2006-02-10 What Do You Get When You Answer Your Little Girl's Dream for a Pony? Answer: Mommy, Daddy...You're My Heroes!
2006-02-09 TR Freestyle Breech Combines Modern Styling, Comfortable Fit
2006-02-09 New Product Reduces Herpesvirus Clinical Signs
2006-02-07 New Dress Half-Chap Fools Fellow Riders
2006-02-07 Athens Olympic Gold Medals Awarded to 2004 Show Jumping Team in Wellington, FL
2006-02-06 Rain Jacket from Goode Rider
2006-02-04 The Natural Superiority of Mules
2006-02-01 Andis Tack Mate Winner
2006-01-31 All Horse Systems Go -- A New Full-Color Veterinary Manual for Horse Owners that Sets the Modern Standard
2006-01-29 Think Spring with Cool New Casual Wear from Outback Trading Company
2006-01-25 Professional's Choice Donates Over $25,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
2006-01-24 Equine Scents
2006-01-21 As EHV-1 Outbreak Continues, Veterinarian Suggests Owners Implement Preventive Measures
2006-01-19 World Famous Quarter Horse Trainer Al Dunning Endorses Farnam and Farnam's PlatformT Feeding System
2006-01-18 New Guide From Eclipse Press for All People Who Work With Horses
2006-01-17 Wintertime Groundwork Review
2006-01-16 Evolved Grooming Newsletter from Lucky Braids
2006-01-16 Frame Building Expo to Welcome Horse Owners
2006-01-13 Equestrian Royalty Ties the Knot; Gives Mikmar the Boot
2006-01-12 Road to the Horse Offers Discount to Youth Riding Clubs, Awards $500 Scholarship
2006-01-09 Pessoa Crochet Ear Nets
2006-01-06 Absorbine Medicated Shampoo & Spray
2006-01-04 Outback Trading Company Launches New Fashion Straw Hats
2006-01-01 State Line Tack Shopping Spree Winner
2005-12-29 Fleeceworks 'Goes West' - Company Expands into Western Gear for Horse and Rider
2005-12-28 Keep Your Horse Winter White With Cowboy Magic
2005-12-27 Circle Y Silver Show Halter with Lead
2005-12-23 Deworm for Horse Bots Now
2005-12-16 ShowSheen Moisturizing Detangler from Absorbine
2005-12-15 Understanding Equine Hoof Care - Latest in Horse Health Care Series from Eclipse Press
2005-12-15 New Registration Rule Could Affect Certain Offspring Born in 2007
2005-12-13 Bob's Custom Saddles Renews NRCHA Corporate Partnership
2005-12-12 Is Your Horse Ready for Winter?
2005-12-08 Outback Trading Company Presents New Ladies Spring Outerwear
2005-12-07 United States Wins Bid to Host 2010 World Equestrian Games
2005-12-06 A Horse, of Course
2005-12-05 Putting a Horse Under the Tree?
2005-12-05 Cast Your Vote! USEF Now Accepting Votes for 2005 Equestrian of the Year
2005-12-03 Masta Easy Wash Stable Blanket Blanket Winner
2005-12-01 Ariat Sponsors Country Christmas & Cowboy Marketplace During The 2005 National Finals Rodeo
2005-11-28 Recipes for Riding
2005-11-24 Christmas Specials from Road to the Horse and Craig Cameron
2005-11-23 Pro Braiding Secrets Revealed On New Lucky Braids DVD
2005-11-20 Ariat Announces Aponsorship of American Riding Instructors Association
2005-11-18 Andis Introduces Horse Grooming DVD
2005-11-18 Heritage Now the Official Riding Gloves of the USEF
2005-11-16 Morris Donates $500,000 for Equine Research
2005-11-14 Water Needs for Horses During Cold Weather
2005-11-12 NCHA World Championship Futurity returns to Fort Worth
2005-11-09 Freedom Health Supports New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program
2005-11-08 USRider Promotes Fuel Economy for Horse Owners
2005-11-07 Horse For Sale! ....buying a horse
2005-11-07 Brianne Goutal Tops Another Equitation Final in 2005 ASPCA Maclay National Championships, Kacey McCann Impresses Judges in Her Maclay Debut
2005-11-04 Comfort Food - Fueling your horse for cold weather
2005-11-03 Training the Modern Jumper
2005-11-03 A Horse, of Course
2005-11-01 State Line Tack Shopping Spree Winner
2005-10-31 Equine Dental Care Is More Than Just Floating
2005-10-30 EQyss Horse Wrap & Blanket Wash
2005-10-29 U.S. Horse Slaughter Temporarily Halted
2005-10-28 AQHA World Show Spectator to Win Year Supply of Wranglers
2005-10-28 Horse-Logical Communication Starts With Grooming
2005-10-27 Mountain Horse Contender 2-in-1 Jacket
2005-10-24 No Hurdle Too High: The Story of Show Jumper Margie Goldstein-Engle
2005-10-24 Down to the Wire
2005-10-23 EquiScentials Mane & Tail Detangler
2005-10-22 Inc. Magazine Ranks SmartPak the Sixth Fastest Growing Private Consumer Products Company in America
2005-10-21 Western Fashion Head to Toe: Boots
2005-10-21 Buy A Bracelet, Benefit More Than 6,000
2005-10-20 Press Link to work with Twentieth Century Fox to Promote Upcoming Film, "FLICKA"
2005-10-20 GPA Speed Air Riding Helmet
2005-10-19 New Cimarron Trail Saddle by Tucker Saddlery
2005-10-19 The Perfect Distance: National Velvet for the 21st Century
2005-10-19 51st AAEP Annual Convention to Offer Premier Education for Practitioners, Horse Owners
2005-10-18 Choosing Bits
2005-10-17 Ariat Launches Next Revolution in Performance Technology
2005-10-16 Horseware Ireland - The Best in the Business!
2005-10-15 Buying a Horse? Buyer be aware - What to expect from a pre-purchase vet check
2005-10-11 Barrel Racing Tack and Equipment Selection
2005-10-11 PRIMEDIA Acquires
2005-10-09 To Protect Your Horses, Use ICE
2005-10-07 Devon-Aire Featured in Fitness Magazine - Aegis Captiva Recommended as Most Comfortable Helmet
2005-10-05 Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - How One Horse Helps Many Dreams Come True
2005-10-01 Horseware Amigo Turnout Winner
2005-09-30 The Washington International Horse Show's Vendors Provide a Unique Shopping Experience for Exhibitors and Spectators
2005-09-29 Sundowner Horse Trailers Introduces the Signature Series
2005-09-29 USDF Youth Convention Scholarship Winners Named
2005-09-28 Stinky feet - The dangers of thrush
2005-09-28 FEI World Reining Masters Finals: U.S. Reiners Craig Schmersal and Tim McQuay Thrill the Crowd with Gold and Silver; Switzerland's Jeannette Krahenbuhl Does it Again
2005-09-25 Saddle Pad Designed for A-Circuit Saddles
2005-09-24 USEF Hurricane Equine Relief Fund Will Assist Rita Victims
2005-09-21 Cleaning Horse Tack Just Got Easier
2005-09-21 Horses In My Back Yard
2005-09-21 AQHA to Induct Two Past Presidents into the Hall of Fame
2005-09-19 The Easyboot Bare is now available in limited quantities
2005-09-15 Best of the Best - Leading English Manufacturer Charles Owen & Co
2005-09-11 New Reinsman Gaited Horse Pleasure Saddle
2005-09-11 Tack Attack
2005-09-11 2005 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity To Be Webcast; Get Ready for Live Feed of Futurity!
2005-09-11 Longe Line Training
2005-09-10 WoofWear Ultra Boot
2005-09-09 Circle Y Sponsors The Extreme Cowboy Race On RFDTV
2005-09-09 Help Sought for Trailer Accident Survey
2005-09-08 How safe is your barn? Do-it-yourself barn safety assessment
2005-09-08 Donations Taken for Hurricane Horses and Horseman Starting Thursday at Kentucky Horse Park
2005-09-07 Recreational Horses At Risk for Stomach Ulcers
2005-09-06 A Horse, of Course
2005-09-02 A New Generation of Rhino Rugs
2005-09-02 Platinum Performance Offers New Platinum Paks
2005-09-01 Oster Grooming Kit Winner, August 2005
2005-09-01 Dover Saddlery Offers Innovative Horse Bathing Options
2005-08-31 Power through Winter with Kerrits Powerstretch Breech
2005-08-31 Help Spread the Word: Hundreds Offering Disaster Relief for Equine Victims of Hurricane Katrina; Details on
2005-08-30 Importance of Ulcer Research Discussed at Veterinary Colic Symposium
2005-08-29 Bates Momentum
2005-08-29 Schmersal and McQuay to Represent United States in 2005 FEI World Reining Masters Series Final in Manerbio, Italy
2005-08-28 Devon-Aire Expands Hampton Line
2005-08-28 Buying a Horse
2005-08-27 Purina Mills to Sponsor Horse Health Care Events in Local Markets Across America
2005-08-27 Arista Equestrian Releases Limited Editions for Fall
2005-08-26 Devon-Aire Unveils Hot New Cool Cotton
2005-08-26 Devon-Aire Introduces New Buks Boot Line
2005-08-26 Complete Your Barn with a New Addition - A Mule!
2005-08-25 Devon-Aire Introduces Bold New Breech
2005-08-23 Bowed Tendons - Why tendons are tough to repair
2005-08-23 Advanced Heeding - Teaching Your Horse to Stand
2005-08-22 Davis Bell Boots Now in Pastels!
2005-08-21 New EquiSpirit SafeLoad 3 Horse Trailer
2005-08-21 U.S. Team Announced for Eighth and Final Leg of 2005 Samsung Super League, CSIO Barcelona, September 15-18
2005-08-20 Aids Versus Cues
2005-08-20 Contour Swayback Tacky Too Saddle Pad
2005-08-19 Don't Let Horse Play Throw You
2005-08-19 State Requirements for Vesicular Stomatitis
2005-08-18 Troxel Introduces The First Traditional, Derby-Styled Protective Helmet
2005-08-16 Become Perfect Partners - How to Be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose for Himself
2005-08-15 Te Washington International Horse Show Introduces the Starlight-Starbright Pony Pavilion in Honor of the Starlight-Starbright Children's Foundation
2005-08-13 An Equine First Aid Kit for the Trailer
2005-08-13 Devon-Aire Unveils New Releases at KOP
2005-08-12 Equilite Essences
2005-08-11 The Highly Anticipated New Book from Monty Roberts
2005-08-11 Overcoming Riding Fears
2005-08-10 Paddock Likit
2005-08-09 Keep Old Horses Fit with Special Feed
2005-08-08 New Tropical Rider Breeches Offer Comfort, Function
2005-08-08 The Most Trusted Dewormer Just Got Easier
2005-08-07 The Thin Horse
2005-08-04 The Western Performance Horse: How to Select the Right One for the Job
2005-08-03 Equine Equity Act Introduced in Congress
2005-08-02 Amazing Graze Winner, July 2005
2005-08-01 Hunt Fronts
2005-08-01 Kapri Blouse LTD, New from Hobby Horse
2005-07-30 Don't shoot! Breaks aren't always fatal, these days
2005-07-29 Department of Interior Releases Plea for Help in Caring for Mustangs
2005-07-27 Professional's Choice Introduces Pink Sports Medicine Boot
2005-07-26 ANKY Bridles - Designed for the form & function of a Gold Medal Performance
2005-07-26 They are Amazing American Quarter Horses
2005-07-25 Basketweave Showman Saddle & Tack Package by Circle Y - A State Line Tack Exclusive
2005-07-25 Allison Kroff Wins $60,000 AGA Grand Prix of Denver
2005-07-24 Introduction to Equine Acupuncture
2005-07-20 A Horse, of Course
2005-07-20 Learn from Mounted Police--Sensory Training Clinic
2005-07-19 Complete Visibility for Riding
2005-07-19 Fort Dodge Animal Health Announces Approval of West Nile Virus DNA Vaccine for Horses
2005-07-19 Two-Time Olympian Jaime Guerra Victorious in $40,000 AGA Rocky Mountain Grand Prix
2005-07-16 Stories Wanted for Chicken Soup for the Soul of Women Who Love Horses
2005-07-16 USDF and AQHA Encourage Participation in Dressage More American Quarter Horses Excel in the Sport
2005-07-15 The Rug to End All Rugs!
2005-07-14 Safety Strategy for Traveling Equestrians
2005-07-14 Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
2005-07-13 Grooming Tips from a Professional
2005-07-12 Riding from the Inside Out
2005-07-12 Professional's Choice Takes Reno!
2005-07-11 Vet Etiquette - A calm horse is a better patient
2005-07-10 English Riding Supply presents Equine Thera-Flex Gel Pack & Neoprene Wrap
2005-07-10 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular offers $2 Million in Prize Money
2005-07-09 Cowboy Magic Gift Pack Winner, June 2005
2005-07-09 John McConnell Wins the $25,000 High Prairie Grand Prix
2005-07-08 Smith Brothers Expands Product Selection
2005-07-08 The Horse Bath Perfected - Dover Saddlery Offers Innovative Options
2005-07-07 Anky Competitor Dressage Saddle
2005-07-07 New Easy to Use Horse Classified Site
2005-07-06 Andis Introduces Progress Cattle & Horse Clipper
2005-07-06 Winsome Adante Named 2005 Limited Edition Breyer Model Horse by USET Foundation
2005-07-05 EZ-All now available from State Line Tack
2005-07-05 Colorado Horse Park Dedicates Coles Family Arena
2005-07-05 Tools of the Training Trade: Lesson Plans
2005-07-01 MiracleCorp Horse Shampoos and Conditioners
2005-07-01 Barn Stretch Poster
2005-06-30 Most Comprehensive Horse Study Ever Reveals a Nearly $40 Billion Impact on the U.S. Economy
2005-06-29 Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle
2005-06-28 Don't Go On the Road Without It! Horse Trailer Emergency List
2005-06-28 Olympic Gold Medalist and Therapeutic Youth Rider to Take Part in Ceremony Marking Release of U.S. Horse Industry Study
2005-06-27 Platinum Performance Releases Second In Series of Educational CD-ROMs
2005-06-27 United States Dressage Federation Celebrates Groundbreaking
2005-06-26 Equitest Software 21st Century Dressage.
2005-06-24 Beat the Heat... Common sense helps beat the summertime blues
2005-06-23 Farnam Fly Products Become "Official" with USEF
2005-06-22 Ariat Launches New Accessories Line
2005-06-22 Strangles: What to Know
2005-06-21 Equicare Debuts the Next Generation of Feed-Thru Fly Control
2005-06-20 Likit Toys and Treats - the U.K.'s Answer to Equine Entertainment now distributed by Toklat
2005-06-20 Enter to Win the "Day with Al Dunning" Sweepstakes
2005-06-19 The Blocker Tie Ring is the Safer Way to Tie Your Horse
2005-06-18 USDF Announces Record Prize Money And New Award for the 2005 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships
2005-06-15 2004 Olympic Show Jumping Medals Redistributed: Pessoa of Brazil Gets Gold, U.S. Rider Kappler Awarded Silver
2005-06-15 AQHA Partners in Great Outdoors Month
2005-06-14 Ariat Announces "What's Under Your Skin?" Contest Winner
2005-06-13 Lexol Quick Wipes Clean Up Again
2005-06-13 Free Rugged Lark Pin with Donation to America's Horse Cares
2005-06-12 New, Innovative products in 2005 Dover Saddlery Catalog
2005-06-12 Western Show Tack - Saddle Blankets
2005-06-11 The Fourth Annual Equine Industry Vision Award Honors John Ryan Gaines
2005-06-10 Hodges Badge Company now offers an exclusive line of Equestrian Trophies
2005-06-09 RHSF Rookie Day Acquires Presenting Sponsorship From Classic Equine
2005-06-09 Top Riders Ranked in 2005 ParaEquestrian Advanced Rider List
2005-06-08 Plumas County Reports Horse with West Nile Virus
2005-06-07 Using Natural Supplements for Your Performance Horse
2005-06-06 Ariat Revolutionizes Children's Footwear
2005-06-03 EquiSkinz Sheets and Hoods from Weaver Offer Optimum Fit
2005-06-03 Tapeworms and Bloodworms in Horses
2005-06-02 Ribbon-Ups
2005-06-02 Applied Heeding: Loading the Disobedient Horse
2005-06-01 Jeffers Equine Shopping Spree Winner, May 2005
2005-06-01 VIP Equine Grooming Products
2005-06-01 Professional's Choice SMX Air Ride Saddle Pad
2005-05-31 Devon-Aire Reinvents the Tall Boot
2005-05-29 USDF Convention Scholarships for Youth Members
2005-05-28 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Dover Saddlery!
2005-05-27 Western Show Tack - Tory Rochester Show Halter
2005-05-26 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Smith Brothers!
2005-05-26 Lucchese / NCHA Weekend plans underway
2005-05-25 New Video! "Special Horse Training Aids"
2005-05-24 SmartPak Equine Receives Award for Innovation
2005-05-23 Bridle Hanger from Top Tack
2005-05-23 Complete Barrel Racing Set
2005-05-23 Applied Heeding: Loading the Scared Horse
2005-05-22 Try Added Fat Rations for Elderly Horses
2005-05-22 Henri De Rivel Advantage Bridle
2005-05-21 Have a Great Summer with Horseware!
2005-05-20 Aurora Blouse and Scarf
2005-05-20 The Rider's Edge
2005-05-19 Dover's Circuit Elite English Saddle
2005-05-19 NCHA crowns Western National Champions
2005-05-18 NEW TOOL FOR FARRIERS - Farnam Offers AFA Members Personalized Brochures
2005-05-18 Coverage of Week One of the Legacy Cup
2005-05-17 Platinum Augusta 2 Pockets
2005-05-16 Western Fashion: Head to Toe - Chapter 1: Introduction and Color Coordination
2005-05-15 Colic surgery - Early referral increases survival chances
2005-05-15 Lami-Cell Synthetic Barrel Saddle
2005-05-13 Anderson Bean Becomes the Official Boot of the NRHA
2005-05-12 Zonk It! 35 Fly Control Spray for Horses
2005-05-12 Pfizer and Brown + Associates Win NAMA Best Of Show Award
2005-05-11 AAEP Summer CE to Feature Equine Colic, Practice Management
2005-05-11 West Nile Virus Remains Serious Threat For Unprotected Horses
2005-05-09 Andis Introduces D-4 Rechargeable Horse Trimmer
2005-05-09 Laminitis (Foundering)
2005-05-09 George Morris Leads U.S Show Jumping Team to Win First Leg of Samsung Super League at La Baule, France
2005-05-07 EquiFit Inc. Launches New Hind Ankle Boots to Meet Customers Demand
2005-05-07 Equine Health to be Showcased at Horse Expo
2005-05-05 "Moneighs" Raising Money During Derby Week
2005-05-04 Advanced Style Frog Supports for Laminitis Sufferers
2005-05-04 A Look Back at the $25,000 WCHR World Cup Team Hunter Challenge Presented by the AHJF
2005-05-04 Vesicular Stomatitis Detected in Arizona
2005-05-03 WeatherBeeta Range
2005-05-03 Training Mythunderstandings - Using Pressures To Shape The Horse
2005-05-02 A Horse, of Course
2005-05-02 Third Time is a Charm: Kim Severson (USA) and Winsome Adante Take Their Third Win at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Farnam
2005-05-01 Jolly Stall Snack
2005-05-01 State Line Tack Shopping Spree Winner, April 2005
2005-05-01 Calling All Equestrians
2005-04-28 DreamWorks to Release Comeback Racehorse Story This Fall
2005-04-28 English Riding Supply Celebrates 11th Year as USEF Sponsor
2005-04-27 Hot Hats, Cool Colors Top Off Western Fashion Looks
2005-04-26 An Angle on Hooves
2005-04-26 AQHF Announces the Flashy Zipper Equine Research Challenge
2005-04-25 Vitamin A and Horses
2005-04-24 EZ-Travel Supplements
2005-04-22 Platinum Performance Offers New Platinum Bar EQ
2005-04-21 Spring has officially arrived! New Spring Products now on Horseware Website
2005-04-21 USEF Competition License Procedure Update and FAQ's
2005-04-21 FEI General Assembly: Task Force on Anti Doping and Medication Policy
2005-04-19 Devon-Aire Nouvelle Stretch Hunt Coat
2005-04-19 Get Ready for Saddle Up Sunday
2005-04-19 Applied Heeding: Basic Trailer Training
2005-04-18 New Diamond Rodeo Collection from Weaver Leather
2005-04-17 Chew on this - The difference between a bad habit and a behavioral disorder
2005-04-15 Hobby Horse Leather Chaps with Personal Magic Sizing
2005-04-14 Good as New - Study up and save with a used horse trailer
2005-04-14 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Calling All Equestrians
2005-04-13 Triad Specialty Products Licenses Feed-Through Fly Control Product to Pfizer
2005-04-13 Educational Event to be Held During Rolex
2005-04-12 USEF and AQHA to Promote Collegiate Competition with Introduction of Varsity Equestrian Website
2005-04-11 Chiropractic Care For Your Horse
2005-04-10 Speed Feed Professinal Cordless Trimmer Kit
2005-04-10 Types of worms - The usual suspects
2005-04-09 Leather Goods of Spain Launches New Line to Benefit Breast Cancer Initiatives
2005-04-09 QuikClenz One Step Clean & Sheen
2005-04-09 Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions
2005-04-08 Merial Launches New Web Site for Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine
2005-04-07 New Centaur Saddle Pads
2005-04-07 Feeding Your Horse for Life, now available from Half Halt Press
2005-04-06 What Are the Best Kentucky Derbies of All Time?
2005-04-06 USDF Announces All-Breeds Award Rule Change
2005-04-05 Masta Fly Mesh Sheet with Flexi-Neck
2005-04-05 One Good Navigator Finds the Road to the Top
2005-04-04 The Popular Trail 16 Saddle from Weaver Leather is Now Available in a Pony Size
2005-04-03 A Horse, Of Course
2005-04-02 Andis Endurance Line Includes Cattle & Horse Clipper
2005-04-01 The One and Only Barn Stretch Poster
2005-04-01 EQUUS Magazine Winner, March 2005
2005-03-31 Devon-Aire to Introduce Largest Line of New Products in Company History
2005-03-31 Athens Gold Medalist Cian O'Connor Disqualified
2005-03-30 New Horse Massage Therapy System Introduced to the United States
2005-03-29 Does Your Performance Horse Have an Attitude Problem or a Gastric Ulcer?
2005-03-28 Know your horse's vital signs
2005-03-28 Ranch Knit Hanging' Round Wear
2005-03-27 USDF Now Accepting Nominations for Volunteer of the Year
2005-03-26 Horse Tack - Beaded Browbands
2005-03-25 Advanced Ground Control: Heeding - Part 3 of 3
2005-03-25 Maxam All-Purpose Standard Saddle with Fish(TM)
2005-03-24 Bodywork for Horses - Techniques You Can Use Yourself
2005-03-24 Legacy Cup 2005
2005-03-24 NCHA crowns 11 Eastern National Champions
2005-03-23 Working In Corridors: Heeding - Part 2 of 3
2005-03-23 USDF Announces 2005 FEI Junior / Young Rider Clinic Series Supported by The Dressage Foundation
2005-03-22 The AAEP Announces Unwanted Horse Summit Participants
2005-03-21 Mountain Horse Debuts New SCS3 Stirrup Control System
2005-03-21 "Leading" Is Misleading: Heeding - Part 1 of 3
2005-03-21 Scores and Temperatures in the Seventies- A Perfect Ending for the Zada WEF Dressage Classic CDI
2005-03-20 Believe: A Horseman's Journey
2005-03-19 Western Show Tack - TexTan All American Show Saddle
2005-03-18 White Eagle Saddle Pad Co. Introduces Western Legend Series
2005-03-18 Cover-All Introduces New 65-Foot Wide Legend Building
2005-03-17 Ariat International Receives Prestigious Innovation Award
2005-03-17 How to Feed and Care for Mares and Foals
2005-03-17 Over The Walls Horse Trials Cancelled
2005-03-16 USEF Names Kentucky Equine Research as Official Equine Nutritionist
2005-03-15 Professional's Choice Introduces Seven New Colors in the Double Tough Ballistic Overreach Boots
2005-03-15 Stallsafe gives an Ounce of Prevention
2005-03-15 Lyons Press announces new book, Learning to Ride as an Adult
2005-03-14 Handling Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings: Building a Foundation for Success - Parts 1 thru 6
2005-03-13 Breaking Vs. Training
2005-03-12 New Equine First Aid Kit Introduced
2005-03-12 NRHA - Sharing the Wealth
2005-03-11 Ariat Announces Contest to Showcase Toughest Texans
2005-03-11 Anderson Wins 2005 Road to the Horse
2005-03-10 Horse Tack - A Bit of Advice - The Right Fit, the Right Bit
2005-03-10 Safety with Style from Dublin
2005-03-09 Tack Theft - Saddle Bandits!
2005-03-08 Equine Star of Seabiscuit Film Passes
2005-03-08 Hobby Horse That 70s Shirt
2005-03-07 Boink Riding Skins Ladies' Softshell Jacket
2005-03-06 Sticky Situation - How to shoe when nails won't do
2005-03-06 Round Penning - Building Confidence & Respect Between You & Your Horse
2005-03-06 Jackson, MS ready to host National Cutting Horse Association
2005-03-05 Ideal, Famous Oregon Stallion Becomes Bryer Horse Model
2005-03-05 Last Proves To Be The Best As Madison And Kent Farrington Win Ariat WEF Challenge Cup At Winter Equestrian Festival
2005-03-03 Protect & Defend! The NEW Flybuster Protector from RAMBO
2005-03-03 Horse Logic
2005-03-02 Most Potent Horse Hoof Supplement Now Available
2005-03-02 Challenge of the Americas - Equine Musical Competition to Benefit Breast Cancer Research
2005-03-02 Bayer Legend Celebration of Champions Concludes - World-National Titles Decided
2005-03-01 HOOFix Emergency! Trail Boot
2005-03-01 New from Hobby Horse - Petula PMS Tunic
2005-03-01 Outback Trading Company Launches New Straw Hat Line
2005-03-01 Decker Brush Set Winner, Febuary 2005
2005-02-28 Troxel Adds Elite Modern Show Jumping Helmet, the 'Addicus', to Line of Show Helmets
2005-02-28 It's Hard to Get Back to Basics When You Haven't Been There To Start!
2005-02-28 Stock up on Braiding Supplies before Show Season Begins!
2005-02-26 Learn About Equine Research
2005-02-25 NCHA crowns 11 new World Champions
2005-02-25 Top Riders Enjoying the Benefits of the Organized Barn and Trailer's New Organization System
2005-02-24 Highlights from Week Four of the 2005 Winter Equestrian Festival
2005-02-24 Blues, Beads, Beignets, and Bourbon Street - NRHA Convention a Huge Success in The Big Easy!
2005-02-23 Guidelines Addressing Use of Compounded Medications Released by the AAEP
2005-02-23 Easyboot Epic
2005-02-23 A Horse, of Course
2005-02-22 New Breyer Horse! Salpicado - Argentine Criollo with Halter
2005-02-22 Costello Squeaks By Take Away for Victory in 2005 AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular
2005-02-22 USEA Insurance Programs Updates for Competition and Clinic Organizers
2005-02-21 Trafalgar Square Publishing announces new release The Parent's Guide to Horseback Riding
2005-02-21 Squeaky Clean - Make that equine shine
2005-02-20 Pessoa Rodrigo GenX Close Contact Saddle
2005-02-19 Teach Your Horse Flying Lead Changes
2005-02-18 AQHA Approves New Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory for Horses
2005-02-18 The NRHA Reiner: From Mailbox to Desktop!
2005-02-18 Rolex/USEF National Show Jumping Champion to be Crowned in June at HITS-on-the-Hudson
2005-02-17 3-Speed Horse & Cattle Clipper Available from Andis
2005-02-17 Rutgers Equine Science Center Website Features "Ask the Expert" Area
2005-02-16 Help Your Mare Have A Safe Delivery
2005-02-16 Equine Partnering: What is an Independent Seat? Why Do I Need One? Where Can I Get One?
2005-02-16 Silver Show Set by Alamo Saddlery
2005-02-15 Cambridge Prix D'Ecole Close Contact Saddle
2005-02-15 "Live" USDF Year-End Award Rankings Available on USDF Web Site
2005-02-15 Difficult Horses: Where Do They Come From?
2005-02-14 Horse Trailer Safety Check and Yearly Service
2005-02-14 One Vaccine Protects Against Three Diseases
2005-02-14 Winter Equestrian Festival Week 3 Wrap-Up, February 9-13, 2005
2005-02-13 Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit Winner, January 2005
2005-02-13 2005 Awards for USDF Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Members
2005-02-13 Portable Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Vacuum
2005-02-12 Four New Trail Saddles In Tucker Saddlery 2005 Catalog
2005-02-11 Mountain Horse Windsor Front Zip Paddock Boots
2005-02-11 Hubertus Schmidt, Mariette and Raymond Withages & Linda Zang Headline Dressage Workshop in Florida March 7-8
2005-02-10 Mounatin Horse Sterling Back Zip Paddock Boots
2005-02-10 Sterling Show Saddle
2005-02-10 Farnam Helps Support the 2005 Black Stallion Literacy Project: National Horse Products Company Creates Educational Equine Web Site
2005-02-09 Ludger Beerbaum Files Appeal in Case that Could Affect Olympic Show Jumping Team Medal Standings
2005-02-08 (you can build) Jumps, Etc.
2005-02-08 Highlights from Week Two of the 2005 Winter Equestrian Festival
2005-02-07 Lucky Seven - Olympians, Anne Kursinski and Bent Jensen Win the $25,000 Winsome Dressage /Jumper Spectacular
2005-02-07 Carlos Wader by Billy Cook Saddlery
2005-02-06 International ATH Low Profile Helmet
2005-02-06 Candidates Wanted for Laminitis Drug Treatment Research
2005-02-05 Wounds in Horses
2005-02-05 Pessoa Plain Raised Bridle
2005-02-04 Help Your Foal Grow with Proper Nutrition
2005-02-04 Jeffery Welles and Octavius Take WEF Challenge Cup at the 2005 Winter Equestrian Festival
2005-02-04 Oster Turbo A-5 Two-Speed Clipper Kit
2005-02-03 Wash & Rinse At The Turn Of A Switch
2005-02-03 EQyss Horse Wrap & Blanket Wash
2005-02-03 Hoofprints from the Heart: Taking Flight
2005-02-02 Circle Y Softee Show Saddle Package
2005-02-02 North Carolina Horse Council Designates February as 'Horse Health Awareness Month'
2005-02-01 NRHA Professionals Earn Big Bucks - And make a commitment to NRHA
2005-02-01 Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses
2005-02-01 Supracor Cool Grip Dressage Pad
2005-02-01 Hoofprint-On-My-Heart Bookmark
2005-01-31 Quic Braid by Exhibitor Labs
2005-01-31 Animal Protection Groups Applaud Reps. Rahall and Whitfield for Defending America's Wild Horses
2005-01-31 Feeding for Performance
2005-01-30 Collegiate Post-Graduate Close Contact Saddle
2005-01-30 Kentucky Horse Park and American Association of Equine Practitioners Launch "Healthy Horses" Partnership
2005-01-30 2005 AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular Fast Facts
2005-01-28 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Hay for Your Horse
2005-01-27 SmartPak Equine Launches SmartPink line to Benefit Breast Cancer Research
2005-01-27 Lucky In Love Jewelry Collection
2005-01-27 Clint Haverty Joins NRHA Hall of Fame
2005-01-26 Wash My Suede Chaps in a Washing Machine? YES!
2005-01-26 Health Hints for Your Horse
2005-01-25 Courbette Bernina Dressage Saddle
2005-01-25 Tail Tamer Groomer's Stone
2005-01-25 Farnam Companies, Inc. Teams with Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) and the Marshall & Sterling League Events
2005-01-24 2005 Fashion Forecast for Western Show Apparel
2005-01-24 Shapley's Grooming Kit
2005-01-24 Farnam Dewormers and AQHA Build New Partnership
2005-01-23 New! Oster Horse Shampoos
2005-01-23 Why Horses are Living Longer
2005-01-23 Ginger Ridge Premium Equine Treats
2005-01-22 Purina Mills to Extend its Horse Owner's Workshop Program, Bringing Equine Education and Entertainment to Towns Across America
2005-01-22 USET Foundation Provides Over $2 Million for Olympic and World Championship Equestrian Programs in 2004
2005-01-22 Sore No More
2005-01-21 State Line Tack Show Package by Circle Y
2005-01-21 FEI Changes Requirements for Equine Influenza Vaccination
2005-01-20 Rambo Helps you to See in the Dark!
2005-01-20 Karin Offield, Adam Snow and Chris Kappler Don Knee Pads and Polo Helmets for Equestrian AIDS Foundation
2005-01-20 Safety Rules at USEF Semi-Annual Board Meeting
2005-01-19 NCHA Competitors to take Amarillo by Storm
2005-01-19 Eventing Sculpture to be Unveiled at Rolex Kentucky
2005-01-18 NorthWind Combo Neck Turnout
2005-01-18 USEF Board of Directors Approves All Rule Changes Recommended by The Competition Date Task Force
2005-01-18 A Holistic Look At Horse Nutrition
2005-01-17 Mare and Foal Vaccination Schedule
2005-01-17 Stran Smith Pro Series Bits - New from Reinsman
2005-01-17 2005 NAYRC Dressage Qualifying Criteria and Selection Procedures Now Available
2005-01-16 Severson Named Equestrian of the Year; Kappler Awarded Whitney Stone Memorial Cup
2005-01-16 Western Show Apparel - Chaps
2005-01-15 American Quarter Horse Association Welcomes Fort Dodge Animal Health to its Team of Corporate Partners
2005-01-14 Devon-Aire Nouvelle Zip-Back Gusset Field Boot
2005-01-14 Healing the Bowed Tendon
2005-01-14 Chris Kappler Awarded USET Foundation Whitney Stone Memorial Cup
2005-01-13 Horse Show Handbook for Kids
2005-01-13 Exiss Joins Sooner as Official Horse Trailer of the AQHA
2005-01-12 West Nile Virus Vaccination Recommendations Released by the AAEP
2005-01-12 Western/English Equestrian Apparel Fashion Show Available as Video Feature Story
2005-01-11 Courbette Optima Saddle
2005-01-11 American Hunter Jumper Foundation Announces 2005 Activity
2005-01-11 Equine Partnering: Stop Sneaking up on Your Horse
2005-01-10 Kensington Heavyweight Turnout Blanket
2005-01-10 Equine Breathing Technique
2005-01-09 Henri de Rivel A/O Pro Close Contact Saddle with French Leather
2005-01-08 Animal Legends First Aid Kit for Horses
2005-01-08 It Was Just A Matter Of Time!
2005-01-07 Troxel Orion Schooling Helmet
2005-01-07 New antibody introduced to treat horses with West Nile
2005-01-07 Winter Equestrian Festival 2005 Dressage Competitions--Three Eclectic, International, and Intense Competitions
2005-01-06 Weaver Diamond Hitch Synthetic Tack Collection
2005-01-05 State Line Tack Cowboy Denim Blanket
2005-01-05 Wild Horse and Burro Holding Facility in Ewing, Ill., Open for Adoption
2005-01-05 Don't Let Hoof Injuries Keep You Off Your Horse
2005-01-04 Horse for Sale: Selecting Your Riding Horse
2005-01-04 Mountain Horse Stable Loafer
2005-01-03 Easy Care Easy Soaker Boot
2005-01-03 The Fund For Horses Announces Its Charity Organization
2005-01-03 A Horse, of Course
2005-01-02 Oster Grooming Kit Winner, December 2004
2005-01-02 Make Money With Horses
2005-01-01 Toklat Tiblerline II and Yukon Horse Turnouts
2005-01-01 Happy 1st Birthday to Horse Tack Review!
2004-12-31 US Patent Granted Covering Leather Therapy Laundry Products
2004-12-31 American Quarter Horse Association Limited Rider Program
2004-12-30 New from Cowboy Magic - Medicated Shampoo for Horses
2004-12-30 NC Horse Owners Can Apply for Interstate Health Permit
2004-12-30 Apple-oosa - Trail of Painted Ponies Figurine
2004-12-29 Exciting New Look for Award-Winning Aloe Advantage Line
2004-12-29 What To Do With a Cribber
2004-12-29 USEF Names 2004 Equestrians of Honor; Members Now Invited to Cast Votes at
2004-12-29 Challenge of the Americas - A One Of Kind Dressage Event
2004-12-28 The Thin Horse
2004-12-28 NCHA Crowns Five Futurity Champions
2004-12-26 Borso D'Este Now Available at Tropical Rider
2004-12-25 Merry Christmas from Horse Tack Review
2004-12-24 Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher
2004-12-24 The Young Black Stallion Disney's Spectacular Family Adventure Comes To Disney DVD And VHS
2004-12-23 Barrel Racer Joins Troxel Helmets in Promoting Head Protection and Equestrian Safety
2004-12-23 New BZ Natural Saddle from Beval Saddlery
2004-12-22 Wendy Vest and Super Slinky
2004-12-21 Pro-Trainer Pro-Am Close Contact Saddle
2004-12-20 Last minute shoppers? There is still time to get gifts for the horses and horse lovers!
2004-12-19 Kensington 4 All Seasons Blanket System
2004-12-19 Electrolyte Gold now at Jeffers Equine
2004-12-17 Ariat Limited Edition EWE Baby Sueded Cowboy Boots
2004-12-17 New Web Site Focuses on Equine Digestive Health Education
2004-12-17 Feeding Complete Feeds vs. Grain Mixes and Hay
2004-12-16 Senate Passes Bill to Protect Riders from Insurance Exclusions
2004-12-15 How to Start Your Horse on Cattle
2004-12-15 Spoil Your Horse Guilt Gift Basket
2004-12-14 Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul
2004-12-14 Virginia Equine Extravaganza Announces 2005 AAEP Seminar Series
2004-12-13 Practice-Management Solutions Available to Equine Veterinarians
2004-12-13 What Vaccinations Should I Give My Horse?
2004-12-12 Derby Bedding Set
2004-12-12 Liability Insurance for Horses
2004-12-11 Put a Unique Equestrian Experience under the Christmas Tree!
2004-12-11 New Jelly Glitter Scrubbers!
2004-12-11 Happy Mouth Bits now in New Pastel Colors
2004-12-10 New Equestrian Book, The Power To Win, Now Available
2004-12-10 New Centaur PVC Jelly Glitter Bell Boots from English Riding Supply
2004-12-10 Monty Roberts Seeking Horses for His Demonstrations at Equine Affaire
2004-12-09 WeatherBeeta Orican Midweight Turnout
2004-12-09 Horse Owners Urged to Use Pain Medications Wisely
2004-12-09 2004 American Grand Prix Association Year End Awards Honor Beezie Madden, Derek Petersen And Glasgow
2004-12-08 Cold Weather and Feed Requirements for Horses
2004-12-08 U.S. Reiners Make History, Winning Gold and Silver at FEI World Reining Masters
2004-12-07 Mountain Horse Mountain Comfort Jodphur Boots
2004-12-06 Wintec Bridle
2004-12-06 National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Hosts The FEI World Reining Masters Finalists
2004-12-06 The Equine Ice Wrap - EQ Vet Pack
2004-12-05 Ariat Boots on Sale at the Boot Barn!
2004-12-05 Colic Surgery - Early referral increases survival chances
2004-12-05 Horse Tack Organization: Get HOSS from The Organized Barn!
2004-12-04 Exercise Those Stalled Horses!
2004-12-04 Troxel's Grand Prix Classic
2004-12-04 Rambo Original with Leg Arches
2004-12-03 Animal Legends First Aid Kit Winner, November 2004
2004-12-03 US Equestrian Federation Unveils 2005 Rule Book; New Rules Effective December 1, 2004
2004-12-03 Montana Stories Feature Strongly at Unique Online Bookstore
2004-12-02 Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Explanations and Possibilities
2004-12-02 New from Courbette Saddlery - The Charisma Close Contact Saddle
2004-12-02 Horseware Has It Covered this Winter!
2004-12-01 The Groom Clipper from Andis Combines Power and Performance
2004-12-01 USEF Welcomes Blue Ribbon Custom Blankets by Royal Riders
2004-12-01 Best Books 2004 Awarded to the Starlight Series
2004-11-30 Karin Offield Trains With Olympic Coach Jean Bemelmans During Four Month European Trip
2004-11-29 Travel Bag Horse Grooming Set
2004-11-29 USEF, USDF, and USHJA Reach Historic Understanding
2004-11-28 Air-Ride Western Show Pad by Professional's Choice
2004-11-28 Boink Riding Skins - Your favorite winter breeches just got better!
2004-11-27 Courbette Padded Snaffle Bridle
2004-11-26 How Do I Know What Size Trailer Will Best Fit My Horse?
2004-11-25 Horse Santa Cap and Merry Santa Hat for Your Horse!
2004-11-25 Buying a Horse
2004-11-24 A-Betta All-Purpose Saddle Package
2004-11-24 13,000 Horses Placed Through Stewardship Program
2004-11-24 Chronic Laminitis: The Road Back to Health
2004-11-23 USEF Includes California in Plan to Standardize Testing Fees
2004-11-22 Iron And Wood Horse Centerpiece
2004-11-22 AQHA and USDF Encourage Participation in Dressage - More American Quarter Horses Excel in the Sport
2004-11-21 Western Show Apparel - Blouses, Tops, and Shirts
2004-11-21 Veldon Morgan's Signature Trail Saddle
2004-11-20 Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities Released by the AAEP
2004-11-19 Henri De Rivel Close Contact Pro Saddle
2004-11-19 Comprehensive Interactive Multimedia CD About Horses
2004-11-19 Nine U.S. Olympic Riders Headline the Jumper Division at the 121st National Horse Show in Wellington, Florida
2004-11-18 `Quips, Quotes and Oats - Smarty Jones Talks!'
2004-11-18 Sterling Horseshoe Nail Jewelry from Back in the Saddle
2004-11-17 Bates Caprilli All Purpose Saddle
2004-11-17 Horse Shoe Candles at!
2004-11-17 Everest Horse Blankets by WeatherBeeta
2004-11-16 2004 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention
2004-11-16 USDF Announces 2004 Hall of Fame Inductees and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
2004-11-16 Horse-Opoly
2004-11-15 Kensington Horse Protection Products Customer Satisfaction Program
2004-11-15 Red Rum Horse Wipes, Grooming, Health and Rider Products
2004-11-15 Tuff Rider Fleece Lined 600D Turnout
2004-11-15 Winterizing Your Horse
2004-11-14 Collegiate Graduate Close Contact Saddle
2004-11-14 Cold Ears during Winter Riding?
2004-11-14 Trail of Painted Ponies
2004-11-13 Western Show Chaps
2004-11-12 New Bits from Reinsman
2004-11-12 Equine Partnering: If you Have a Brain, does that Make you a Brain Surgeon?
2004-11-11 Proper Hoof Care Is Vital Especially During Winter Months
2004-11-11 USEF Reining Championship Awarded to Kentucky Horse Park
2004-11-10 Great Horse Toy - Amazing Graze
2004-11-10 USRider Calls Horse Owners, Enthusiasts to Action
2004-11-09 Why Are Fat-Added Rations Becoming Popular for Feeding Horses?
2004-11-09 Horse Inspired Novel Reaches New Heights of Popularity
2004-11-08 Tex Tan Natural Braided Rawhide Tack
2004-11-08 USDF Congratulates New "L" Program Graduates
2004-11-07 A Bit Of Elegance Bracelet
2004-11-06 What to look for when buying your new or used saddle
2004-11-06 Ariat Frostbiter Tall Boots
2004-11-05 Breakthrough Product Now Available for Equine Digestive Health
2004-11-04 Stocking Filler Solutions from Horseware Ireland
2004-11-04 Enter the "2004 Recipe Contest" from!
2004-11-04 Selecting a Saddle
2004-11-03 Ariat Frostbiter Paddock Boots, October 2004
2004-11-02 Troxel Laredo
2004-11-02 Educational Sessions Scheduled for Horse Owners
2004-11-02 Retired Olympic Horse Flim Flam Euthanized Following Complications
2004-11-01 Finally, an Intelligent Stirrup!
2004-11-01 If I Had A Horse... Book and Dvd Set
2004-10-31 Quessence Rider's Products
2004-10-30 Halloween With Horses Costume Contest Won By An Elephant
2004-10-30 International Pro Rider Helmet
2004-10-30 The NRHA Futurity & Championship Show - Something for everyone!
2004-10-29 The Twelve Neighs of Christmas CD
2004-10-29 Dick Pieper Reiner Show Saddle by Saddlesmith
2004-10-28 Carry Hay & Grain Hands-Free!
2004-10-28 Two-Time Superhorse Rugged Lark Dies
2004-10-28 Chronic Laminitis: The Road Back to Health
2004-10-27 Bonnie B. Jenkins Named Executive Director of the US Equestrian Tam Foundation
2004-10-27 Horse Classics 2005 Appointment Desk Calendar
2004-10-26 Bates Saddles Now Available from Jeffers Equine
2004-10-26 Rogers and Chelstrom Ride to Victory during 2004 USEF National Junior and Amateur Eventing Championships
2004-10-26 Tropical Rider Launches New Web Site
2004-10-25 Cold Comfort
2004-10-22 Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses Lyrca Sleazies
2004-10-20 Saxon Turnout Blanket
2004-10-20 Largest U.S. Indoors Finals Hunter/Jumper Event Just Around the Corner
2004-10-20 Personalized Sterling Bridle Tag, the perfect horse gift
2004-10-20 Saratoga Horseworks Two-Toned Riding Blankets
2004-10-20 Individual Event Tickets for 2005 Dressage and Jumping World Cup Finals Go On Sale November 1
2004-10-20 All Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantines Released in Texas
2004-10-20 Hank Award Nominations accepted until December 31, 2004
2004-10-19 Aloe Vera Beneficial in Healing Horse Wounds
2004-10-19 Health Hints for Your Horse
2004-10-19 USEF Olympic Equestrians Congratulated by President Bush
2004-10-18 Let's Ride: Champions Collection Interactive Game for Horse Lovers
2004-10-18 Turtle Neck Horse Turnout Sheet by Paint Rock Designs
2004-10-17 Equine Partnering: Leading
2004-10-17 Beyond the Hay Days
2004-10-17 Arena Racer Barrel Saddle by Tex Tan
2004-10-16 Rio Vista Announces Free Sample of Hoof Manicure Promotion
2004-10-16 Homeopathy and First Aid for Horses
2004-10-15 Rocky Dare Wins First Qualifier for 2005 USEF Open Reining Championship
2004-10-14 2004 Quarter Horse Congress Under Way
2004-10-14 Andis Endurance Line Includes Cordless Horse Clipper
2004-10-14 USEF Rider Beezie Madden Paves the Way
2004-10-13 ReRun Takes "Moneighs" to EBay
2004-10-13 Teach Your Horse True Collection
2004-10-13 2005 USEA and The Chronicle of the Horse Adult Team Challenge Bid Requests
2004-10-12 Splints in Horses
2004-10-12 Charmayne James Air Ride Ortho Sport Saddle Pad
2004-10-12 Kyle Kelly Wins Mister Master Card
2004-10-11 Stirrup Bookmark
2004-10-11 Toasty Tips! Take the chill off winter riding
2004-10-10 Winterizing Your Horse
2004-10-10 Martin Trail Saddle
2004-10-10 Henri de Rivel Pro Pony Saddle
2004-10-09 Timberline II Turnout Blanket with Gussets
2004-10-09 2004 Olympic Show Jumping Team Horse Royal Kaliber Sadly Euthanized In the Netherlands
2004-10-08 Western Show Apparel - Vests, Jackets, and Blazers
2004-10-08 New! Soft Shell Technology in Winter Riding Gear from Boink
2004-10-08 Pessoa Marks 10th Anniversary as Sponsor of USEF National Hunter Seat Medal Finals
2004-10-07 Tips on Buying the Right Horse Clipper Cord
2004-10-07 Anky Competitor Dressage Saddle
2004-10-07 Extreme Weather Conditions Spark Potomac Horse Fever Epidemic Throughout U.S.
2004-10-06 Reinsman Barrel Rider Saddle Package
2004-10-06 A Horse, of Course
2004-10-05 Advice on Clipper and Trimmer Maintenance from Andis Professionals
2004-10-05 Masta Horse Turnout XT
2004-10-05 NCHA membership reaches an all-time high
2004-10-05 Invitations Distributed for Participation in Horse Industry Economic Impact Study
2004-10-04 Weatherbeeta Landa Turnout Blanket Winner, September 2004
2004-10-04 USDF Announces Advanced Young Rider Graduate Program Weekend Seminar
2004-10-03 Fleece Horse Sheet from TuffRider
2004-10-03 American Quarter Horse Foundation Treasure Hunt Vendor Silent Auction
2004-10-02 New O'Connor Book Published
2004-10-01 Hand-Cuff Sweatshirt by Body Chemistre
2004-10-01 Trailer Loading Made Easy
2004-10-01 The 2004/2005 USEF Reining Championship Qualifying Season Set to Begin
2004-10-01 Tuff Rider Fleece Lined 600D Turnout
2004-09-30 Irideon Issential Low Rise Riding Tights
2004-09-30 Reinsman All Leather Comfort Fit Saddle
2004-09-30 Riders Announced for the Fall 2004 USDF Advanced Young Rider and Junior Rider Clinic Series
2004-09-29 Kerrits Konvertible Packs
2004-09-29 Equine HP Performance Bar
2004-09-29 Royal Kaliber Recovering from Colic Surgery in the Netherlands
2004-09-28 Vaquero Headstall and Reins
2004-09-28 Golden Sheen Horse Shampoo
2004-09-28 Paralympic Equestrian Wraps Up With Seventh Place Finish for United States Team
2004-09-27 Der-Dau Makes Fashion Statement with New Pink Boots
2004-09-25 Log On to WWW.GSN.COM to Come and Audition for Your Chance to Win $250,000 in Cash and Prizes and Be a Thoroughbred Racehorse Owner!
2004-09-25 3-In-1 Hoof Pick from Rio Vista
2004-09-24 Henri de Rivel Advantage All-Purpose Saddle
2004-09-24 Seidemann Scores a Silver in 2004 Paralympic Competition
2004-09-23 Mountain Horse Wild Paddock Boot
2004-09-23 Care and Management of Horses by Heather Smith Thomas
2004-09-22 Missing Link Equine Formula Supplements
2004-09-22 U. S. Paralympic Equestrians Place Fourth and Fifth in Individual Championships for Dressage
2004-09-22 Help is on the Way -- Equine Rescue
2004-09-21 Equine Working Group Provides Views to USDA on Animal ID
2004-09-21 Charles Owen Hampton Helmet
2004-09-20 Boa Horse Boots, August 2004
2004-09-20 New Equine Wear
2004-09-19 Courbette Magic All-Purpose Saddle
2004-09-19 Does my horse have arthritis?
2004-09-19 How To Win Videos - Learn how to win at horse shows!
2004-09-18 Florida Veterinarians Battle Hurricane Season with Help from AAEP Foundation
2004-09-18 Cardenas: Horses And Home
2004-09-18 Justin Boot Co., Country Music Superstar Deliver "Strait Up" Collection
2004-09-17 American Quarter Horse Association to Sponsor Clinics at World Championship Ranch Rodeo
2004-09-16 Troxel Spirit School Helmet
2004-09-16 Bobcat 5600 Utility Work Machine Finds Favor With Well-Known Horse Trainers
2004-09-15 Circle Y Saddles Launches New Website
2004-09-14 Comprehensive Interactive Multimedia CD About Horses Released
2004-09-14 Masta Horse Blankets
2004-09-14 Royal Prince and Revolution Win Top Honors at 2004 USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage Championships
2004-09-13 International Equi-Lite Riding Helmet
2004-09-13 Young Horses Use Extra Minerals for Bone Growth When Beginning Training
2004-09-13 NRCHA Show Secretary Seminar to be held Saturday, Oct. 2
2004-09-12 Likit Horse Treat
2004-09-12 Keep Your Horse Tack in Top Condition with Leather Therapy
2004-09-11 SoftSaddle, just one of the many new products from Cashel Company
2004-09-11 When your horse receives a... "Bump in the night"
2004-09-10 Horseware Has it Covered this Winter!
2004-09-10 Independant Review Body Established by the FEI Following the Olympic Games
2004-09-10 Veterinary Convention to Mark AAEP's 50th Anniversary
2004-09-09 Crates Supreme Show Saddle
2004-09-09 A Horse, of Course
2004-09-09 Tight race for the Summer Season conclusion
2004-09-07 Two Horse Enterprises Adds Night Rider Safety Equipment
2004-09-07 Darragh Kerins Wins $150,000 Prudential Financial Grand Prix at the 29th Annual Hampton Classic
2004-09-06 Ariat Glacier Lace Leather Riding Boots
2004-09-06 Teach Your Horse True Collection
2004-09-05 Debunking Trailer Myths and Half Truths
2004-09-04 U.S. Equestrian Team Foundation To Host Fifth Annual Golf Outing and a Rare Chance to Golf With An Olympian
2004-09-04 Finish Line Fluid Action HA
2004-09-04 John Lyons Perfect Horse Expands To Take Advertising in January, 2005
2004-09-03 Espree Horse Products
2004-09-03 Anne Kursinski Rides to the Top of the Land Rover Open Jumper Stake at the 29th Annual Hampton Classic
2004-09-02 Now Available from Jeffers Equine - Cowgirl UP Tack!
2004-09-02 US Wins Most Equestrian Medals at 2004 Olympic Games
2004-09-02 USDF Congratulates New "L" Program Graduates
2004-09-01 Hobby Horse Leather Chaps with Personal Magic Sizing
2004-09-01 Jazzy Jods Women's Stripe Stretch Cotton Jodhpurs
2004-09-01 NRCHA Stakes Moves to Tucson
2004-08-31 The SoftStall System
2004-08-31 Statement on Condition of Royal Kaliber
2004-08-31 National Reining Horse Association - An International First!
2004-08-30 Wisdom Of Emerson Plaque
2004-08-30 2004 USDF Advanced Young Rider and Junior Rider Clinic Series Supported by The Dressage Foundation
2004-08-29 Reinsman Tacky Too Pads
2004-08-29 When Horses Eat Like Pigs
2004-08-28 Show Jumping Finale Ends for Team USA in a Series of Strange Events
2004-08-28 Bayer Select All-Around Amateur to win Sooner Trailer
2004-08-27 101 Uses For A Horse Book
2004-08-27 AQHA Honors Texan Tom Nicks for Equine Public Service
2004-08-26 Horseware Amigo
2004-08-26 USEF Offers Free Admission to the BET/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Final-East
2004-08-25 HylaMotion, Natural Equine Joint Lubricant, from Vita-Flex
2004-08-25 McDonald Fourth and Dover Sixth in Dressage Final
2004-08-24 Need Freedom? Freestyle - New from WeatherBeeta!
2004-08-24 Does My Horse Have Arthritis?
2004-08-24 Show Jumping 2nd Qualifier & Team Final Round 1 Proves A Challenge at the 2004 Olympics; Midnight Medal Ceremony Will Be A Highlight of Long Day of Show Jumping
2004-08-23 Ariat Ladies Heritage Roper Boots
2004-08-23 Debbie McDonald and Brentina Lead the U.S. Pack With a Fourth Place Overall Score After the Grand Prix Special
2004-08-22 Ariat Mudbuster Collection
2004-08-22 Show Jumping Opens with Strong U.S. Performance in Athens
2004-08-22 Personalized Copper Signifier
2004-08-21 A Sponsorship program from Professional's Choice that Gives "Cash Back" to AQHA, NBHA, NHSRA and ACTRA Members
2004-08-21 Rio Vista Hoof Stix
2004-08-21 US Team Wins Olympic Bronze Medal in Dressage
2004-08-20 USDF Welcomes The Paddock Saddlery as Sponsor of New Volunteer of the Year Award
2004-08-19 Severson Takes the Podium: Bettina Hoy Wins Gold; Leslie Law Takes Silver
2004-08-19 Wildflower Horse Treats
2004-08-19 NYCHA Photo and Essay Contest Winners Announced
2004-08-18 Severson Moves Up To Third After Cross-Country Phase of Eventing Competition
2004-08-18 Touched by a Horse Inspirational Card Decks Offer Daily Insight and Encouragement
2004-08-17 Rio Vista Gives Awards For Outstanding Animal Rescue Work
2004-08-17 Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Contines Northward Drift; Worst May Be Over for Texas
2004-08-16 Mikmar Bit Company Debuts New Line of Bits
2004-08-16 O'Connor Retires from International Competition
2004-08-16 Severson in Fourth After Dressage Phase; Britain, France and Germany Lead in Team Standings
2004-08-16 Rider's and Coach Commentary on Tomorrow's Cross Country Course
2004-08-15 Chiacchia Fourth After Dressage, Day I in Eventing Competition
2004-08-15 Rapid Scrub... One Step Grooming
2004-08-14 Competitor Saddle Pad by Reinsman
2004-08-13 FDA Recommended Seizure on Illegal Horse Drugs Carried Out by United States Marshals Under Court Order
2004-08-12 Circle Y Saddles Publishes First Consumer Catalog
2004-08-12 Equimax Proven Safe in Pregnant and Nursing Mares
2004-08-11 Practical Horse Psychology
2004-08-10 In A Whisper Video And DVD
2004-08-10 Wayne Hodges Trailer Sales and Outlaw Conversions combine efforts for NCHA sponsorship
2004-08-09 Annual Seminar to Feature Horse Health Education from Veterinary Experts
2004-08-08 United States Dressage Federation Convention Scholarships for Youth Members
2004-08-08 Toscana Schooling Helmet by Del Mar Helmet Company
2004-08-07 Wintec PRO Endurance Saddle
2004-08-07 Mycobacterial Cell Wall Formulation Shows Promise in Treating Equine Endometritis
2004-08-06 The Feed Tag Tells the Story
2004-08-06 Campbell Wins 2004 Wild Horsefeathers/USEF Green Pony Hunter Championship
2004-08-06 Hobby Horse Show Pants with Personal Magic Sizing
2004-08-05 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular champions crowned
2004-08-05 Fourth Annual Stallion Service Auction to Benefit Equine Health Studies Program
2004-08-04 Rambo Flybuster Supreme Winner, July 2004
2004-08-04 New! Orican Blanket from Weatherbeeta
2004-08-04 Smarty Jones to be Retired
2004-08-03 Breakthrough Textile Holofiber Available for Equestrians from Tropical Rider
2004-08-03 Bonnie Mosser Wins Eventing World Cup Qualifier and USEA Gold Cup Series Event at the Over The Walls Horse Trials
2004-08-03 Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel Speeds Natural Healing
2004-08-02 HIDALGO - Epic Action-Adventure Rides onto DVD and VHS on August 3rd
2004-08-02 National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions Set for 2005
2004-08-02 Equine Care Series Equine Grooming Towels
2004-08-01 Rio Vista's Color Enhancing Shampoos
2004-08-01 WeatherBeeta Stretch Fly Sheet
2004-08-01 Room to Breathe: Proper Ventilation for the Traveling Horse
2004-08-01 A Horse, of Course
2004-08-01 Advertising Information
2004-07-30 BOA Horse Boot Now Available from Jeffers Equine
2004-07-29 American Hunter Pony Auction to Be Held at the USEF Pony Finals
2004-07-29 Saddle Club Stable CD-ROM Game
2004-07-28 AQHYA World Championship Show to be held July 30-August 7
2004-07-28 Texan John Perez Beats Out Strong Mexican Contingent in AGA $60,000 Grand Prix of Denver
2004-07-27 Andis Heavy Duty Endurance Horse Clippers
2004-07-27 USET Foundation Gala Brings in Funds for Olympic Athletes
2004-07-27 Easyboot by Easy Care
2004-07-26 Prestige and Dover Team Up to Offer New Jumping Saddle
2004-07-25 Powerful PM-1 Horse Clippers from Andis is Extremely Quiet
2004-07-25 GSN Begins Production on 'American Dream Derby' the First Reality Series Based on Thoroughbred Horse Racing
2004-07-25 Mineral Needs for Exercising Horses
2004-07-24 2004 FEI World Reining Masters Series: Fredrik Thomsson wins CRI in Falsterbo
2004-07-23 Western Treasure Handcrafted Hats from Hobby Horse
2004-07-23 Premises Quarantined in Three States Due to Vesicular Stomatitis
2004-07-22 Wintec Youth All Rounder Saddle
2004-07-22 Thermal Pink Frolicking Ponies
2004-07-21 West Nile Virus a Threat to Horses
2004-07-21 Olde Tyme Country Fair & National Driving Championships come to the Colorado Horse Park
2004-07-20 Courbette Vision Soft Seat Saddle
2004-07-20 American Quarter Horse Association Partners with Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
2004-07-20 Bjorn Ikast Wins $40,000 AGA Rocky Mountain Grand Prix
2004-07-19 Hott Wash Portable Hot Water Unit
2004-07-19 National Reining Breeders Classic Foal Enrollment Deadline Approaches
2004-07-18 Alamo Saddlery Turquoise Crosses Collection
2004-07-18 Jon Roeser & Very Smart Remedy - Dema Paul & Primos Bob Acre - Win NRCHA Derby
2004-07-18 USEF Announces Eventing Team for 2004 Olympic Games
2004-07-16 Cashel Company Crusader Fly Masks
2004-07-16 Devon-Aire Makes Safety Stylish with the new Captiva Helmet Line
2004-07-16 Register and Enroll your Foals into the Incentive Fund and Feed them Free for a Year
2004-07-15 Protecting Your Horse from Disease Outbreaks
2004-07-15 Kim Severson and Winsome Adante Top Final Mandatory Outing
2004-07-15 Troxel Launches New Website
2004-07-14 Yoga for Equestrians
2004-07-14 Equestrian Vaulters Head for National Championships
2004-07-14 Be prepared: Trails should never be trials
2004-07-13 Protection for Horses from Mosquitoes
2004-07-13 Troxel Dakota Duratec All-Trails Recreational Helmet
2004-07-12 Clothes Horse Carson Kressley Gets Unbridled on Capital Region TV Series
2004-07-12 New High Antigen Mass Equine Flu Vaccine Available in the U.S.
2004-07-12 Bjorn Ikast Wins Colorado Horse Park $25,000 Grand Prix
2004-07-12 2004 Olympic Games Eventing Team- Final Mandatory Short List Outing July 13th
2004-07-11 FEI Creates New Milestone With $100,000 World Reining Masters Series
2004-07-11 Henri de Rivel Rivella Dressage Saddle
2004-07-10 National Youth Cutting Horse Association convenes in Fort Worth
2004-07-10 Nature's Defense Fly Repellant for Horses
2004-07-09 Lake Placid Horse Show Results
2004-07-09 Equividi Enters into a Partnership with Motion Research to Develop and Market Head-Mounted-Displays Technology to Equestrian Sports
2004-07-09 Beta Browband Headstall from Tuff Enuff
2004-07-08 Jeffers Equine Gift Certificates Winners, June 2004
2004-07-08 High Prairie Farms Equestrian Center Transferred to the Colorado Horse Park
2004-07-08 Jane Savoie Olympic Dressage Coach for Canadian Eventing Team
2004-07-08 Vasicula Stomatitis Caseload Climbs-Infected Animals Found in Colorado
2004-07-07 Wintec Close Contact Saddle
2004-07-07 American Quarter Horse Association Executive Committee Discusses Hunter Under Saddle Judging
2004-07-07 Cheval International Horse Coat Enhancers
2004-07-06 Tropical Rider Announces the Release of the Nona Garson Signature Line
2004-07-06 Chester Weber First American to Win Fahrderby at CAI Riesenbeck
2004-07-06 Happy Mouth Bits - Horse Tack
2004-07-05 How Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Affect Horse Trailers
2004-07-05 Hand Rescue For Horse Lovers
2004-07-04 Ortho Equine English Saddle Pad
2004-07-04 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular offers $1.9 Million in Prize Money
2004-07-03 Residual Effects of West Nile Viral Encephalomyelitis in Horses
2004-07-02 2005 World Cup Dressage Finals
2004-07-02 Free Ride! AQHA to hold a 4aHorse Test Ride at California's Orange County Fair
2004-07-01 Tropical Rider Breeches
2004-07-01 Charles Owen Awards
2004-07-01 Custom Made Poster Sales to Benefit U.S. Olympic Eventing Squad
2004-07-01 Abetta Oak Smoothout Saddle
2004-06-30 Contaminants that are Potentially Toxic to Horses
2004-06-30 National Youth Cutting Horse Association Scholarship program receives another boost
2004-06-29 Cut Grooming and Horse Care in Half with Red Rum Wipes!
2004-06-28 Safety for Hunt Seat Riders
2004-06-28 Debbie McDonald Training Package Auction Raises $240,000 For Dressage Team
2004-06-27 Fly Gone 7000 Fly Control for Horses from Horseman's Dream
2004-06-27 FEI World Reining Masters Series Standings Available
2004-06-27 Free For All Tile Mural
2004-06-26 Troxel Recognized as Leading English Headgear Brand by Tack'n Togs '2004
2004-06-25 To be Sure To be Seen with Horseware Ireland!
2004-06-25 Short List Announced for 2004 Olympic Dressage Team
2004-06-25 Wintec Pro Stock Saddle with Swinging Fender
2004-06-24 More than $500,000 in Prize Money at the Colorado Horse Park Summer Circuit
2004-06-24 New Vesicular Stomatitis Cases in Texas and New Mexico
2004-06-23 Bit Selection
2004-06-23 Kentucky Horse Council Accepting Applications for its 2005 Equine Education Scholarships
2004-06-23 Air Ride OrthoSport Saddle Pad by Professional's Choice
2004-06-22 Robert Dover and FBW Kennedy Sweep All Four 2004 Olympic Dressage Trials. Take USEF National Championship Title.
2004-06-22 Horse Owners can learn about Pasture Management, Form to Function at Ag Expo
2004-06-21 USDF Announces New Volunteer of the Year Award
2004-06-20 NEW! Bates Stirrup Leathers
2004-06-20 SMx Air-Ride Saddle Pads - The New Generation Air Ride
2004-06-20 Robert Dover and Kennedy Again Brilliant in Grand Prix at the 2004 Dressage Olympic Selection Trials
2004-06-19 Heavenly Horses!
2004-06-19 Olympic Coverage of Equestrian Sport at
2004-06-19 Secretariat Statue Unveiled at Kentucky Horse Park
2004-06-18 Mark your calendars for the National Cutting Horse Association Summer Cutting Spectacular
2004-06-18 Short List for 2004 Olympic Eventing Team Announced
2004-06-18 More Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Confirmed in Texas & New Mexico
2004-06-17 Pessoa Blyth Tait Event Saddle
2004-06-17 Vintage Western Belt
2004-06-16 Determining Age of Horses by Their Teeth
2004-06-16 Farnam Introduces Ascend Gel Line - Pre-measured Servings Stick to Feed
2004-06-16 Shug McGaughey, Kent Desourmeaux, Skip Away and Flawlessly elected to the National Museum of Racing's Hall of Fame
2004-06-16 Grooma Horse Grooming Products Review
2004-06-15 Teach Your Horse to Rollback and Spin
2004-06-15 The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer
2004-06-15 Robert Dover and Kennedy Keep on Rolling. Win Grand Prix Special at 2004 Olympic Dressage Trials
2004-06-14 Keep Your Horse Happy by Chasing away the Boredom Blues
2004-06-14 Robert Dover and FBW Kennedy Grab Lead in First Olympic Dressage Trials
2004-06-14 American Quarter Horse Association Receives Equine Industy Vision Award
2004-06-13 Residual Effects of West Nile Viral Encephalomyelitis in Horses
2004-06-13 Kinetic Technologies to Distribute Vetmedics Products
2004-06-12 Sheena Little Receives USDF Team Leadership Award
2004-06-12 Coldone Ice Boots and Wraps for Horses
2004-06-12 US Equestrian Team Foundation Open House and Horse Farms Tour
2004-06-12 Madden and McDonald Among Top Three in World Rankings
2004-06-11 Professional Clinics Offered at AQHYA World Championship Show
2004-06-11 2004 Olympic Dressage Selection Trials Start This Weekend
2004-06-11 No Flies on Me! is what your horse will be saying...
2004-06-10 Stretch Exercises For Your Horse
2004-06-10 Ron Ralls Wins Second World's Greatest Horseman Title
2004-06-09 Rapid Scrub . . . one step horse grooming and bathing!
2004-06-09 Sommers and Crawford Top the US FEI Standings
2004-06-09 New Official Insurance Agency for the USEA
2004-06-08 United States Dressage Federation Announces Council and Committee Handbook
2004-06-07 Western Tack - TexTan Simply Sweet Show Saddle
2004-06-07 Women upstage men in cutting event - NCHA Super Stakes titles captured by women
2004-06-06 Debbie McDonald and Brentina Named as Discretionary Selection to the Short List for the 2004 Olympic Games Dressage Team
2004-06-05 PA Governor Rendell Proclaims June 5 Smarty Jones Day in Pennsylvania; Colt to Run in Third Leg of Triple Crown at Belmont Stakes
2004-06-04 New Line from the Original Muck Boot Company Targets Equestrian Market
2004-06-04 Ron Ralls & A Chic In Time Lead World's Greatest Horseman Prelims
2004-06-03 Pfizer Animal Health Introduces New Potomac Horse Fever Vaccine
2004-06-03 Field of Greens - Rotating paddocks keeps grass greener
2004-06-03 Color it Kerrits! Dye-to-Match Coordinates
2004-06-02 Two Time Olympian Stuart Black Wins 2004 Colorado Horse Park CCI**
2004-06-02 World's Greatest Horseman Competition Begins on Thursday, June 3!
2004-06-01 A Horse, Of Course
2004-06-01 Horse Owners have other Reasons to Vaccinate for West Nile Virus
2004-06-01 Wipe N' Spray Fly Control For Horses
2004-05-31 Cashel Converter
2004-05-30 Father's Day Gifts for the Horse Dad
2004-05-30 Laminitis: A major and Unsolved Problem for Horses
2004-05-29 United States Dressage Federation National-Level Trainers' Conference To Feature Kathy Connelly
2004-05-29 Caring for Pets in Times of Disaster
2004-05-28 Charles Owen Body Protectors and Helmets
2004-05-28 American Horse Council to Update National Economic Study
2004-05-28 Fly Protection for Horses - WeatherBeeta Turnout Fly Sheet
2004-05-27 Hobby Horse Show Chaps Winner, May 2004
2004-05-27 NRHA Derby Spotlight Sale
2004-05-27 No-Fly Zone for Horses
2004-05-26 New products available from Horse and Pony Sales!
2004-05-26 Short List Announced for 2004 U.S. Olympic Show Jumping Team
2004-05-25 Equestrian Charm Bracelet - the perfect gift for a horse lover
2004-05-25 International Day Closes NRHA Derby - Todd Crawford Wins Bayer/USEF $75,000 Open Reining Championship
2004-05-25 Two Horses, Four People Nominated for the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame
2004-05-24 Crusader Pasture Long with Ears Fly Mask
2004-05-24 Two Industry Leaders Join Forces
2004-05-24 Peter Wylde and Fein Cera Go Clean to Capture Overall Lead in 2004 Olympic Show Jumping Trial Standings
2004-05-23 The Blood-Horse Announces New Electronic Edition - Coming Summer 2004
2004-05-23 USDF Announces New Online Search and Improved Web Services for Horse Breeders
2004-05-23 Beezie Madden Wins Final Olympic Selection Trials
2004-05-22 The Buzz on Protection from Mosquitoes
2004-05-22 Sundowner Trailers Selects Synchrono to Enable its LEAN Enterprise Initiative
2004-05-21 World Renowned Horse Gentler Monty Roberts Joins Up With Local Casper Wyoming Business
2004-05-21 Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in West Texas; First Case Since 1998
2004-05-20 National Reining Horse Association Non Pro Derby: Monday's Highlights!
2004-05-20 Families Reconnect on Equestrian Vacations in Ireland
2004-05-19 Easy Does It
2004-05-19 2005 FEI World Cup Jumping and Dressage Finals Awarded to Las Vegas
2004-05-18 Horse Tack - Companion Trail Saddle from Duett
2004-05-18 New Topical Anti-Inflammatory Equine Pain Treatment Approved for Use
2004-05-18 Beezie Madden and De Silvio Lead After Del Mar Olympic Show Jumping Trials
2004-05-17 What horses are at risk for contracting Strangles?
2004-05-16 Equine MRI Opens a New Frontier in Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment
2004-05-16 The Great Whiz Is Number One!
2004-05-15 Right to Ride Legislation Passes House Resources Committee
2004-05-15 Todd Bergen Earns NRHA Million Dollar Rider Status
2004-05-14 Put a little breathing space between you and the competition with FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips
2004-05-13 NRHA Derby Days In Oklahoma City
2004-05-13 AQHA Encouraging Participation in Dressage
2004-05-13 Keith Newerla Wins 2004 NDSA Championship For Riders With Disabilities
2004-05-12 Driving Your Horse Trailer
2004-05-12 Western Show Apparel - Special Offer - Free Charlotte Slinky with Vest & Super Slinky Purchase!
2004-05-12 Tahitian Noni International Launches New Equine Product
2004-05-12 John & Laurie Ward Earn Hackamore Classic Championships
2004-05-11 Online Paint Horse Registration Begins
2004-05-10 Ariat Woodside Jacket
2004-05-09 AQHA to Honor its Nearly 350,000 Members
2004-05-09 Hillary Duff "Heads West" in Ariat's New Heritage Western J-Toes
2004-05-08 Horse Owners Urged to Vaccine Now
2004-05-08 Barry Wins Open Super Stakes Event
2004-05-07 English Tack - New for 2004! The Troxel Addicus
2004-05-07 Horse Fly Sheet - No Flies on Me!
2004-05-06 Horse Gift and Books - Care and Management of the Older Horse
2004-05-06 U.S. Equestrian Team Foundation and Horse News are teaming up to put together Open House/Trade Fair
2004-05-06 Horse Tack - EquiFit, Inc. Introduces New Horse Boot and Saddle Pad Technology
2004-05-05 Junior Rider Sought for ABC TV's 'Switched!'
2004-05-04 The Rio Vista Grooming Stone offers a Gentle Approach to Horse Grooming
2004-05-03 Joint Therapy: Is It the Right Decision for Your Horse?
2004-05-02 Rambo Supreme Flybuster
2004-05-01 Senate Takes Action to Protect U.S. Horses
2004-05-01 SHOWTIME! the Book is Now Available
2004-05-01 Equissentials Full Seat Breeches
2004-04-30 Feeding the Mare and Foal
2004-04-30 National Cutting Horse Association Membership Initiative attracts new members
2004-04-29 Hackamore Classic Begins on Friday, April 30
2004-04-29 U.S. Riders Win Both Divisions at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
2004-04-28 Western Tack - New Durango Headstall From Weaver Leather
2004-04-28 Julie Muth Goodman to Join US Equestrian Federation as General Counsel
2004-04-27 Gallo Del Cielo Becomes NRHA Million Dollar Sire
2004-04-27 New Weapon Fights Flies in the Stable
2004-04-26 The GALA Spring Fiesta Horse Show has Started Off with a Bang
2004-04-26 Collegiate Plain Raised Bridle With Reins
2004-04-26 Olympic Champion Custom Made Retires at the 2004 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
2004-04-26 Kim Severson and Winsome Adante Claim Second Victory in Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI****
2004-04-25 College Bound Riders vie for Scholarships and More at Invitational Horse Show
2004-04-25 Virginia Intermont Edges Out St. Andrews at the ANRC National Intercollegiate Equitation Championship
2004-04-25 Kim Severson Maintains Lead Following Cross-Country
2004-04-25 Western Show Apparel - Erica Super Slinky in Raspberry by Hobby Horse
2004-04-24 Nutritional Waste or Nutritional Benefit?
2004-04-24 Horse-Rescue Training Offered During Vet School Symposium
2004-04-23 Buyer Beware: Some Pesticides Might Be Duds
2004-04-23 Lucchese / NCHA Weekend plans underway
2004-04-23 Dell Hendricks and Reminic N Dunit Win NRBC Open Preliminary Go-Round
2004-04-22 Farnam's Ascend Gel Formulas
2004-04-22 Nominate Your Horse for the Equine Public Service Award
2004-04-22 David O'Connor and Outlawed Win at Foxhall
2004-04-22 McCutcheon Tops NRBC Non Pro First Go
2004-04-21 Billy Cook Milennium Reiner
2004-04-21 Canada's Stuart Black and Fleeceworks Starlight Light Up Plantation Fields
2004-04-21 Tying Up (Exertional Myopathy) in Horses
2004-04-20 Riding Apparel - Ariat Terrain Lace
2004-04-20 Special Concerns for Feeding Exercising Horses
2004-04-19 The Jane Savoie Collection now available at Tropical Rider
2004-04-19 West Nile Virus: Controlling The Risk To Your Horse
2004-04-19 Colt Starting on the Dude String
2004-04-18 The Centennial Body Protector from Troxel
2004-04-18 Health Hints for Your Horse
2004-04-18 4 Seasons Horse Herbal Blend
2004-04-17 Award Winning CONQUER Now Available in Powder Form
2004-04-17 National Cutting Horse Association/Millennium Western National Championship Entries up 10%
2004-04-17 SBC Riding Program Welcomes ANRC National Championship Competitors to Campus
2004-04-16 Charles Owen Sponsoring at Groton House Horse Trials
2004-04-16 AAEP Members to Deliver Health Lectures at Horse Expo
2004-04-16 Eventing's Best Expected at Rolex
2004-04-16 Rio Vista Products Announces Free Kensington Show Tote Promotion
2004-04-15 United States Dressage Federation Announces New Online Search and Improved Web Services for Horse Owners
2004-04-15 Bed and Breakfasts for Bowser and Flicka
2004-04-15 New Edition of Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide Now Available
2004-04-14 USEF Announces Show Jumping Team for 2004 Samsung Super League Tour
2004-04-14 Farnam Horse Products Woos Canadian Market
2004-04-14 Beezie Madden And Judgement Win $150,000 Grand Prix of Charlotte
2004-04-14 Hallmark Channel Original Movie Features Story of Deserted Young Mother and Her Blind Horse, Premieres April 18
2004-04-13 Feeding the Mare and Foal
2004-04-13 Craig Schmersal and Tom McCutcheon Win Cosequin/USEF Open Reining Championship Qualifiers
2004-04-12 The New Boyne Jacket from Horseware
2004-04-12 A.Q.H.A. Showpiece Natural Oil Saddle By Tex Tan
2004-04-12 Catch as Catch can - How to Catch a Loose Horse!
2004-04-11 Plaid Equestrian Bag and Boot Collection
2004-04-11 Cara Raether And Olympus Win $5,000 Amateur/Young Riders Top Score
2004-04-11 Beezie Madden And Conquest II Win $10,000 International Jumpers Top Score
2004-04-11 Charlie Jayne And Champion Win $5,000 Amateur/Young Rider Speed Stake
2004-04-11 Beezie Madden and Judgement Win $25,000 Charlotte Welcome Stakes
2004-04-10 Al Dunning Video Series
2004-04-10 Can You Prevent Colic?
2004-04-10 Romfh Debuts Spring Line of Technical Riding Apparel in new Dover Catalog
2004-04-09 Pre-Bit Hackamore Training
2004-04-09 Equine Feeding for Performance
2004-04-09 Devon-Aire Ladies Hipster Tights
2004-04-09 Opening Day Of Charlotte Jumper Classic CSI**** Kicks Off On Friday, April 9
2004-04-08 Organized Barn and Trailer Inc. Gets Your HOSS Organized With Our New Barn and Tack Line!
2004-04-08 Sooner Trailer Continues 16-Year Partnership with AQHA, Upgrades Sponsorship
2004-04-08 Virtual Stable to Follow Challenge Championships
2004-04-08 USDF Announces Spring Advanced Young Rider and Junior Rider Clinic Participants
2004-04-07 The Ultimate in Fly Products - Now Available from Wrangler and Twenty X by Professional's Choice
2004-04-07 Horses Never Lie Book
2004-04-07 Wrap Up For Winter Equestrian Festival Week 10
2004-04-07 Equine Identification Task Force Meets, Discusses ID Plan Issues
2004-04-07 MBNA America Racing Challenge Adds Three New Sponsors
2004-04-06 English Tack - The Hampton Hat from Charles Owen
2004-04-06 USEA Gold Cup Series Goes to California
2004-04-06 Economic Impact Study of the Horse Industry to be Updated
2004-04-06 USDF Calendar of Educational Events Now Available Online
2004-04-05 Western Horse Tack - Wintec All Rounder Saddle
2004-04-05 Make Money With Horses
2004-04-05 A Horse, Of Course
2004-04-05 Russell Stewart, Sr., and Main Spring Inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame
2004-04-04 Packable, Waterproof Garments a Must for Trail Enthusiasts
2004-04-04 Cheap Feed Costs More
2004-04-04 Norman Dello Joio And Glasgow Win $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational At WEF
2004-04-03 Get an Education in Natural Horsemanship
2004-04-03 Ward Wins WEF Challenge Cup Finale
2004-04-03 McDonald to Help Olympic Dressage Team
2004-04-03 Jeffery Welles And Octavius Win $20,000 1.50m Classic At WEF In Tampa
2004-04-02 2003 National Reined Cow Horse Association National Champions Named
2004-04-02 Horse Health Alert - California Birds Test Positive for West Nile Virus
2004-04-02 Stellar Roster of Riders Invited to Compete on April 3 in the $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational Presented by Publix and The Tampa Tribune
2004-04-01 Get ready to ride! How to make sure you and your horse are ready to go
2004-04-01 United States Dressage Federation and Dover Offer New Rider Awards
2004-04-01 Laura Chapot And Sprite Win $5,000 1.40m Acorn Hill Farm Challenge At WEF
2004-04-01 A Horse, Of Course
2004-04-01 Rein-Aid
2004-03-31 International Day At The National Reining Horse Association Derby
2004-03-31 Wrap Up For Winter Equestrian Festival Week 9, March 24-28, Tampa Bay Classic
2004-03-30 Bounty of Horse Boots
2004-03-30 National Cutting Horse Assn Super Stakes to be Telecast Live
2004-03-30 Western Show Apparel - Pants, Belts and Buckles
2004-03-30 Horse Shows In The Sun to Premiere World-Class Equestrian Facility in May
2004-03-29 Understanding Equine Insurance: Guidelines You Should Consider
2004-03-29 Jimmy Stickler & Mia Smokum Tucker Win NRCHA Bridle Spectacular
2004-03-29 Kerrits Announces New Pocketed Apparel Line
2004-03-29 Beezie Madden And DeSilvio Win $75,000 Grand Prix of Tampa, Presented By Kilkenny/ICH, CSI-W At Winter Equestrian Festival
2004-03-28 Top Five Myths About Cutting Horses
2004-03-28 Cover-All Hosts North American Wide Open House Event
2004-03-28 Molly Ashe And Lutopia Win $20,000 1.5m Classic At Winter Equestrian Festival
2004-03-27 Learn to Recognize the Signs of Laminitis
2004-03-27 Triple Crown Horse Feeds Equimix Technology
2004-03-27 Brentina Withdrawn from FEI/Volvo World Cup Dressage Final
2004-03-27 Jeffery Welles And Octavius Win $5,000 1.40m Acorn Hill Farm Challenge, Leigh Healey And Laurin Win $2,500 Junior Jumper High Power & Speed, Abigail Carpenter And Augustus Win $2,500 Amateur-Owner Jumper High
2004-03-26 Horse Health - EasySoaker by EasyCare, Inc.
2004-03-26 Horse Gift - Time To Tack Up!
2004-03-26 NRCHA Stakes Begins!
2004-03-25 Western Casual Apparel - The Josie from Ariat
2004-03-25 Horse Tack - Ortho Equine Comfort Boots
2004-03-25 2004 American Quarter Horse Stakes Schedule Set At Sam Houston Race Park
2004-03-25 Meet Mister Master Card - 2004 NRCHA Raffle Colt Donated by Ward Ranch
2004-03-24 Janna Beam Wins The Ariat/Martha Josey Excellence in Horsemanship Scholarship
2004-03-24 National Youth Cutting Horse Association Stallion Service Program into second phase
2004-03-24 National Reined Cow Horse Association Stakes Begins on Wednesday!
2004-03-23 Horse Tack - Cashel Bareback Pad
2004-03-23 Dressage from Rio Vista
2004-03-23 Calling Young Artists for USDF's Art of Dressage Contest
2004-03-23 NBC to Televise Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Bayer
2004-03-22 March 18-21, Zada Enterprises, LLC WEF Dressage Classic CDI***/Y, Catherine Morelli And BeSe Win Intermediaire I, CDI*** At Winter Equestrian Festival
2004-03-22 Protect Horses from Exhaustion and Overheating
2004-03-22 The Balance Necklace, a perfect gift for the horse lover
2004-03-21 Georgina Bloomberg Wins USET Foundation Maxine Beard Award
2004-03-21 Over The Walls Horse Trials to Host Eventing World Cup Qualifier
2004-03-21 Health Hints for Your Horse
2004-03-21 Baldwin Wins Dodge National Rodeo
2004-03-20 Feeding the Orphan Foal
2004-03-20 April is Horse Adoption Month at Nevins Farm
2004-03-20 A Fly Mask that both Protects and Stays Put!
2004-03-19 USEF Performance Horse Registry Presents 2nd Annual Event Horse Breeding Symposium During 2004 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
2004-03-19 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series Kicks Off 2004 Season
2004-03-19 Help Your Mare Have A Safe Delivery
2004-03-18 10 Tips for Reducing Your Horse's West Nile Risk
2004-03-18 United States Equestrian Federation Names New Marketing Executive
2004-03-18 New from Absorbine - Santa Fe Grooming Products
2004-03-18 European Union Imposes Retaliatory Tarriffs on Many Items, Some Horses
2004-03-17 Reminic Achieves NRHA Million Dollar Sire Status
2004-03-17 AQHA Elects Frank "Scoop" Vessels III as President
2004-03-17 Margie Engle Targets Jumping Selection Trials
2004-03-17 Morris Animal Foundation Names New Executive Director
2004-03-16 Should you use a daily dewormer for your horse?
2004-03-16 English Riding Apparel - Tailored Sportsman Royal Hunter Breech
2004-03-16 Cowboy Central Rewards National Reining Horse Association Exhibitors
2004-03-15 NEW for Spring 2004! The Amigo Summer Turnout
2004-03-15 English Equitation: Mounting, Correct Seat, Dismounting
2004-03-14 AQHA Board of Directors Voted on Key Rule Changes at Convention
2004-03-14 Make plans to attend the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes and Super Stakes Classic
2004-03-14 April 2004 Issue of The Horse Reports Origin of Mysterious Disease Found in Quarter Horses is Discovered
2004-03-13 Farnam Weight Builder Liquid
2004-03-13 Horse Link Exchange - Tack Link Exchange
2004-03-13 Silver Spur Winner Featured on "America's Horse" TV, Visit the While Stallion Guest Ranch
2004-03-12 Building a Foundation of Foot Care in Foals
2004-03-12 E-Z Ride Stirrups
2004-03-12 NBC to Televise Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Bayer
2004-03-11 Cowboy Central Rewards NRHA Exhibitors
2004-03-11 Nominations Open for AQHA Equine Public Service Award
2004-03-11 Professional's Choice Moves Into a New Core Operations Facility
2004-03-10 Tahitian Noni International Introduces New Equine Product
2004-03-10 Royal Kaliber Named 2004 Limited Edition Breyer Model Horse
2004-03-10 Rutgers to Hold One-Day Horse Management Seminar This Weekend
2004-03-10 ARIA Sponsors Instructor Certification Test Centers
2004-03-09 Pessoa makes it a Double in Parisoo
2004-03-09 Lauren Hough And Clasiko Win $75,000 CN Florida Open Grand Prix Presented by Estates of Wellington Green, CDI-W
2004-03-09 2004 ProRodeo Hall of Fame Inductees
2004-03-09 Stirrup Leaders Join Forces
2004-03-09 Horseware does it again!
2004-03-08 Western Show Apparel - Hats!
2004-03-08 English Tack - Wintec Bridle
2004-03-08 Cross Country International's Costa Rica Trail Ride Named One of the "Best Vacations of 2004" by Outside Magazine
2004-03-07 I Want To Do Reining or Cutting. What Saddle Do You Recommend?
2004-03-07 British Horse Society advises never loan a horse without an agreement
2004-03-07 Paints Ride into Hearts of Leading Hollywood Actor and Screenwriter
2004-03-06 McDonald and Brentina Sweep U.S. Grand Prix Freestyle Championship and U.S. Leauge Final
2004-03-06 Equine Grass Sickness Linked to Clostridium Botulinum
2004-03-05 Oster Grooming Kit Winner, March 2004
2004-03-05 AQHA Professional Horseman Host/Attend Business Workshop in Reno
2004-03-05 Chew on this! Horse Cribbing: The difference between a bad habit and a behavioral disorder
2004-03-04 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Trainer Larry Trocha
2004-03-04 Choosing, Assembling and Using Bridles
2004-03-03 World Reining Trophy 2004 Sets New Category 1 Added Money Record!
2004-03-03 Western Horse Tack - Lone Star Legends by Weaver
2004-03-02 'Hidalgo' Feeds Growing Horse Craze
2004-03-01 Western Horse Tack - Tucker Apache Saddle
2004-03-01 West Nile Virus: Protecting Your Horses
2004-03-01 American-Flex Introduces Full-Carbon-Trees
2004-02-29 Versatile horses to show practical talents at APHA's first Paint Ranch Horse Round Up
2004-02-29 New Awards for US Dressage Federation Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Members
2004-02-29 Internationally Recognized Veterinarians Join Team at Pfizer Animal Health
2004-02-28 Kerrits Announces New Pocketed Riding Apparel Line
2004-02-28 Western Horse Tack - Circle P Equitation Saddle
2004-02-28 International Hoof-Care Summit Succeeds With Innovative Format
2004-02-27 Bringing up Baby by John Lyons
2004-02-27 Drug Interaction in Lame Horses
2004-02-26 English Riding Apparel: Ariat Sport Rhythm Breech
2004-02-26 Clint Haverty Wins Cosequin/USEF Open Reining Championship Qualifier
2004-02-26 The 2004 $75,000 Bayer/USEF Open Reining Championship Featured at the NRHA Derby in Oklahoma
2004-02-25 National Reined Cow Horse Association World Championship Show Kicks off This Week
2004-02-25 Nutrena Remains Official Equine Feed of AQHA
2004-02-25 Western Tack: Bob Loomis Reiner Saddle
2004-02-24 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational, CSI*** Set For April 3 In Tampa
2004-02-24 HorsePeople Magazine Debuts; People Who Love Horses Featured
2004-02-23 Finding horses on your career path - book addresses equine job hunting
2004-02-23 A Revoluntionary Advance in Horse Hoof Nutrition
2004-02-22 All New 2004 Parelli Tour on the Road
2004-02-22 Western Horseman Cup Finals to air on OLN
2004-02-22 2004 Maui Jim Wayne Horse Trials to Feature New Divisions of Competition - Get Your Young Event Horses Going!
2004-02-21 How to Teach a Horse to Load
2004-02-20 Grooma Easy Wormer Horse Wormer
2004-02-19 How Sweet is Your Horse Feed?
2004-02-19 AQHA Affiliates form One Team and One Target
2004-02-18 Horse Care - Pearly Whites
2004-02-18 Breeding Season for Beginners: What to Expect Mares to Do
2004-02-17 Western Show Apparel - Cassandra Vest by Hobby Horse
2004-02-17 Great Horse Gift or use it yourself for your next Barn Bash!
2004-02-16 Organize Your Horse Tack!
2004-02-16 Miniature Horse Tack
2004-02-16 Trailer Express - Helps horses cope with transport stress
2004-02-16 Charmayne James Barrel Racer's Knee & Shin Guards
2004-02-15 Breeding Season for Beginners: What to Expect Mares to Do
2004-02-15 Festival of the American West in July/August 2004 in Utah
2004-02-14 Saddle Fitting Savvy
2004-02-14 Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses
2004-02-14 Henri de Rivel Advantage All-Purpose Saddle
2004-02-14 Registration Open for 2004 Kentucky Derby Fantasy Challenge
2004-02-13 Lunge Your Horse - Correctly
2004-02-13 Robert Dover Wins USEF Grand Prix Qualifiers For Olympic Selection Trials
2004-02-12 Grand opening of the Morgan presence at the Kentucky Horse Park
2004-02-12 NAERIC Yearling Fillies and Draft/Draft Cross Mares to be Auctioned at Rutgers University
2004-02-11 Wyoming Mom Produces Cowboy Videos for Kids
2004-02-11 Myler Bits
2004-02-10 Horse Tack Review Welcomes State Line Tack!
2004-02-10 Professional's Choice Ropes Releases New Four-Strand Ropes
2004-02-10 Ranch and Training Facility Tour to kick off AYHC National Youth Leader's Symposium
2004-02-10 Theatre Equus at Harrisburg's Farm Show Arena - Part Circus, Part Wild West Show, Part Equestrian Ballet
2004-02-09 Kerrits Announces Major Marketing Changes for 2004
2004-02-09 Horse Treats... Stud Muffins!
2004-02-09 Challengair 2000 Equine Vac from Double K
2004-02-08 Preventing Colic
2004-02-08 Western Show Apparel - Mendocino Blazer by Hobby Horse
2004-02-08 Period Extended for Input on US Animal ID Plan
2004-02-08 Key Issues discussed as AQHA readies for Convention
2004-02-07 Watercolor Horse Pack Trip in Wyoming
2004-02-07 USDF Announces Advances to the "L" Education Program
2004-02-06 Tetanus in Horses
2004-02-06 SHOW Program turns feed bags into cash
2004-02-05 2004 NRHA Convention To Honor New Hall Of Fame Members
2004-02-05 Why Are Fat-Added Rations Becoming Popular for Feeding Horses?
2004-02-04 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Sheplers!
2004-02-04 2004 Fashion Forecast for Western Show Apparel
2004-02-04 American Paint Horses bring Wild West to life at Six Flags Over Texas
2004-02-03 AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots Celebrates 125th Anniversary
2004-02-03 Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle
2004-02-02 Valentine's Day Gift for Horse Lovers
2004-02-02 McLain Ward won the first Grand Prix of the 2004 Winter Equestrian Festival with a victory in the $25,000 Nutrena/Western Hay WEF Challenge Cup
2004-02-02 Free Test Rides at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, March 12-14
2004-02-01 Ariat Reinvents Equestrian Footwear Once Again
2004-02-01 Churchill Downs Incorporated Launches Official 2004 Kentucky Derby Web Site
2004-01-31 The Countdown to Convention
2004-01-31 EquiFest of Kansas 2004 Details Announced
2004-01-30 Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes--The Marketing Force Behind Your Horse
2004-01-30 U.S. Eventing Secures Corporate Partnership with Cover-All Building Systems
2004-01-30 Elevate Water Soluble Natual Vitamin E
2004-01-28 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Jeffers Equine!
2004-01-28 Critical and Popular Success 'Seabiscuit' Continues Impressive Winning Streak, Receiving Seven Academy Award(R) Nominations, Including Best Picture
2004-01-28 U.S. Equestrian Expands Member Benefits
2004-01-28 Troxel Introduces World's Most Advanced Equestrian Schooling Helmet
2004-01-27 Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol Saddles Up to Protect Super Bowl Visitors
2004-01-27 New Horse Feed Supplement Is Great News for Consumers Who Yearn to Get "Back to Nature"
2004-01-26 Horse Tack Review Welcomes Back In The Saddle!
2004-01-26 Highlights Of Upcoming 34th Annual Winter Equestrian Festival
2004-01-26 Justin's George Strait Lacers
2004-01-25 Looking for a Valentine's Day Gift for the Horse Woman in your Life?
2004-01-24 The US Animal Identification Plan and the Horse Industry
2004-01-23 The Glass Horse
2004-01-23 A Horse Extravaganza: New Outdoor Expo Launches Horse Program for Recreational Riders
2004-01-22 Weatherbeeta, USA Signs on as AQHA Corporate Partner
2004-01-21 125 Years in the Making ... And Justin Boots Is Still Kickin'! One of America's Most Beloved Companies to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary
2004-01-21 Gordon's EMT Gel - Promotes Rapid Healing
2004-01-21 Skyscape Unleashes the Power of PDAs For Veterinarians
2004-01-20 USDA Instituting New Blood Test for Equine Piroplasmosis
2004-01-19 Fix Your Horses Hooves From the Inside Out with Focus HF by Source
2004-01-19 Charles Owen GR8 Hat
2004-01-19 Synergist Saddles - Custom Saddles For Every Riding Requirement
2004-01-19 WANTED: A Few Good Clippers!
2004-01-18 Veterinary Products Laboratories - Pheromone Mist For Easing Equine Anxiety
2004-01-16 OHRIA Launches Barn Fire Safety Campaign
2004-01-15 Horse Owner Seminar Focuses on Equine Behavior and Riding Skills
2004-01-15 The American Quarter Horse Foundation Now Has Internet Presence
2004-01-15 U.S. Equestrian Names Medal of Honor Recipients
2004-01-15 Gold Buckle Media Preparing to Launch New Western Sports and Lifestyle Television Channel
2004-01-14 Two Mares Bring $800,000 During Opening Session Of January Sale
2004-01-14 Crucell Grants Pfizer an Exclusive License on West Nile Virus Vaccine for Horses
2004-01-13 Equine Industry Vision Award Nominations Due Jan. 15
2004-01-13 National Reined Cow Horse Association Announces Karen Twisselman Receives Jane Tatum Award
2004-01-13 British Horse Society to launch 'new look' welfare publications and 'BHS Equi Weight Watchers' in 2004
2004-01-12 Springtime is the Optimal Time for Equine Deworming
2004-01-11 Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon to Lead AAEP in 2004
2004-01-11 IDEXX Laboratories Receives FDA Approval of New EPM Treatment -- NAVIGATOR(R)
2004-01-10 Purina Mills to Host Nation's Largest Horse Owner Educational Event, In Towns Across America
2004-01-10 Expecting Company? Birth Monitoring Systems by Foalalert, Inc.
2004-01-09 Merial Introduces Next Generation Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine
2004-01-09 USEF Mourns Passing of Celebrated Horseman Billy Haggard
2004-01-08 Slippery Rock University Receives $250,000 Gift to Develop Equestrian Center on Campus
2004-01-08 Safety Seminar to be held at U.S. Equestrian Meeting
2004-01-08 Right Balance - For better hooves and healthier coats
2004-01-07 Exciting Developments for the International Association of Equine Dentistry
2004-01-07 Fort Dodge Animal Health Introduces Equine West Nile Virus Combination Vaccines to Protect Against Two Deadly Mosquito-Borne Diseases
2004-01-06 Get Smart! Get Smartpak!
2004-01-06 Ohio State Creates First Gene Chip for Horses
2004-01-05 Rein-Aid elastic reins for a soft connection
2004-01-04 Less time cleaning stalls. More time with your horse.
2004-01-04 Behavior Problems? Solve them with Training Products from John Lyons
2004-01-03 Protective Equine Chaps help keep horse's legs clean & protected
2004-01-03 The Rambo Wug
2004-01-03 Homeopathic Horse Kit - An Emergency Remedy Kit for Horses
2004-01-02 Horse Colic Remedy can save your horse, protect your investment!
2004-01-02 February 1 is Deadline to Name Foals of 2002
2004-01-01 Horse Tack Review Newest Gear Review Site on the Web
2004-01-01 National Western Stock, Rodeo, Horse Show - January 10-25
2004-01-01 Innovative new horse heart monitor introduced to U.S. Market
2004-01-01 Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption Site Jonesboro, AR Jan 10-11
2004-01-01 Horse Tack Review Privacy Policy
2004-01-01 About Us
2004-01-01 Submit a Product for Review
2003-12-29 Troxel Introduces the Radius Helmet
2003-12-28 Finally - A Nutritional Approach To Stop Wood Chewing!
2003-12-25 Third Millennium Industries, Inc. and NCHA Announce Sponsorship Deal
2003-12-22 Universal Studios Home Video Announces Seabiscuit's Full Gallop Finishes First as Year's Best-Selling Drama on DVD
2003-12-19 Horses Gallop Into History
2003-12-01 Mikmar Bit Company Announces Extensive Line of New Products

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