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The Fund For Horses Announces Its Charity Organization

The Fund for Horses

The Fund for Horses, a non-profit equine protection organization based in Texas and known for its unique approach to equine protection through education and promoting a sense of community supported by its extraordinarily popular website, announces its latest venture, The Fund for Horses Charities.

When asked what motivated them to make this addition to their already widely influential and successful grassroots lobbying group, with subscribers that now includes members from around the world, its president Vivian Farrell responds, "The Fund for Horses is primarily engaged in seeing that existing equine protection laws are enforced and stronger, more effective ones are put in place. This can often be a lengthy and frustrating process. People want to do what they can to help and save lives now. We therefore set up The Fund for Horses Charities, and are focusing initially on several special projects."

One of these is the Silver Charm Club. "With the reported death of 1997 Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand in a slaughterhouse in Japan, alarms are raised every time one of our Thoroughbreds is sent abroad to stand stud. Money raised will go toward bringing our heroes safely back to these shores when their duties are finished overseas," Farrell explains.

Another of F4HC's programs is called No Horse Left Behind. Farrell sums it up this way, "The cost of hauling horses is high. Can you imagine the heartbreak of having to leave horses standing in feedlots or in an abusive situation simply because you cannot afford to transport them to safety? It is our goal to raise funds to purchase as many brand new horse trailers as we can and donate them to qualifying rescues and sanctuaries so that more resources can be spent on saving, rehabilitating and finding homes for more horses."

The F4HC is also bringing together experienced educators to put together a curriculum for young students. "We feel that because horses are now perceived chiefly as pleasure and sporting animals, what they have contributed to the world as we know it is in danger of being overlooked or forgotten," says Farrell. "It brings to mind John Trotwood Moore's quote, 'Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization we will find the hoofprint of the horse beside it.'"

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