Horse Tack Review

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Purina Horse Feeds

It’s about the moment. The instant when horse and rider face the challenge. Months, years of discipline and training come together. The conditioning, the focus and the will work in unison. You show up with the determination to win and the power to perform beyond your limits. Winning is defined on your own terms. Find that edge and you've got the competitive advantage. The new generation of trainers and competitors don’t want claims. They want results. It's time for something new. It’s time for Ultium™ Competition Horse Formula… the new standard in equine sports nutrition. The rules of competition just changed. Before you talk with anyone about winning, there’s something you should know. No feed, no supplement, no magic formula by itself can turn a horse into a winner. Winning comes from genetics. From the right kind of management. From attitude, training and nutrition. And none of it comes easily. Utlium™ with power from start to finish. So when the others hit the wall, you keep going. Without looking back.

Ultium™ Competition Horse Formula is the new standard in sports nutrition to help top equine athletes compete at their highest level.

New patented, proprietary technology is the culmination of decades of Purina Mills® equine research. Ultium™ has been successfully field-tested across a wide spectrum of competitive disciplines.

Unique, patented "pellets and extruded nuggets" prevent sorting, reduce waste and transport easily. Highly palatable and digestible, Ultium™ is “nutrient dense” and “highly efficient” so you “feed less.”

Sustained Energy System®
Features a unique blend of three (3) fuel sources:
1. Fat
2. Fermentable Fiber
3. Soluble carbohydrates (starch and sugar)

Ultium™ seamlessly “blends” fuel sources to provide a “steady” level of “cool” energy. An Ultium™ horse has the required energy to excel at competition without having nervous energy. An Ultium™ horse is controllable and manageable, has the mental focus, has the mindset to perform and has the best chance of winning. Ultium™ is power when you need it.

Reduced starch and higher fat may reduce the risk of colic and other digestive disturbances that may occur when feeding large quantities of grain. The added vegetable oil promotes a change of glucose and insulin to soluble carbohydrates. Leveling blood sugar allows the horse to remain calm and focused.

A unique fatty acid profile
A blend of soy oil, flaxseed and rice bran provides Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy immune function and improve hair, skin and hooves. Ultium™ is energy dense, resulting in prolonged stamina and endurance while maintaining the equine athlete in peak competitive condition. Ultium™ provides a reserve of “cool” energy—on demand.

Added beet pulp
This highly digestible, fermentable fiber source provides slow-released energy. Added fiber promotes good hindgut health. A horse that feels better is more willing to perform at a higher level.

Targeted Nutrition Delivery System™ transports “repair” nutrients quickly to where they’re needed most. A unique amino acid profile with added lysine, threonine, tryptophan and methionine and top-quality fuel sources replenish glycogen and protein stores in muscles while aiding with muscle repair. This results in less muscle fatigue for faster “bounce back” and readiness to perform when called upon—competition after competition. It’s energy in reserve. The horse is more supple and fit. Ultium™ promotes muscle tone and a strong top line.

Vitamins E, C and Selenium are powerful antioxidants that destroy “free radicals,” promoting a healthier immune system and reducing muscle damage. Vitamin E, a natural preservative, improves product shelf life.

A balance of vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins, iron, copper and magnesium. These blood-building nutrients optimize red blood cell production and increase oxygen capacity in horses being exercised. Minerals are also involved in building and repairing connective tissue and cartilage. The proper balance of calcium and phosphorus promotes stronger bones.