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Best Selling Videos Now Available on DVD! Anatomy in Motion 1: The Visible Horse and 2: The Visible Rider™ and Centered Riding 1 and Centered Riding 2

Press Release

Trafalgar Square Publishing is pleased to announce the release of four best-selling video programs on DVD. In Anatomy in Motion 1: The Visible Horse (52 minutes /1 57076 313 5), Susan Harris presents the equine muscular and skeletal systems—painted in color on a live horse—in a manner so clear and informative it is appropriate for owners and riders of all levels. Includes slow motion studies of the horse at all gaits and discusses good and poor movement, and how to help your horse move better. Anatomy in Motion 2: The Visible Rider™ (48 minutes / 1 57076 314 3) shows Peggy Brown wearing a “bone suit” while working at all gaits, allowing the viewer to observe how human anatomy and movement, in both English and Western riding, affects the horse. Special focus is given to common riding faults.

SUSAN HARRIS is an international clinician, instructor, author, and equine artist. Her books include Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement and the U.S. Pony Club Manuals. PEGGY BROWN is a Centered Riding and Centered Driving instructor.

In Centered Riding 1 (60 minutes / 1 57076 315 1) and Centered Riding 2 (60 minutes / 1 57076 316 X), Sally Swift demonstrates, with the help of several of her students, how being aware of your body can make riding more comfortable for you and your horse. In Part One, she covers the basic concepts of Centered Riding, showing the relationship between the rider and the motion of the horse. Part Two applies Centered Riding techniques to the sitting trot, circles, the canter, lateral work, and jumping.

SALLY SWIFT is widely acclaimed for her innovative teaching philosophy, which stresses body awareness, the value of “soft eyes,” proper breathing, centering, and balance. Her books Centered Riding and Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration are international best-sellers.

Each DVD $39.95 (and also available in VHS)