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Mountain Horse Debuts New SCS3 Stirrup Control System

Mountain Horse Press Release

Part of the Fall 2005 Mountain Horse Collection , the SCS3 gives you better control, comfort and stability. They say that all good things come in threes. Well, Mountain Horse now has three great new things that together constitute a revolutionary system for riding Ė SCS3. These products can be used separately, and each one alone is a sensation that makes riding easier. Together they constitute a concept that radically improves control, comfort and stability in all forms of riding.

SCS3 Tall Boots and Paddocks

A specially tested pattern on the outer sole provides an unbeatable grip and an enhanced position in the stirrup. The impact absorbing system in the sole and heel provides fantastic comfort and relieves pressure on feet, knees and back. A new, uniquely designed steel shank helps provide optimum impact absorption, at the same time giving maximum support to the feet.

SCS3 Quick Release Stirrup

A unique release mechanism is integrated into the stirrupís uniform shape. An elastic rubber section bends, opens or releases fully, depending on the nature and direction of the fall. The fastening device for the release mechanism provides side support for the foot and prevents the stirrup being released accidentally. The stirrupís tested inclination helps to angle the foot into the heels down position.

SCS3 Stirrup Pads

The stirrup pad has the same patented pattern as the outsole of an SCS3 shoe. When sole and tread meet, the pattern engage, providing optimum grip without getting stuck and preventing the foot from sliding through the stirrup. There are four grip points, giving the rider the option of changing position, depending on the situation. The tread is constructed of two shockabsorbing layers and is angled to keep the foot and heel in a natural downward position.