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Portable Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Vacuum

Horse Tack - Grooming Supplies

Now it's easier than ever to get your horse looking like a champion in half the time of hand grooming! As a vacuum, Vac 'N, Blo super suction removes dirt, dander, parasites and loose hair. As a blower, it dries evenly leaving hair smooth and lustrous. Powerful, 4 H.P. motor works fast, moving 135 cubic feet of air per minute. So you can turn your horse out even when it's hot and dusty or cold and wet. Shoulder strap, 6 foot flexi hose, air flow control, air concentrator, air flare, rake, brush, curry comb, pin comb, 3 bags. 9 lbs.

Portable Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Vacuum
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