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Innovative new horse heart monitor introduced to U.S. Market

Press Release

Mill Valley, CA (PRWEB) -– Polar, a leading manufacturer of human heart rate monitors has created a line of Equine Heart Rate Monitors that are poised to take the US market by storm. The first product of its kind, the Polar Equine collection includes a wide variety of products designed for use in a range of equine disciplines. From a Sulky Race track to the Cutting ring, Polar is offering a product that will integrate with multiple types of tack and equipment.

“It’s medical fact that monitoring the heart rate of humans throughout a workout plan helps ensure the subject is receiving consistent, effective exercise. For high endurance athletes, elderly, and less fit humans, a monitored heart rate during workouts is absolutely mandatory,” says Polar representative Chris Wentworth. “Given that knowledge, coupled with the incredibly rigorous nature of a typical training session for a competitive horse, these Equine Heart Rate Monitors are a real boon to trainers and horse enthusiasts alike.”

Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitors measure heart rate via an electrical impulse gleaned from a small electrode. Various kits are available which provide electodes that can be mounted on a girth strap for continuous monitoring, or hand held for freestanding measurements. Read outs are shown via the Polar Receiver – a wrist monitor that can be worn like a watch. Many of the recievers offer advanced diagnostics which can be downloaded to a PC and evaluated over time. Ten main kits are available – these include the Horse Wellness Kit; Horse Equine Kit; Horse VetCheck; Horse A1; Horse A3; Horse Pacer; Horse A-5 Duo; Horse S610; Horse S710; and Horse S810i.

Prices for the Polar Equine products range from $99.95 for the basic Vet Check Kit to $414.95 for the Horse S810i which offers advanced downloadable diagnostics and is especially designed for fitness testing and research.

Currently available online at the Polar Horse Heart Rate Monitors will also be distributed through veterinarians and tack shops throughout the United States.

“This product is a superior way to evaluate horse performance from many angles,” explains Wentworth. “Typically it’s only when a horse pulls up lame – after a debilatating injury has already set in that most of us figure out something’s wrong. The Polar Horse Heart Rate Monitor gives a more detailed picture of what’s happening with a horse’s overall health and can actually help prevent costly, time consuming, and ultimately devastating injuries. Stress, unfitness, and illness can be detected through the use of this product.”

Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitors are distributed in the United States by FitMed of Mill Valley, CA. Polar Electro manufactures and markets a complete line of human and equine heart rate monitors and is based in Finland. The company was incepted in 1982. Polar Heart Rate Monitors can be found in every major sporting event, as well as in gyms, fitness centers, sports training centers and medical research facilities.