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Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul

Horse Gift - Gift for a Horse Lover

Chicken Soup for the Horselover's Soul is full of inspirational stories about horses and the people who love them. This book will make enjoyable reading as a gift for a horse lover. Includes tales about famed racehorses Seabiscuit and Funny Cide, and is a must-read for equine enthusiasts of all ages.

Book Overview

Man's connection to the horse is ancient and visceral. Evidence of our ties to these humble creatures is found in primitive cave art in Lascaux, France and in the earliest samplings of the written word that describes a human-equine bond transcending cultural and economic barriers.

The horse's integral role in man's evolution, society's development and the growth of civilizations is unquestioned. They have been immortalized by Hollywood, cherished by little boys and girls and mourned by warriors.

Over time the role of the horse has changed from a utilitarian one to one governed by emotion and pleasure, but no less important to our well-being. They have become faithful companions and effective stress-relievers, to which any horse owner who has entered the barn after a particularly tough day can attest.

Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul is filled with uplifting and humorous stories that depict the horse's intelligence, versatility and intuitiveness. You'll find inspiring stories of rescue and rehabilitation, dedication and commitment, and positive messages of responsibility and unconditional love.

Discover the therapeutic, healing powers of a horse ridden by a physically challenged child. Or marvel at their grace performing with a Grand Prix Dressage winner. The stamina and strength of a working Quarter Horse, the intelligence and playfulness of a champion Arabian, and the athletic prowess of a Thoroughbred racer will awe you. When all is said and done, the illusive answer to how these animals cast their spell on us remains unexplained but certainly not unchallenged. It is clear the bond is eternal.

Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul will bring survivors of the horse lover virus hours of reading pleasure. Perhaps, even more important, Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul will serve as a catalyst and literary ambassador of goodwill to anyone who is ready to get off the fence and hop in the saddle.