Horse Tack Review

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EQyss Horse Wrap & Blanket Wash

Horse Tack - Blanket Wash

Leave it to EQyss to come up with this new, amazing product. The only anti-microbial horse wrap and blanket wash on the market today! EQyss Anti-Microbial Horse Wrap and Blanket Wash stops the spread of Ringworm, Scratches, Girth Itch and other skin problems on wraps, blankets, clothes, bags, towels, brushes... ANYTHING WASHABLE! Special enzymes remove odors and brighten colors. Contains no soap, for low sudsing. Will not irritate skin. Works in hot or cold water. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

EQyss was established in 1991. The founders of the company had a desire to provide and manufacture cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and above all else, 100% SAFE skin and hair products for humans, horses, and pets. We have stuck to these principals for over a decade.

Hair on all animals has two functions. The first is to keep the animal warm, and the second is to take moisture from the air and bring it into the skin, which helps the skin breathe. If the hair, skin, or scalp is coated with oil, wax, petroleum by-products, synthetic polymers, or silicone (ingredients used in almost ALL other grooming products to make hair shine), it is prevented from transferring moisture from the air. This can attract dust and dirt, and lead to skin and coat problems.

EQyss is the only company that makes grooming products that do not contain ingredients that will coat or damage the hair. Our products also do not contain alcohol or detergents that strip essential nutrients and vital moisture from hair and skin. . Ours are the only grooming products available that are manufactured with mucopolysaccharides and NaPCA, patented ingredients that accelerate the rate of moisture pulled from the air through the hair shaft to the skin of the animal over 100 times the normal rate.