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SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™—the first and only nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to support the entire equine digestive tract—is now available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of every equine care giver.

SUCCEED™’s top-dress granules formulation now comes in two new costeffective and convenient sizes. A 60-day supply pail is designed to work well for singlehorse or multiple-horse operations. A trial-sized tub is now available as well—providing owners with the chance to see SUCCEED™’s results with a lower initial cost.

“We believe that once owners and trainers try SUCCEED™, they’ll become true believers,” said Frank Pellegrini, DVM, Vice President – Veterinary Medicine with Freedom Health, makers of SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™.

“That’s why we created the trial-sized tub—to allow people to try the product on their own horses for 30 days and see the results for themselves. There are actually 37 servings of SUCCEED™ in the trial-size product. This makes possible twice-a-day feeding during the initial week of use.”

The two new packages of SUCCEED™ now available to consumers come in addition to those previously available: The 10.71-lb economy pail—with 180 daily servings—is a great choice for large show and race barns with many horses in training and work schedules. A one-month supply of oral syringes is also available for purchase. These are ideal for finicky eaters or horses off their feed.

SUCCEED™ supports a healthy digestive tract, even while horses remain on the active training and competition schedules required of high-performance mounts. Made up of a unique combination of ingredients such as polar lipids from oat oil, beta-glucan soluble oat fiber, yeast extracts and critical amino acids, SUCCEED™ helps to maintain a digestive environment that is optimal for overall health and condition.

Convenient to give and appealing to horses with its natural oat flavor, SUCCEED™ is safe and effective for all horses and, for the equine athlete, it is not a testable substance.

For more information about how to purchase SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™, as well as to read more about the equine digestive tract and its role in performance, please visit or call 866-270-7939.

SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC, of Aurora, Ohio. This company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them. Freedom Health is a member in good standing with the National Animal Supplement Council.