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New Web Site Focuses on Equine Digestive Health Education

Equine Resources

Aurora, OH (December 16, 2004)—A new Web site, now available at, offers horse owners and trainers a single source for a wide variety of facts on the critical topic of equine digestive health. Created by Freedom Health, LLC, the site strives to educate in an engaging, easy-to-use environment. contains in-depth information on the health and function of the equine digestive tract, as well as the ways in which SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ helps to support this delicate, but essential system within the horse. Visitors to the site can take a guided, interactive tour of the complete digestive system, read frequently asked questions, peruse articles on digestive health and learn where to buy SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™.

“Our primary goal with this site is to help horse owners and trainers understand the importance of the equine digestive system and how it operates,” said Patrick Warczak of Freedom Health. “The truth is, a healthy digestive tract is the fuel line for the equine athlete. It provides every bit of the energy and nutrients horses need to perform. Understanding how it functions, and how to keep it healthy, is vital information for every equine caregiver.”

Designed by top planners, developers and writers in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, and utilizing the photographic talents of such industry names as David Stoecklein, Mark Barrett and Sunflower Photography, as well as illustrations by Susan Hakola, the site invites users to enjoy a graphic experience, as well as an educational one. Easy to navigate, with lots of helpful links, also provides a number of articles in its “Resource” section from leading experts on digestive health throughout North America.

“ provides a fun, interactive experience,” said Warczak. “More than simple product promotion, we set out to create a site that is truly useful and informative—something that offers valuable information. I think we achieved our objectives with this site.”

For more information on SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™, visit or call 866-270-7939.

SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC, of Aurora, Ohio. The company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them. Freedom Health is a member in good standing with the National Animal Supplement Council.