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Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher

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Ammonia is a health risk to your horses... The accumulation of ammonia in animal stalls has been proven to stress the upper respiratory airways of animals placing them at risk to pneumonia and heaves (an asthma-like condition). Foals are especially vulnerable. Sweet PDZ absorbs the ammonia, thus lessoning this danger.

What Is Sweet PDZ?

Sweet PDZ is comprised entirely of a natural mineral known as a zeolite. Zeolites are formed from many years of volcanic activity.

How does zeolite help in my barn? Well, we’re glad you asked. Zeolites have special properties, namely, they absorb moisture (soak up like a sponge) and they adsorb gases (attract and keep gas molecules stuck to them). This means that ammonia, as well as other bad smelling gases, are trapped inside the Sweet PDZ to be harmlessly removed and placed on the compost pile. The qualities make Zeolites useful not only in the barn, but the litter box, the garage and in industry.

Sweet PDZ is superior to all other methods of stall odor control... Sweet PDZ is superior to lime because it does not crack hooves or sting the eyes of people or animals. Sweet PDZ is safe and gentle to use. Because it is so effective you will only use about one third as much as lime.

Sweet PDZ is superior to chemical compounds because it actually removes ammonia and moisture through a process of adsorption. It's unscented so it is not just masking odors with a scent of its own.

Sweet PDZ is easy to use... Sweet PDZ is easy to apply. Sprinkle 3 to 5 cups on the surface of the stall area, with the heaviest treatment where the urine is concentrated. Remove saturated bedding material as usual, and sprinkle some more Sweet PDZ down on the wet spots.

Sweet PDZ is environmentally friendly... Used Sweet PDZ can be a fertilizer. When it's time to strip the stall, discard Sweet PDZ with the rest of the bedding. It can become a mulch in planting areas, with nitrogen from the absorbed ammonia being gradually released into the soil as fertilizer.

Sweet PDZ is now available in both Classic powder form and new Granular form! Same great product with added convenience.

Horse Tack Review
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