Horse Tack Review

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How to Start Your Horse on Cattle

Horse Tack - Horse Training

One of the best things you can do with your horse is work cattle on him. However, itís important that heís started the right way. This video will show you effective training techniques that will have your horse working willingly, with confidence.

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Master these simple techniques and your horse will have the kind of start thatís necessary to make a good cow horse. I should point out that this video was made with cutting horses in mind. However, the training techniques detailed in this tape work extremely well for starting working cow horses and team penning horses also.

I Think Youíll Love This Video. Hereís Why...

This new 1Ĺ hour video is extremely detailed. Youíll see exactly how to start your horse on cattle. Youíll learn what to do with your hands, legs and seat to achieve outstanding results. Best of all, the training techniques are demonstrated on horses that actually need the training. Youíll see horses making mistakes and what to do to correct those mistakes.

Get Your Horse Off to a Good Start.

You canít force a horse to become a good cow horse. He has to want to do it. If you want your horse to like his job and show a lot of expression on a cow, you need to build his desire and confidence. This video will show you exactly how to do that.

Hereís What Youíll Learn...

- What your horse needs to know before heís started on cattle.
- How to get your horse to watch and focus on a cow.
- Training techniques that will build your horse's desire to work cattle.
- How to motivate your horse to want to go with the cow.
- How to handle the reins to encourage working with a low head position.
- The single most important trait that all good cow horses have in common.
- How to teach your horse to "want" to stop with the cow.
- How to build your horseís confidence and ability for working cattle.
- How to teach your horse to stay in a good working position on a cow.

Overall, I think youíll find this video contains the absolute best information available on starting horses on cattle.