Horse Tack Review


Tail Tamer Groomer's Stone

Horse Tack - Grooming Products

Tail Tamer Groomer's Stone works as a brush to remove hair and dirt, and brings out the natural oils in a horse's coat. Unlike natural rock, there are no pathogens... it's sterile! The Tail Tamer Groomer's Stone is a snap to clean by rubbing on rough surface to expose new layer of pores. It also removes botfly larvae safely and easily.

Additional Features:

• Does not leave grit on hands or horse
• Calms "twitchy" horses during grooming
• Does not dig into horse’s sensitive skin
• Use with or without curry comb or brush
• Actually massages the horse as it cleans
• Leaves coat soft and sleek
• Groomer’s Stones are hypoallergenic
• Works on dogs, cats & all show animals
• Lasts much longer than Slick ‘N Easy ™
• Lightweight and Safe for all ages
• Does not have an odor
• Good for the environment because it’s made of foamed recycled glass
• Made in the USA