Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Horse Fly Spray

New for 2005, W. F. Young is excited to introduce Bug Block insecticide and repellent. Bug Block contains more Pyrethrins and Permethrin than competing brands in the value category. The superior formulation of active ingredients kills and repels more than 70 species of pests including the common species of flies, plus hard to kill threats such as Scorpions, Black Widow Spiders, Ticks, Gnats, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes.

Use Bug Block on your horses, ponies, and dogs (over 12 weeks old). Bug Block is effective and approved for use as a premise spray; use it in the stall, all around the barn or outside where bugs congregate.

Bug Block has staying power, too. Unlike some insecticides, you don't have to "repeat daily" - its effectiveness lasts for 7-14 days after an initial treatment period.

Reach for Bug Block, the true professional strength pest control in the big, bold purple quart and gallon bottles. Check the Hot Offers section at for special introductory offer - a rebate that will save you up to 25% off the already highly attractive purchase price!

Bug Block® from Absorbine®
No frills.
Just more of what matters.

Now available from Jeffers Equine
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