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Stallsafe gives an Ounce of Prevention

Press Release

EquineSafe Products, Inc. introduces STALLSAFE, an enzyme stall disinfectant to help horses from getting contagious diseases like strangles and salmonella when they go to a new barn, show, etc. STALLSAFE is safer and more effective than most chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, iodine, pine cleaners and more. STALLSAFE is effective against salmonella, e-coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, listeria and many more bacteria, molds & fungi.

Most horse owners would never overlook their annual vaccinations; however, they often overlook another important part of disease prevention: DISINFECTION. Unfortunately, vaccinations are not 100% and there is no vaccine available against such things as salmonella, which can quickly spread through a horse barn.

Horse owners can help keep disease outbreaks at bay by regularly disinfecting barns, trailers and equipment. Horses are constantly moving into environments that are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Whether a horse is going to a horse show at a public facility, a new barn or the like, there is a great chance that they can fall victim to contagious disease. How many times have you heard of strangles going through a local barn? It happens all too often.

"My horse went to a show, got sick and $4000 later in vet bills I finally began to think. I think I was 'blissfully ignorant' before this happened. "When I started to think about 'How many horses have been in this stall?', 'Where have they been?' and 'What diseases have they had?' - I freaked out!" says Peggy Miles, founder of EquineSafe Products. "The more I started to think about it, the more I realized what a problem it was AND that there was NO product to address the problem. I guess you could say STALLSAFE was created out of love for my horse."

STALLSAFE is made of 100% natural enzymes, such as amylase, protease, lipase, and biodegrable. Enzymes are nature's checks and balances; they promote the growth of beneficial bacteria which takes over the harmful bacteria. STALLSAFE is very safe for horses and the people using it. But most of all, STALLSAFE is very effective. Some people use cleaners like bleach, not knowing that it is useless in a barn. Bleach and ammonia, in and of themselves, are inactivated in the presence of organic matter, such as manure, urine and mucus. Pine cleaners are also ineffective and only make the horse owner think it is working due to the fragrance. Miles adds, "Many people let their noses fool them into thinking things like bleach, ammonia or pine cleaners work because they are used to using these cleaners in their homes. That is what I thought before I started to look further into what I could use to protect my horse."

For many people their horses are like family, not just horses. STALLSAFE was created to keep horses safe and healthy. For more information about STALLSAFE and EquineSafe products, visit the website at or call 770-241-2222.

StallSafe(TM)Spray Cleaner