Horse Tack Review

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Last minute shoppers? There is still time to get gifts for the horses and horse lovers!

Horse Tack Review Staff

Searching for that perfect gift for a horse lover? Still haven't bought a gift for your own horse? Have no clue where to begin? How about a gift for the horse lover who absolutely has everything already? We've put together a list of gifts for horse lovers that would put an apple in anybody's eye.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

The following are available from Back in the Saddle

Custom Photo Blanket - When snuggling up with your horse just simply isn’t practical, here’s a cozy substitute. Let these clever textile artists turn his photo into a custom knit blanket! They’ll reproduce it in black and white cotton yarns bound with matching gingham trim. You can even have your horse’s name knit right into the blanket!

Handpainted Silk Scarf - A great silk scarf is like a two-second makeover - draped 'round your shoulders or tied at the neck or waist, it pulls any outfit together. This versatile oblong scarf is hand-painted with eight running ponies in tones of blue, sand, taupe and pink.

Sterling Horseshoe Nail Jewelry - A farrier’s finery interpreted in a brilliant sterling silver jewelry collection. The Horseshoe Nail Ring has a hand-stamped detail, is adjustable, and looks sweet on fingers or toes. The unique pendant on the Floating Heart Pendant is cleverly crafted from two tiny horseshoe nails. The Double-Dangle Horseshoe Nail Earrings and Pendant are subtle expressions of your love of horses, while the lightweight Twisty Nail Pendant and Earrings grab the light and add sparkle.

Life's A Bit Better Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings - These striking statement pieces may just be your new daily favorites: linked snaffle bits in two-tone sterling silver and brass bracelet with toggle closure; silver snaffle-bit necklace with toggle on a flexible herringbone chain; and the matching two-tone snaffle-bit earrings are a must. Check out all of the equestrian inspired jewelry from Back in the Saddle

Horse Gifts

The following are available from Back in the Saddle

Barn Bash Horseshoe Cake Kit - Did you know that 60% of horse owners throw parties for their horse? Our horse-party-in-a-package lets your horse have his cake and eat it, too. Nobody gets left out, with a special horse party hat and everything you need to bake a one-step cake that’s delicious and nutritious for both humans and horses. Nice, big horseshoe cake pan serves plenty. Also includes six horse cookies for decoration.

The Ultimate Guide To Pampering Your Horse Book - Pamper while you bond! Follow Judy Ivers’ tips on a bevy of special creations for your horse, such as Halloween costumes, home-made treats and mashes, mud baths, rubdowns, and even the “how to’s” of mucking the perfect stall.

Instant Bran Mash For Chilly Days - Reward and pamper your horse with a delicious (and easy) bran mash. Just add hot water directly to the bag. Your horse will get a kick out of the special mix of wheat bran, barley and herbs, plus carrots and peppermint in Original Recipe, or bananas and raisins in Tropical Twist. Great way to hide medicine, too!

Stud Muffins - Every horse turns into a bundle of love and affection as they linger over these generously sized, moist and chewy morsels. The handmade, all-natural treats contain whole wheat, oats, molasses and coat- brightening flax seed, but all your horse will care about is how incredibly wonderful they taste.