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Kensington 4 All Seasons Blanket System

Horse Tack - Horse Blankets

The Kensington 4 All Seasons Blanket System is a one of a kind. Offered with a high neck, European cut, three separate layers offer you All year Round Protection. Custom D Ring hardware securely fastens the layers together, permitting you to determine the desired protection.

The First Layer has been voted the “World’s Best Protective Sheet.” This revolutionary sheet offers maximum summertime protection. Manufactured in US made 2000 x 2000 Textilene Fabric,which is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear, even in the most severe weather conditions. The Textilene Mesh even holds snow out and away from the outer shell of the other layers, keeping your horse warmer and dryer.

This Protective Sheet is:

- Fly Resistant So tightly woven it resists all fly bites.
- UV Resistant Blocks up to 78% of UV rays that cause bleaching of the horse’s coat.
- Durable Tear resistant fabric protects your horse, and the underneath layers.
- Air Permeable 78% permeability cools your horse and can be wetted to provide extra cooling benefits for hot days and trailering. Non heat transferring fabric will not overheat your horse. Air circulates freely, helping to dry moisture and sweat.
- Soil Resistant Mud and Manure just wash right off. Machine washable. Hoses off and dries in minutes.
- Mildew Resistant A special antiseptic additive prevents the growth of odorous, unhealthy and unsightly mildew.
- Fire Retardant Fabric self extinguishes when removed from flame; does not exhibit any burning afterglow.
- Wound Protectant An excellent non- sticking, non abrasive protective layer over open wounds and sutures.
- Fade Resistant Specially formulated to maintain color for outdoor use.
- Grooming Mesh sheds out old and dead hair to delay early clipping. Mesh keeps coat shining by massaging and drawing out natural oils. Reduces daily maintenance by keeping dust and dirt off the coat.
- Trailering Protects your horse while trailering, from rubs and cuts. By wetting down Protective Sheet during warm weather, the water creates a seal over the mesh, cooling your horse and reducing the temperature in the trailer significantly. In order to maintain the cooler temperature, the Protective Sheet should be hosed down every few hours. Should an accident occur, the Protective Sheet will protect your horse from punctures and abrasions.

The Second layer includes a 600 denier ripstop waterproof, breathable Lami-Cell outer shell, with a specially formulated Cool Plus liner that wicks away moisture. This layer can be used in conjunction with the Protection Sheet, or on its own as a waterproof, breathable rain sheet.

The Third layer consists of a reversible quilted blanket. One side is a 70 denier nylon liner. The other side consists of a 12 oz pre-shrunk poly cotton lining. The Blanket is filled with 120 grams of hollow fiberfill insulation. This layer gives your horse extra needed warmth, with the option of maximum absorption and warmth with the poly cotton lining, or a shiny show coat with the 70 denier nylon lining. The blanket can be worn on its own, or layered in the system.

Determine your own configuration. The Heavy-duty fleece at the withers has a velcro attachment to cover all layers. The Custom D Ring hardware securely fastens the layers together.

This system blanket will keep your horse warm in – 0 degree weather, and cool in temperatures of 100+ degrees , making this blanket the only blanket system for All Year Round use. Patent 6,539,898

Includes a free Blanket storage system, which consists of 2 individual bags. The outer bag is used to store your clean blankets or tack, and can be hung on a stall wall. The interior mesh bag can be used to hold your soiled blankets and tack. Sizes 68”-82”.