Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Grooming Supplies

Start the show season off right! Oster® Equine Care Series 11-Piece AQHA Equine Grooming Kit is a complete, all-in-one grooming kit. Keep it in your trailer to take to horse shows so that you'll never need worry about grooming supplies on the road! This grooming kit comes complete with:

Oster Rechargeable Pro-Cord/Cordless Trimmer - has a sleek, ergomomic design with soft touch comfort grip, long run time, narrow blade for precise trimming (extra blade included). Accessible on-off thumb switch. UL approved.

Oster All-Natural Body Grooming Disposable Towels - non-irritating, made for horse's sensitive skin and coat. Contains Witch Hazel. Open and reseal package contains 16 pre-moistened towels, 10" x 10" (254 mm x 254 mm) each.

Oster Hoof Grooming Disposable Towels - specially formulated for on-the-spot hoof cleaning and finishing. Open and reseal package contains 8 pre-moistened towels, 8" x 8" (203.2 mm x 203.2 mm) each.

Oster Spray Disinfectant with citrus fragrance - germicidal, fungicidal, staphylocidal, pseudomonacidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, helps to prevent mold and mildew, helps to eliminate odors. Contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances. Excellent for use on grooming tools and equipment. 14 oz. (397 grams) canister.

Oster Blade Wash® cleaning solution - helps to flush hair accumulated between upper and lower blades. Provides lubrication for cutting blades. 18 fl. oz. (532 ml) canister.

Oster Kool-Lube 3® clipper blade coolant/lubricant/cleaner - spray provides instant cooling, lubrication, and cleaning for your clipper blades. Contains no CFCs or HCFCs. Dries fast and will not harm most plastics. 14 oz. (397 grams) canister.

Oster Hoof Pick - controls touch reduces hand fatigue, durable stainless steel resists rust and bending. Convenient pocket size.

Oster Coarse Curry Comb - control touch reduces hand fatigue, coarse fingers massage the coat and loosen dirt for an overall cleaning, and rubberized grip provides better control.

Oster Mane & Tail Comb - control touch reduces hand fatigue in a convenient pocket size.

Oster Stiff Grooming Brush - control touch reduces hand fatigue, densely packed coarse bristles remove dirt with less effort, and innovative handle easily fits a man's or woman's hand.

Durable Plastic Carrying Case - stores all grooming supplies and has additional storage compartments on lid. Measures 19" L x 10 1/2" W x 7 1/2" D.