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Wash My Suede Chaps in a Washing Machine? YES!

Leather Therapy

A United States Patent has been granted covering Leather Therapy Laundry Solution / Rinse and Dressing! Two unique laundering products were created specifically by Leather Therapy to care for leather garments and they do it all in the convenience of the home laundry. Materials such as fleece, hair, leather and suede will benefit from the maintenance system covered by this newly patented product. Now, riding breeches of stretchable fabric and leather, fleece vests and jackets, chaps, knit and leather gloves just became a lot easier for the equestrian to care for.

Leather is nature's three-dimensional fabric and requires lubrication to maintain softness and suppleness. Leather Therapy's laundry products support and protect the integrity of fiber and leather garments with the moisturizers that provide the wonderful "hand" or feel of the garment - aesthetic properties which were a part of the purchase decision. They offer a real value-added support system for the leather, textile and garment industries.

The laundry solutions were designed with no bleach or enzymes and are stable in a wide range of pH water conditions normally found in city water or hard country well water.