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Bitten Premium Bit Warmers warm your frozen bridle bit! No more bit shyness or frozen fingers. The Bitten converts to a hand and body warmer to keep you toasty during your ride. These are Premium Bit Warming Devices. Use them to Warm your bridle bit in those cold winter months! Your Horse will Love you For IT!! No More Bit Shyness or Frozen Fingers! When you're done it works as a hand and body warmer to keep you nice and toasty! ALSO works great to shield your bridle bit from the heat of the Summer Sun!

For Color Choices and Details about the Bitten visit

*Note ~ Every Bitten comes with two of the disposable heat packs.

To order by phone, call Toll Free: 1-888-661-9091 or visit

Introduction & History

The Bitten is a wonderful product that uses readily available heat packs to warm a cold bridle bit. Designed by a woman who loves riding her horse in cold weather, but frustrated by a lack of options to easily warm a frozen bit, she thought, "There's got to be a better way!" Prior to creating the Bitten, she, just like you, was forced to warm a frozen bit with her bare hands, or by tucking it under her arm, or by placing it inside her winter coat. All very awkward, clumsy and uncomfortable choices. So, with a lot of hard work and after much trial & error, the Bitten Bit Warmer was born. All you do is simply activate an internal heat pack, wrap the Bitten around the bridle bit, and by the time you've finished saddling your horse the Bitten has finished warming the bit - and it's pleasantly warm & ready to use! No electricity or other clumsy fuel source is required. You know; horse trainers agree that an ice cold bit can make your horse bit-shy or might even injure your horse. That's no longer a worry. Your life is easier and your horse is happier. What could be better on a cold winter's day!

Good For Bridle Protection & ID

The Bitten has many other wonderful qualities in addition to warming a bridle bit. You can use it as a wonderful hand and body warmer after it has finished warming your horse's bit. Just slip it in your coat and it keeps you warm for your entire ride. It can also be used to protect a bit against nicks, dirt and the heat of the sun - a hot bit can be just as harmful to your horse’s mouth as a frozen bit can be. Another great quality of the Bitten is that it can be used in a fashionable way for quick identification when your bridle is hanging with others. Since the Bitten comes in four beautiful colors, you can easily have a different color for each bridle!

Works With all Types & Sizes of Bits

The Bitten fits all types and sizes of bridle bits and is simply applied by wrapping it around the mouth piece – it is secured by Velcro® (see illustration above). By adjusting the size of the Bitten with the Velcro it can fit a ported bit or shrink down to fit a snaffle style bit.

Use as a Hand Warmer Too!

Once the Bitten has warmed the bit, it has plenty of heat left to help warm your hands during your ride. You can “reverse fold” the Bitten which then enables the heat packs to be on the outside to help keep your hands toasty warm. If your upper body is cold, you can use the lanyard that is provided with every Bitten to hang it inside your coat to bring the warmth inside.

The Bitten can use two different types of heat packs; convenient disposable or long lasting reusable. We provide two of the disposable heat packs with each Bitten you buy. Additional heat packs are available inexpensively on this web site. The disposable heat pack lasts for up to 18 hours. The 18 hours can be subdivided into up to 10 short term uses if the pack is stored in a resealable ziplock bag that is included with each Bitten purchase. The reusable heat packs need to be “recharged” and stored, but heat instantly and can be used over and over again. Choose the pack that best suits your needs. Please see our Heat Pack Detail Pages for a more in-depth description of each type of heat pack to find out which works best for you. Remember, you can order either type of heat pack from this website at a great price, or in a pinch, the "Hot Hands" and "Pro Heat" warmer packs are readily available at most outdoor gear retailers.

Convenient Heat Pack Installation

The heat packs are easily inserted into the side of one, or both, of the two sleeves that are located in the Bitten. Both heat packs are shown partially inserted inside the Bitten. Usually, one heat pack is enough to warm the Bitten. However, two heat packs can be inserted to generate extra heat. For heat capacity and duration information for either the disposable or reusable heat packs, please see our Heat Pack Detail Pages.
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