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Teach Your Horse Flying Lead Changes

Larry Trocha

Imagine your horse performing flying lead changes smoothly and correctly. Wouldn’t it be great to have your horse changing leads willingly without any lurching or missing a hind lead? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to teach your horse this maneuver using the techniques demonstrated in this video.

This Video Is Divided Into Six Sections — Each Section is Literally Jam-Packed With Information!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

“Mechanics Of The Flying Lead Change”

It’s important to know how a horse’s body works while changing leads and what cues cause the change. This section explains what a horse must physically do in order to perform the change smoothly and correctly. I show you the proper sequence of using your legs and hands to ask for the lead change in a way your horse can understand.

“Preparatory Training For Lead Changes”

In this section I show you what your horse should know before you start to seriously ask him for lead changes. You’ll see how to get control of your horse’s head, neck, shoulders and hindquarters. You’ll also learn how to use your legs and spurs in a way that won’t upset your horse.

“Changing Leads On Green Horses”

Here, I demonstrate the techniques I use to change leads on horses that haven’t had a lot of training. These methods are great for testing your horse to see if he has a natural aptitude for changing leads (before you spend a lot of time on the preparatory training).

“Timing The Lead Change”

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your horse to change leads behind maybe it’s because you asked for the change at the wrong part of his stride. You see, there is only one part of a horse’s stride when he is physically able to change the hind lead. If your timing is off, you’ve asked him to change when it’s impossible for him to do it.

“Solutions For Lead Changing Problems”

There are some horses that are really difficult to get changed. Especially behind. This section deals specifically with hard to change horses. I demonstrate a technique that is almost guaranteed to work on any horse. Even the tough ones.

“Refining Performance”

Once you get your horse changing leads fairly consistently, it’s time to add a little refinement to his performance. In this part of the video you’ll learn how to smooth things out, slow him down and improve his head position.

In Addition To The Above Information, You’ll Also Learn…

How to teach your horse to lope circles on a light rein.

How to train your horse to do correct canter departures.

A special way to get your horse to do flying lead changes in 30 minutes or less. (I'm not kidding! Only one half-hour or less.)

How to keep your horse calm while changing leads.

And much, much more!

All in all, I think you’ll really like this video. The horses used for the demonstrations weren’t finished reiners so they made some mistakes. You’ll see how to correct those mistakes in “real world” training situations.

Production values: First rate. The picture and sound track are crystal clear.

Running time of this tape is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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