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Handling Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings: Building a Foundation for Success - Parts 1 thru 6

Clinton Anderson

Do you want to get your youngster started right? Would you like to give him a head start to insure his training goes well later as a 2 year old? If so, this seven (7) hour DVD series covers everything you need to know about teaching your baby.


Gentling, building respect, confidence and trust.

You'll see how to safely handle and wean the baby in a humane way.

You'll also learn how to teach the young horse to lead, tie, trailer load and do a variety of groundwork exercises designed to give your colt a head start on becoming an exceptionally good horse.

Join world-renowned trainer and clinician Clinton Anderson as he shows you how to make the most of your foal’s first years.

This series contains valuable training and handling tips that you can use as soon as your foal is born. Clinton will show you how to communicate quickly and effectively with your young horse.

Clinton's step-by-step techniques will teach you a wide variety of exercises designed to enhance your horse’s respect and confidence with a lifelong partnership in mind.

The information in this series can be put to use from the foal’s first day. And you’ll find enough training suggestions to keep your baby busy learning as he grows.

A personal note from trainer, Larry Trocha: If you read my Horse Training Tips newsletter, you know I discourage "Imprint Training" of newborn foals.

The reason is because a lot of people turn the foal into a horse that becomes belligerent and disrespectful towards humans.

However, if you will use the training system shown is this DVD set, your colt will be as gentle and trusting as any imprinted foal PLUS he will be willing, responsive and respectful toward you.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who has a foal, a weanling or a yearling. Follow the information here and your colt will be on his way to becoming a quality horse that is a pleasure own.

Larry Trocha
Larry Trocha Training Stable

Available only as a 6 Disc DVD Set
Runtime: 7 hours and 20 minutes

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