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Top Riders Enjoying the Benefits of the Organized Barn and Trailer's New Organization System

Horse Tack - Press Release

Two of equestrian sport's most accomplished riders are reaping the benefits of the Organized Barn and Trailer's innovative tack and equipment storage and organizing system that is revolutionizing the way horse people utilize their limited barn and trailer space.

Olympic medalists Beezie Madden and Steffen Peters are both finding great results with the new system that features a ready-to-install Tack Stall Kit perfect for bringing along to horse shows. The ready-to-install kit includes everything needed to organize even the messiest tack stall. The kit includes a HOSS Handy Organizing Storage SystemTM panel, shelf, five-hook rail bar, deep basket, saddle rack, peg hook, and two utility hooks.

"This has been a great benefit to us in keeping all our tack and equipment well organized," said Madden, the show jumping superstar who was the 2004 American Grandprix Association (AGA) Rider of the Year who also won a team Silver Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. "It has been especially helpful to us on the road at major horse shows where our staff is now able to make maximum use of limited space. Our staff never has to waste time searching for something because it's buried under other things. This really helps us keep our tack stalls neat and well organized."

Peters, who won a team Bronze Medal in dressage at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, agrees. "My staff and I have been thrilled with this great new organizing system," he said. "Whether we're on the road competing or at home in our own barn, we know where everything is at every moment. This really makes life a lot easier!"

It should be noted that neither Madden nor Peters is associated with or compensated by the Organized Barn and Trailer. They use the product because they like it.

The HOSS Handy Organizing Storage SystemTM features fully customizable components that can be combined to make storage of barn equipment, tack, feed, and virtually everything else absolutely hassle free. The easy-to-install portable system uses sturdy, coated wire panels made up of 3" square openings. The panels install in minutes and can be adjusted easily as storage needs change.

Installing the HOSS Handy Organizing Storage SystemTM is easy. Once the panels are in place, the rest of the system of bins, baskets, hooks, shelves, and hangers can be effortlessly hung in any combination anywhere on the panels, providing handy places to store blankets, tack, and other supplies right in plain view without obstructing vital spaces to move and walk. Storage containers are removable and small enough that their contents can be easily transported to another part of the barn or trailer at any time.

The advantages of the HOSS Handy Organizing Storage SystemTM are many:

* No more dusting! All components can be easily cleaned with a hose.

* No more moving tools and equipment! The system arranges tools so they're plainly visible and easy to reach and neatly kept out of the way.

* No more tripping over boxes and buckets! The shelves, hooks and hangers free up precious floor space.

* No more rummaging through tack trunks or piles of supplies! The system makes it quick and easy to display and access anything.

The HOSS Handy Organizing Storage SystemTM is also great for home offices and garages, even the kids' rooms! Every component is built to last and can withstand years of use and abuse. Its convenient accessories can be hung anywhere and are completely portable and interchangeable. There's even a fold-flat hay cart!

"Everyone's space is different and we can put together a system for every situation," said Organized Barn and Trailer president Michelle Rooney. "Call us and tell us about your space and we'll recommend the best system for you - and all consultations are free of charge with absolutely no obligation."

For more information about The Organized Barn and Trailer's exciting new storage system, or for a free consultation, please call 1-888-298-8628, email to, or visit