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Rambo Helps you to See in the Dark!

Horseware Ireland

Ever wondered where you would start looking for your horse if he escaped on a winter night into some woods where it was pitch black? And to top it all off branches were falling all around because we were experiencing one of the worst storms for over 30 years. Well read on because here is story from a Horseware customer who believes her Rambo Rug saved her daughters horses’ life.

“I felt I had to write to thank you for saving Jessica's four year old horse from been badly injured or even killed. Two weeks ago we had a Hurricane in the South of Sweden. There were 8 people killed and 3 billion euro worth of damage done to the forest. We have not had a storm like this for over 30 years. We had no electricity, no water and everything was dark.

Our neighbour was giving water to Cody, Jessica's horse, and forgot to close the stable door. Out he went and headed straight for the forest in full gallop. Three of us went out with torches, in the hurricane, to find him and to our delight we saw him in the distance as we could see the reflective strips on his Rambo Supreme Turnout Rug. He was so scared of the wind and falling trees around him but we managed to catch him and bring him back to the security of his stable again. We thank you Horseware for saving the day – if it were not for the reflective strips on Cody’s Rambo Rug I am certain finding him would have been a tougher and much longer task and I dread to think what might have happened to him!”

All Rambo Turnout Rugs have Reflective Strips on the front and back of the rug which allows you to easily find your horse in a field in the dark by simply shining a torch around. This does not only save time but can also save lives.

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