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New Horse Feed Supplement Is Great News for Consumers Who Yearn to Get "Back to Nature"

Horse Health Product Spotlight

ST. LOUIS, MO - For horse owners who’ve hopped on the "back to nature" bandwagon, a new line of equine nutritional supplements called Nature’s EssentialsTM is filling a need - and some newly discovered nutritional gaps. "Although feeding straight grains and forage may seem like the most natural thing in the world, horse owners are learning it can have its shortcomings," says John Hamilton of Purina Mills®, where Nature’s EssentialsTM was formulated.

"Throughout history, the ability to pick up and move to ‘greener pastures’ has allowed generations of horses to thrive on forages," Hamilton adds. "Total freedom and mobility was nature’s way of assuring horses a balanced diet from the variety of forages found in the vastly different geographic areas they frequented."

"Not so for today’s horse, often limited to a single pasture or straight grains from a single geographic locale. What’s more, pastures in the same area or even different parts of the same pasture can have inconsistent nutrient values. As a result, a horse feeding on straight grains or forage often needs help to achieve the nutritional balance once derived naturally," says Hamilton.

In addition, horses in simpler times only had to deal with the stresses of weather and predators. Today’s horses have the additional stresses of training regimens, performance expectations, trailoring, the show environment and the back stretch - not to mention being alone in a pen or stall without interaction with other horses to satisfy their natural herding desires.

But Purina MillsTM’ Nature’s EssentialsTM is about to fill in those nutritional gaps.

As a result of state-of-the-art research and field-testing, Purina Mills® is introducing Nature’s EssentialsTM equine nutritional supplements to complement the forage or straight grain portion of a horse’s diet and provide the nutrition nature intended.

The first two varieties out of the gate are Born to WinTM and Mare & MaintenanceTM. After being researched at Purina Mills®’ Gray Summit Research Farm in Missouri, they were successfully field tested in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, both supplements match or exceed competitive supplements currently in the marketplace, plus they have the added credibility of the Purina Mills® name and research credentials.

"There’s no animal owner in the world more conscientious about nutrition than a horse owner," adds Hamilton, "These new Nature’s Essentials supplements from Purina Mills® represent the next generation in nutritional technology. Perhaps for the first time, horse lovers have an equine supplement they can feed with total confidence."

Nature’s EssentialsTM Born to WinTM and Mare & MaintenanceTM are available now at Purina dealers nationwide.