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Ideal, Famous Oregon Stallion Becomes Bryer Horse Model

Press Release

Ideal the famous Oldenburg Sport Horse Stallion standing at The Ultimate Piaffe Breeding Stables at Lake Oswego, Oregon becomes bBryer horse Legends model. Ideal has been the number one Oldenburg Stallion for the total number and percent of premium rated foals in his registry from 1986 to the present. Ideal joins the company of other noted Breyer horses such as Seabiscuit, War Admiral, Silver (The Lone Ranger's Horse), Hidalgo, Milton, Smarty Jones, Impress Me Shannon and Capella. IDEAL was bred by the Burgermeister (Mayor) of Oldenburg Germany and imported to the USA to improve the breeding stock in this Country. Contact Carol Ives at The Ultimate Piaffe at Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Lake Oswego, OR (PRWEB) March 4, 2005 -- Ideal, pronounced E-DEE-ALL because that’s the way it’s said in Germany where he was born, is a stallion with so many fans that the Breyer Model company has released a scale model of him. Owned by Carol Ives and Michelle Ives-Purdy, mother and daughter, Ideal ‘stands’ at The Ultimate Piaffe Horse Farm at Lake Oswego, Oregon. Ideal is the number one Oldenburg Stallion for the total number and percent of premium rated foals in his registry.

Until being singled out for the honor of being Breyer Horse Model #1200, the handsome stallion’s popularity was gauged by the nearly five hundred offspring in the USA, Canada and Mexico he has sired. From the earliest days Ideal caught the attention of the equine press including Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit who chose Ideal and Secretariat for a discussion on gaits and conformation in an article for Equus titled What Makes a Good Mover published in April of 1997.

Breyer Horse models have been captivating collectors since the 1950’s. Hundreds of thousands of collector’s worldwide were introduced to the hobby as children getting Breyer models for Christmas. Reeves International, parent company, won’t release figures on the number of Ideal models being crafted, but they do say thousands have are hand painted and are being delivered worldwide. Breyer manufactures and ships 5 million horses each year, not including Special Editions, tack and accessories.

A collector, who goes by the single name Tamra, heads a collectors organization with a popular web presence at Tamra says, “This is a growing hobby and Ideal has made a beautiful addition to the Breyer model.” The gentle personality for which he is known and reportedly passes on to his offspring seems to have been captured by the sculptor. She adds, “Just looking at the model makes you just want to hug him.”

Mrs. Ives says, “We saw pictures of the model in various stages as we authorized each development, but the first time we saw the real thing was a few days before a few were released in a sneak preview to some stores in the Portland area.”

Mrs. Ives continues, “Ever since a collector’s organization put up a sneak preview picture on their website, our phone at the Ultimate Piaffe has rung steadily with congratulations from well wishers and folks insisting we would surely have a stash of models to make available. The closest we can come is direct callers to Ideal’s website where we have pictures and the story and promise to post information on the availability of models. A limited number of Idea Models were released in early in response to demand last Christmas. However, this was jumping the gun a bit, because officially Ideal is a 2005 Model.

The Breyer representation of Ideal freezes his image as he appeared in 1996 when his points were darker and his flank was colored in dappled shades of Gray. Since then he has transformed into being more nearly snowy white. As robust and fertile as ever, Ideal has assumed a more regal tone.

The word Piaffe in the Ives family farm name is a reference to a dressage movement that appears like dancing in place. This is a reference to the primary of the Olympic disciplines Carol and her daughter Michelle had in mind for the colt. Of course, that was before we knew anything about him having specifically selected to be imported in a program to improve the breeding stock in America. Ideal was chosen because he carries in recent lineage the bloodlines of famous European sport horses Inschallah, Zeus and Furioso II. Any listing of the top horses of the top sport horses would have included those famous stallions. Mrs. Ives says, “We chose dressage as a career for Ideal because Michelle was Oregon State Champion and competing at FEI (International Level) in that discipline. But fate seems to have taken a hand. A breeding operation was the furthest thing from our minds. In fact, were it not for a canceled vet appointment for gelding, things would have turned out a lot differently. One of the stories that caught the attention of horse magazines recounts the Ives getting a letter, in German, telling the story of how Ideal (whom the Ives had named Wolf not knowing he already had a name) was chosen for import to Aiken, South Carolina where he was sent to a farm, that due to unpaid bills, clouded the title to ownership of a number of well born young horses. Reading like a movie script, the family’s anxiety was raised as the FBI and Interpol entered the investigation and queried the Ives about Ideal pedigree. There was great relief when Ideal’s ownership papers finally arrived along with the background letter they took to a travel agent to translate. That was the first time his new owners knew anything about his intended destiny. Carol and Michelle felt that they had a responsibility to perpetuate the bloodlines and the gelding procedure was permanently canceled. “We had no idea where this was going to lead us or all of the attention Ideal would garner. Let alone even dream that he would become our very own living breathing Breyer Model.”

At his 100 Day Stallion Test in 1990 at Rancho Murrieta. (where he was 2nd Reserve Champion) Ideal scored 9’s on his jumping. That has come through in his offspring. One of his son’s, Montana, was the five and six year old jumping Champion for the Nation of Mexico. He has Show Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Event and Combined Driving horses competing in USA and Canada. There are Ideal offspring in nearly every State with a number clustered in Florida … just about as far away as you can get from the small Oregon town Ideal and the Ives call home. Fresh cooled or frozen semen is shipped every other day via air.

IDEAL was bred by the Burgermeister (Mayor) of Oldenburg Germany. Michelle Ives-Purdy quips, “You can’t get more Oldenburg than that”. Michelle and her husband Darrell, who run the family business with Mrs. Ives, visited the Burgermeister, Theodore Renschen, in Oldenburg a few years ago taking him pictures of Ideal showing his progress from a State Premium Foal born and branded an Oldenburg, selected as a stallion candidate and documenting his odyssey to become recognized as a top improvement stallion and one of America’s top warmblood breeding stallions.

The geneses, the Breyer Molding Company, is traced back to making model horses in the fifties for Mastercrafter Clock Company. Mastercraft had a mold for a standing horse in western gear that they wanted produced for their clocks. The story goes that when the firm was unable to cover the molding expenses, Breyer kept the mold as payment. Then began making the Western Horse individually for Western Stores and the C. W. Woolworth Co. Customers asked to buy the statue sans the clock and Breyer complied. The models sold well, and Breyer Animal Creations was born. Reeves International of Pequannock, New Jersey bought Breyer Animal Creations in 1984.the privately held company continues to produce them today.

The rarest models are definitely the Breyer Connoisseur Model Horse Series (other than Breyer's one of a kind models they'll offer at BreyerFest). These horses are exclusive to the "Just About Horses" magazine readers (official publication of Breyer). Each Connoisseur Model is limited to 350 pieces. Collector Tamra says, “One of their Connoisseur models holds a value of $650 according to the identification book. But, I've seen them go much higher on Ebay. As for the most popular models... she continues, I'd have to say that movie models seem to be really popular the past few years including Spirit & Rain from "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" in 2002, Seabiscuit & War Admiral in 2003, and last year “Hidalgo” from the 2004 motion picture.

The Ideal Model 1200 has been released as one of the Breyer Legends in the Traditional Series which retails for between $30 and $50 dollars. Also among 2005 Breyer releases are Milton, Smarty Jones, Impress Me Shannon and Capella. The later is the Breyer benefit model to help raise funds and awareness for the 12 Abaco Barbs that are struggling to survive on an island in the Bahamas. They are the descendants of the Spanish Barb that swam to shore after a shipwreck more than 500 years ago.

Creating a Breyer model is labor intensive. Initially, artists sculpt a clay model, which is then used to produce steel molds. The steel molds are expensive to produce, and are very fragile. Cellulose acetate pellets are melted, and then injected into the molds under high pressure. Models are then cooled before they are assembled and finished. Each model is initially painted with airbrushes, with final touches on every single model is done by hand. As many as twenty artisans handle each individual from start to finish a process which hasn’t changed after 54 years. Even today, no two Breyer Model Horses are ever exactly alike!

Reeves’s Breyer Animal Creations® dominates the model horse market in volume, sales and distribution.