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Feeding Your Horse for Life, now available from Half Halt Press

Horse Books

It’s true—your horse is what he eats. Nutrition can make the difference between a good horse and a great one, between a stressed out, skinny or fat animal, and a sleek, finely tuned partner for fun and adventure. And it’s in your hands what that will be.

But, let’s face it, the topic of nutrition isn't exciting reading—until now. Feeding Your Horse for Life will help you make the right choices for your equine partner and do it in a—dare we say it—interesting way.

You’ll learn how the digestive system functions, so you’ll understand exactly how hay turns into horses. You’ll learn about the basics of nutrition: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. You’ll learn how water, vitamins, and minerals make the crucial difference.

You’ll discover how to choose good hay and maintain a good pasture, what kind of grain (and how much) to feed. You’ll pick up hints on nutrition for breeding mares, foals and performance horses. You’ll learn how poor feeding can cause disease, and good nutrition cure it. You’ll find out what poisonous plants and toxins may be lurking in your fields. You’ll get to check out supplements and nutraceuticals—and find out which ones make a difference and why. There’s even a resource list, so you can discover more on your own, and a conversion table for changing those pesky metric units into familiar English ones.

This book may just be on of the best investments you'll make in your horse's health.

Folio: 228
Size: 8.5 x 11
Illustrations: Color phhotos
Published: 2004