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Most Potent Horse Hoof Supplement Now Available

Horse Supplements - Press Release

Grand Meadows Nutritional Products is proud to introduce the latest addition to their family of high-quality equine supplements, Grand Hoof Pellets. “Grand Hoof Pellets contains our proven Grand Hoof formula plus MSM and apple flavoring, in a convenient pellet form,” said Nick Hartog, president of Grand Meadows. “Best of all, you only need to feed one ounce – compared to most of our competitors which require as much as six ounces for a single serving.”

Grand Hoof Pellets offers the convenience of a pellet, the serving size of a powder, and the most powerful combination of sulfur-bearing ingredients on the market today. This means better delivery of nutrients and healthier connective tissue in the hooves. In addition, shelf-stable Diamond V® yeast helps keep the horse’s digestive tract functioning normally. And apple flavoring ensures that every last pellet is eaten.

“This hoof supplement is well-researched and well-conceived,” noted Hartog. “Horse owners will really appreciate how effective this product is, and how inexpensive it is to feed. Plus, we stand behind this product with our money-back guarantee.”

Grand Hoof Pellets is now available in the following sizes:
5# bucket – suggested retail is $59.95;
10# bucket – suggested retail is $99.95;
20# bucket – suggested retail is $185.00.

NOTE: For a limited time only, consumers can get up to $15 cash back on their purchase of Grand Hoof Pellets. $5 cash back on 5# bucket; $10 cash back on 10# bucket; and $15 cash back on 20# bucket. Offer ends 4/30/05.