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The One and Only Barn Stretch Poster

Cathy Ruprecht

Riders, Riding Instructors, Tack Shop Owners, Riding Schools! A great new way to enhance the riding experience is now available! Pre-ride stretching has now been made easy with the Barn Stretch Poster. We know that stretching the horse has benefit yet riders never stop to prepare themselves for the ride. Most riders have no idea what stretches to do, when to stretch, or how to stretch.

The 18x24 inch laminated Barn Stretch Poster was designed to be placed right in the barn, tackroom or horse trailer to remind the rider to stretch before riding. The poster explains how to stretch, benefits of stretching, when to stretch, and provides stretches for the upper and lower body. Special tips are included for relaxation breathing and the neutral spine position. All stretches are performed standing and take only minutes.

Pre-ride stretching deepens the seat and elongates the trunk to improve rider position and balance in the saddle. Stretching helps to decrease tension in the joints to better feel and follow the motion of the horse. Stretching increases rider range of motion and decreases muscle strain and pain. Relaxation breathing helps to decrease rider tension.

The Barn Stretch Poster was designed by physical therapist, certified fitness instructor and equestrian Cathy Ruprecht.

Become the balanced partner you want your horse to be --
Stretch before you ride!

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