Horse Tack Review

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Healthy Ponds® Mosquito Control for Stock Tanks with Dispenser

Horse Tack - Stable Supplies

"Stop 'Em Before They Start." Quickly kills mosquito and black fly larvae without endangering livestock. Produced from a naturally occurring strain of Bacillus thuringensis subspecies israelensis (BTI) bacteria, product produces a protein toxin (crystal) that, when ingested, kills mosquitoes while they're still in the larval stage. Death of larvae is rapid, often occurring within one hour at field use rates. Complete mortality occurs in the laboratory within 24 hours.

Benefits of Using Stock Tank Mosquito Control:

• Proven highly effective
• "Smart" larvicide targets only mosquito and blackfly larvae
• Fast acting
• Broad range of applications
• No adverse effects on people, plants, pets, fish or horses when used as directed
• Active ingredients: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solid, spores, and insecticidal toxins 2.86%
• Other ingredients: 97.14%

Includes 12 refill packs (two packages of 6). Each refill pack treats up to 500 gallons of water daily for up to 30 days. For best results start with a clean stock tank.

To use:
1. Unscrew dispenser cap and place only one refill pack into the cup.
2. Screw cap back onto cup and place weighted side down in bottom of stock tank.
3. Replace the refill pack every 30 days.