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Make Money With Horses

Don Blazer

Committing is difficult…keeping commitments is more difficult. To be successful in business you must make a commitment to yourself, you must commit to your goals and you must commit to others. Keeping commitments builds trust.

But keeping commitments means taking a position, taking a stand, taking action. Taking action requires courage. Here are some tips from author Peter McWilliams to help you make commitments and keep them.

1. Learn to say, “no.” When you commit to yourself and to your goals, you have to make choices---you have to say, “no” to those things that take your time or blur your focus. You can have anything, but you can’t have everything. Say, “no.” Don’t commit and you won’t break a commitment.

2. Don’t make commitments you don’t intend to keep. It’s common to hear, “I’ll get back with you tomorrow…” or “let’s get together next week.” You know you don’t mean it; so don’t say it. You may think it doesn’t bother a client or someone with whom you are doing business—but it does, and it labels you in the minds of others. You want to be known for keeping, not breaking commitments.

3. Write your commitments down—they seem more important that way and you are less likely to ignore them. Now if you really, really need to fail at a commitment, renegotiate at the earliest opportunity. And renegotiate in a positive way: “I know we had an agreement, and I intend to keep it, but I’ve got a time problem and I’m asking if we can reschedule.”

4. Keep your commitments—it will do wonders for your business reputation and you’ll be surprised as how much easier it is to keep new commitments after you’ve had lots and lots of practice.

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Reprinted with permission from Don Blazer. Read, Ride, Reason--visit often for answers to your questions about horses.