Horse Tack Review

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Stock up on Braiding Supplies before Show Season Begins!

Horse Tack

Braiding your horse's mane for a show is always a good decision. However, if you cannot do it right, please don't do it at all. I don't know how many times I have seen sloppy manes that would have been better off just left natural, and believe me, the judges notice this too. If you are unable to do a good job, hire a groom. And if you can do it right... here are some items you'll be interested in!

Slick Bands by Tail Tamers - New elastic material won't snag! Eliminates tangles, pulling and broken ends. 400 bands per bag.

Quic Braid - Gives perfect "grip" for tighter braids, neater bands and minimal stray hairs. Looks and feels natural.

7-Piece Advanced Braiding Kit - Rug hook, yarn ripper, long needle, hair pick, two hair clips, pulling comb on a belt with a quick release buckle. All nicely kept in a suede case.