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Spoil Your Horse Guilt Gift Basket

Horse Tack - Horse Gifts

Going to be away for a while? eel "guilty"? Send your horse our "Guilt Gift Basket" full of special items. Includes: Four samples of our all-natural, home-baked alpha bites treats; our re-fillable apple April's Treat Jar; a CD of relaxing music made by horses for horses; our liniment rub; a massager; and peppermint candies, which are not only delicious, but peppermint is a natural calming agent.

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Featuring all natural, home-baked horse treats, horse toys, riding and learning aids, equine accessories, gifts for horses and horse fanciers, and much more! We are regulated by the Dept. of Agriculture, Certified in Pet CPR / First Aid, and Insured and Bonded, with 30 years experience!