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Exciting New Look for Award-Winning Aloe Advantage Line

Horse Tack - Horse Health Product Press Release

Lexington, KY—Earlier this year Aloe Advantage joined forces with Kinetic Technologies, the makers of CONQUERä, the original HA oral gel. Now the Aloe Advantage line, including the popular 3-Step Wound Care System, has received packaging makeovers that better reflect each product’s unique features and the eye catching Kinetic Technologies branded look.

Although the entire Aloe Advantage line has a stimulating new look, the effective and proven formulas remain the same. Among the updates, award-winning Aloe Advantage 3-Step Wound Care System has become the MATRIX 3-Step System. The MATRIX name more accurately conveys Aloe’s structural tissue regeneration process.

“Clinical research has proven Aloe vera helps minimize scarring while promoting fast, natural healing,” explains Kerry Glakeler, President of Aloe Advantage and the Director of Sales and Marketing for Kinetic Technologies. “We wanted our customers to quickly understand what differentiates Aloe Advantage from all of the other products on the market. We think that the new packaging has done that.”

Kinetic Technologies was founded by veterinarians who clinically test all of their products for effectiveness. It was important not only that the Aloe Advantage meet Kinetic Technologies high standards, but also reflect the brand image that Kinetic Technologies has created with their distinctive purple packaging.

“We believe that research and clinical testing are imperative before placing a product on the market,” said Scott W. Pierce, D.V.M., Research and Development at Kinetic Technologies. “The Aloe Advantage products met our high standards. Aloe vera stimulates the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. It has the ability to dilate the capillaries and increase blood supply to the areas of application while promoting a moist environment for advanced healing. The result is that Aloe creates a MATRIX that is important in producing new cell growth, resulting in accelerated healing.”

Joining the MATRIX 3-Step System with a new look is Sports Rub, now called Revive Sports Rub. Color Tude Shampoo is now Dazzle Shampoo. Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner are now known as Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner. “It is not just that we wanted to update the packaging,” Glakeler says. “We also wanted to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

For more information on Aloe Advantage Products and the 100% Customer Amazement Guarantee, visit or call 1-877-624-9693.