Horse Tack Review

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Wash & Rinse At The Turn Of A Switch

Horse Tack - Horse Grooming Supplies

Healthy HairCare Products introduces Herbal Horse Wash and Vigor Power Wash, all in one wash systems. Healthy HairCare Product’s new wash systems sprayer attaches to your garden hose and allows you to control wash and rinse at the turn of a switch, meeting every horse’s washing needs. Bucket and sponge not needed with this effortless horse washing system. No waste, no mess, less work, safer for the environment, easier & more economical, 8-16 washes per 32 oz. container.

Healthy HairCare Vigor Power Wash, an effective, invigorating aromatic liniment stimulates blood flow for the relief of minor soreness, inflammation and stiffness of muscles, knees, tendons, ankles & backs. Camphor, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of Wintergreen, Oil of Cedarwood, Oil of Rosemary, Oil of Thyme & Juniper Oil carefully blended with green soap leave the horse clean, shiny and invigorated.

Herbal Horse Wash is a high grade blend of natural herbal extracts and conditioners. Ginseng Root, Alfalfa, Wheat Germ, Licorice, Nettle, Aloe Juice, Soy Protein & Arnica Montana Flower are perfectly balanced to clean, protect and condition hair and skin.

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