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VIP Equine Grooming Products

Horse Tack Review Staff

VIP Equine products are formulated to promote healthy skin and coat, using only natural ingredients. Aromatically scented, these botanically based products are safe alternatives for lasting health of pet and owner. VIP has provided Horse Tack Review with their line of products for review... We had to wait until spring time to use them because of the weather though, but the wait was worth it. As more of us are beginning to migrate to natural and organic products, we found this to be a nice review to kick start the spring/summer season. So many are in 'shopping mode' for grooming products and fly sprays, it opened our eyes to the VIP line and our horses' health, safety and well being...

Horse Shampoo with Natural Organic Conditioners - From VIP… Our all-natural formula is a luxurious, organic experience for you and your horse. Using only the finest ingredients and conditioners, we created a shampoo that cleans thoroughly, removing even the toughest stains, even manure, from the toughest areas like white patches. We added antioxidants such as Green Tea to help condition and moisturize hair and skin for long-lasting health and highlights. VIP Horse Shampoo gives your horse an award-winning shine with no residue, no harsh detergents, no additives to irritate or dry the skin. It's safe to use as often as desired to keep your horse's coat in optimum shape.

From Horse Tack Review… The horse shampoo has a light and pleasant smell, not a hint of a chemical in it. It made a nice lather and rinsed clean without any residue, taking the dirt with it! Yes, even on the white socks. We didn’t have any grey or white horses to really test it out on manure stains, but this shampoo did well on the socks. The fact that this is an organic product is a true advantage, as a lot of chemicals do tend to have a negative affect on coats, especially on those horses with sensitive or thin skin. The conditioners left a pleasing shine, leaving those big bay hunters gleaming in the sun, ready for their weekend shows! Some may question if you can really tell if a product is really conditioning since a horse’s coat is so short? I’ll let you in on a little secret – try this shampoo on your own hair, you may steal it from your tack box and keep it at home! It’s great on people too!

VIP products believes that you should not use any products on your horse that you would not use on yourself! And we agree! One of our testers has always made a habit out of using her horse's shampoos on herself first. Many of then have not even made their way to the barn because she was not pleased with the way they performed on her own hair. But not only performance, this goes for ingredients too! If you were using a shampoo and it made your scalp itchy, burned your skin, or made your hair dry, you simply would not want your horse to feel that way would you?

Mane & Tail Polish & Detangler - From VIP… Remove wind twirls and tangles and polish mane and tail to a high gloss with this natural, great smelling, conditioning formula. Avocado oil makes hair more manageable and gives it shine while rice bran oil softens, moisturizes and protects delicate skin. Our formula won't sting the eyes or cause digestive problems and provides mild sun protection. Use every day as part of your normal grooming routine to prevent severe tangling and keep your horse looking its best.

From Horse Tack Review… This is a very nice detangler and shine spray, not sticky at all and it leaves a nice shine. Again, no crazy chemical smells to deal with, just a nice scent. They say Avocado, we’ve personally never put our noses that close to avocados to know, so we’ll say botanical – it sounds more pleasurable. But we’re talking horse grooming here folks. Anything smells better then what we’re used to I guess. This will give the manes and tails a beautiful gloss without leaving it sticky and greasy. You can also lightly spray this onto a finishing brush for a light shine to your horse's coat. A nice finishing touch before entering the show ring. And another secret – you may steal this one too!

Fly & Mosquito Repellent - From VIP… Nothing is more uncomfortable, more miserable or more dangerous for your horse than aggressive, biting flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. These aggravating insects spread disease and toxins which can make your horse seriously ill. A thorough misting of VIP Fly & Mosquito Repellent twice a day will keep biting insects at bay and your equine companion happier and more energetic. VIP Repellent is made from natural, organic ingredients that are safe and will not cause digestive problems, and can even be used on nursing foals.

From Horse Tack Review… This is a product you will leave in your tack box, we promise, but you still may spray it on yourself while at the barn! Again, another pleasantly smell, almost citrus-like, but whatever it is, it keeps those buggers away. Since it is springtime in our area, the flies aren't too bad right now, let's hope it stays that way! We do prefer the organic fly sprays over the chemical sprays though the chemical sprays seem to work better. We still do not want to jeopardize our horse’s health.

Protective Sunscreen (SPF 30) - For Paint and Light-Skinned Horses - From VIP… Horses, especially light-skinned and paints, need sun protection, but sunblocks intended for humans do not work on their delicate skin, nor are they safe if ingested. That's why we created VIP Protective Sunscreen to be natural, gentle, but effective, providing full-spectrum protection that is sweat-proof, waterproof and can last all day. Our formula mists on easily. It won't sting the eyes and is non-irritating to the digestive tract. Apply to blue-eyed horses to help prevent moon blindness. Apply to all types of horses to prevent sunburn, prolong skin health and make your horse more comfortable every day.

From Horse Tack Review… We have all darker horses and even they are at risk - a horse's light skinned muzzle can be sunburned - if your horse has a blaze all the way down his face, and his nose is pink, you should apply a sunscreen to his muzzle for protection.

We would like to take this time to thank VIP Equine Products for providing us with their horse products to review – we thoroughly enjoyed them! And would also like to add that they also carry a line of dog products as well Pugsley's Choice Products were sporadically tested by one of our relatives who breeds Yorkshire Terriers and she wanted to pass on that she enjoyed them as well. Unfortunately she didn’t give us a full article to post!

Please visit and see all of their horse and dog products as well as the beautiful Paint Horses!