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New Horse Massage Therapy System Introduced to the United States

American Horse Publications

Equine Products, LLC has introduced a new, highly effective massage system specifically designed for both competition and pleasure horses. Manufactured by Niagara Healthcare, the leader in equine physiotherapy, the Niagara Equissage is a custom built device that delivers a unique cycloidal massage with a back pad and the accompanying hand unit. This therapy has been used on humans for both injury and mobility for more than 50 years.

Simple and safe to use, the Niagara Equissage is designed to benefit the whole skeletal, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic system.

It can be used to reduce swelling, improve joint mobility and release tension, and to treat specific problems such as tendons or ligaments, pulled muscles and thick-winded horses.

The Niagara Equissage is ideal for warming up a horse, and particularly effective for warming down after exercise or competition. It is widely used by top trainers and competitors in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Atlanta Olympic rider William Fox-Pitt is sponsored by Niagara Equissage. Based in England, he competes regularly in Europe and America. William says, “I have used the Niagara Equissage for more than three years and found it very useful. It undoubtedly improves the horse’s performance.”

For further information and to request a free demonstration, go to or call 502 895-8861.